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Summary: You faint while on the journey and that causes feelings to surface.

Pairing: Thorin x Reader

Word Count: 1,037

Warnings: Its quite shit lmfao. I’m not happy with it.

Requested by: @clairese1980

A/n: I’m absolutely shit at writing romantic scenes because I absolutely have no experience with relationships at all lmfao. So beware the last part is pretty bad.

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Wanna Bet?

PART 6/?

Pairing: John Murphy x Reader (College AU)
Author: see-the-fandom-imagines
Warnings: mention of sex (but no actual coitus, don’t worry)
Word Count: 2154
Tagging: @mogaruke, @johnmurphys-sass, @sugar-coated-reject, @lovelybadgirl01,@ohshitgoddamn, @3ii298, @thedevilreadsbooks
A/N: Finally the new chapter! I’m really sorry to have kept you waiting for so long, but here it is! Thanks for not giving up  on me, guys!
Summary: Plot twist! …Well, not really. We all saw it coming. 

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As they had entered the room, Murphy had tried to kick some of the – partially unidentifiable – stuff which lay on the ground underneath his bed, yet, it couldn’t be hidden that they stood, after all, in a boys’ room.

But (y/n) had seemed nonetheless too occupied in her mind than to care about the exceptional untidiness of the room, and so he’d soon stopped his weak tries to clean up, and had instead offered her to sit down on his bed. And now he sat next to her, staring slightly awkward at the ground, while she did the same.
He couldn’t quite place whether the silence aroused from the fact, that  Raven was still that angry at her, or that she sat here with him in the boys’ dormitory. Alone.
And it still wasn’t quite clear to him what kind of relationship they actually had.

“Hey”, Murphy tried to start a conversation, but trailed off again, not really knowing what to say.
What did he have to offer her? Nothing. He was broken and he knew it. Furthermore he wasn’t very good in cheering people up, and because of that he had no choice, but to sit here in silence, while -

“Let’s get drunk.”

Confused Murphy blinked. “What did you just say?”
Slowly she raised her glance from the floor, and now looked directly into his eyes.
“Let’s get drunk.” Her voice was weirdly monotone and her expression had become unreadable.
“And you are sure, that you-”, he tried again, but her gaze let him shut up.
“Well, if you’re sure…”, he started and stood up groaning, opening the highest drawer of the one desk inside the room on top of which lay a mountain of dirty clothes. “Then let’s get wasted.”

(Y/n) leant against his shoulder, her gaze directed to something invisible in front of her. She had been silent for over fifteen minutes now and for a short time he had thought she had fallen asleep.
But then she heaved a heavy sigh and sat up straight again.
“It’s not fair.” She huffed. “I did everything to apologize and what is she doing? Locking me out of the room. …It’s not fair.”
Her hair had fallen a little into her face, and her cheeks had turned a slight reddish colour. “I mean”, she continued to slur, “just because I was a little mean to her. She was mean first. She said you would just try to use me…”
Instantly Murphy felt the heat flush to his cheeks as well. His newly found bad conscience really started to get to him.

“But you would never do that, would you?”, she said, her face now turned towards him and she was slightly pouting.
As inconspicuous as possible he tried to ignore the question. “(Y/n), how much of this did you drink?” He held up the now half empty bottle. He himself only had had three or four shots, but in contrast to him she was an enormous lightweight. Obviously she wasn’t used to drinking that much. 

(Y/n) just shrugged, and attempted to get up, but the moment she stood on both feet she stumbled, and Murphy had to grab her arm to stop her from falling down.
“Okay, you had enough”, he said, holding her steady on both her arms.
At first she looked like she was going to sulk, but then her features relaxed again, and instead she leant into him, resting her head against him. “I love you, John”, she whispered, causing Murphy instantly to tense up.
“You’re drunk”, he answered, gently pushing her away. “You should sleep.”

For a moment she looked like she would actually consider going to bed, but then an unreadable expression darted over her face before she wriggled her arms free from his grip and wrapped them around his neck instead. And before he could object she had pulled him down to her, and without further ado she pressed her lips against his. Not even hesitating for a second he returned the kiss, while his hands slowly moved towards her hips. The moment her lips had touched his he had been struck by the sensation, wondering how he could forgotten what she could do to him.
How exceptional it felt to kiss her, to touch her.
Holding her steady and feeling the start of an erection pressing against his leg, his hands slowly wandered to her butt. His jaw clenched for a minute at the feeling of her soft body under his fingers.
Gently, but demanding he pushed her backwards until her knees reached the bed, and pushed her down into the sheets, still kissing her hard.
Once she had fully lain down he started to plant kisses over her chin and down to her throat, where he started to bite slightly into the soft skin. A small moan escaped her lips, and he could feel the bulge in his pants grow. And as she gently pressed her leg between his thighs he couldn’t help himself but to let out a deep growl, before he pressed his lips against her neck once more. 

And that was when he knew that he had to stop. If he wouldn’t do so now, he would sleep with her. And even though that was everything that he wanted right now, he was ready to let his decency win. Just this once.
Instantly he stopped his kisses, taking a last longing look at her, before he forced himself to get away from (y/n).
He felt a slight sting in his heart as he looked at the girl on his bed, her expression full of insecurity, abandonment and frustration. “You’re drunk”, he murmured, trying to excuse himself, but even though he knew he was doing the right thing it somehow felt wrong. Great. The one time he tried being the good guy, and what did he get from that? The same shitty feeling.
He sighed. No. This was worse. He had hurt her. And it was his own fault.

