john really wanted to see his dad d:

You always did find it a little macabre though, trying to watch tv and eat dinner on the couch with a dead old man standing about five feet away. 

Always watching

You’d honestly prefer he not be kept here in the living room. Sometimes you tell dad you really want poppop