“Sleep”, he simply said and got up, ready to lay down in Mbege’s bed, when suddenly a small tug on his shirt made him stop.
“Stay at least”, she whispered. And looking into her face, all signs of the alcohol exchanged by sadness, he couldn’t get himself to decline.

“Scooch over”, he grumbled and laid down next to her, his hand holding hers firmly as her expression softened and she soon began to breath evenly.
And while he watched her sleep, he once again asked himself what he out of all people had done to deserve her.

As he woke up the first thing he realised was the slight ache in the back of his head.
The second thing was – of course – the sleeping girl next to him.
And the third was a loud knocking sound, accompanied by a muffled voice.
“Open up already, asshole!” It knocked again. “I did you a fucking favour, now let me in. I need to change.”

Confused he blinked a few times, before everything that had happened the evening before rushed back into his memory.

The argument, the kiss, (y/n), Mbege and Raven and then… the alcohol.
Quickly he sat up, making his head spin a little. He cursed under his breath.
“Dude, forget it”, he answered, while gently shaking (y/n) awake. She stirred, making a small moaning sound. Murphy hissed and instantly he pressed his hand on her mouth, waking her up at once, but instead of remaining quiet she made an even longer sound, now muffled by his hand, but still audible.
“Come on, dude!”
Murphy laid a finger against his lips, telling her silently to stay quiet. She looked more than confused, and even slightly annoyed, but accepted her fate, making no more noises.

“Or is she still in there with you?”
“I’ve no idea what you’re talking about”, he answered, avoiding (y/n)’s gaze. “Being locked out is something that happens when one looses his key again and again.”

(Y/n) slowly seemed to understand what was happening and now didn’t look at him in confusion anymore, but instead she shot him a questioning glance.

“Let me in, man. Not cool. I just need to get fresh clothes! I have to meet with Sarah in half an hour and she’ll get suspicious if I wear the same clothes as yesterday.” Again he hammered against the door.
Quickly looking between (y/n) and the door he did what everybody would have done in this situation.
He gestured her once more to be quiet, before he pulled the blanket over her head, and let his roommate in. That was the only way that would make him leave again.

Mbege shoved Murphy out of the way and stumbled into the room. His gaze darted over the bed – which thankfully looked empty, since Murphy had slept on the one side where no blanket was lying, before he went into the bathroom. Only a second after he came back, opening the cupboard. Which was completely unnecessary, considering the fact, that none of their clothes were inside of it, but rather lying spread out on desk and floor.
Which meant he was searching for (y/n).

“Nobody’s here”, Murphy said, glancing swiftly over to the bed. The blanket was slowly rising and lowering. Almost not visible, but still moving.
Quickly he walked over to the bed, sitting down on it and leant on the blanket. Under his elbow he could feel (y/n) stiffen. “You’re wasting your time, man. Change, so you can fuck over another girl.”
Mbege stopped in his movement. “Why so judgemental all of a sudden? I mean, I basically handed her to you on a silver -” He stopped in the middle of his sentence. He had spotted something.
Slowly he came closer and Murphy tried to remain looking as bored as before. The dull pain in his head made everything a thousand times worse. Right in front of the bed Mbege stopped walking, and a grin appeared on his face.
Still, Murphy didn’t move an inch. Under his elbow he felt (y/n) stop breathing.
But to his surprise Mbege didn’t pull away the blanket, no, he bent down and picked something up.
The almost empty bottle of booze.

“I knew she was here”, here said triumphantly. “And how was she?”
Murphy cleared his throat. Suddenly he was incredibly thirsty. “I already told you, man, she wasn’t here. She ran off yesterday, what do I know where she went.”
“Oh, come on, you want to tell me you drank all of this by yourself?”
He shrugged. “It was already half empty.”
But his friend just grinned and shook his head. “Uh uh. It was full. I know that. I considered taking it with me yesterday, but I didn’t in case you would need to… loosen her up.”
(Y/n) twitched slightly. Quickly Murphy moved.
“Dude, I told you-”

“Man, I don’t get why you won’t admit it! I mean it’s two hundred fifty bucks for you.”
Murphy closed his eyes. Great. Just great. He felt (y/n) stiffen again. And while Mbege continued talking, all the while smelling at a few clothes to check if they were still wearable or not, Murphy barely listened. All he could think of was that this had been probably the second worst moment of his life.
Again in this short of a time he could honestly say that he was scared again.
Scared of what she would say.

As Mbege had finally decided for some clothes, which he had definitely worn the day before yesterday, he gave Murphy a last pat on the shoulder and laughed.
“I’d never thought you’d win this bet. Sleeping with a buttoned up girl like (y/n)… my God.”
And before he could say more Murphy had gotten up in record time and slammed the door shut behind him.

He took a deep breath, before he slowly dared to turn around.
(Y/n) had gotten out underneath his blanket, and was staring at the ground. She wet her lips, looking like she first had to process what had just happened.
“(Y/n), I-”, he started, but stopped himself as he realised that he had no idea what he wanted to say. I didn’t want to? I didn’t mean to? At first I wanted, but then I fell in love with you? There was no excuse.
Only a minute ago he had been scared of what she’d say to him.

But as she looked up he realised that the thing he should have been scared of weren’t her words.
No, it was the way she looked at him.  

The usually cheerful and understanding gaze was now filled with nothing but disbelief, shock and disappointment.
A gaze he knew all too well.

He had just never considered that she would ever be one of the people to look at him like that.  

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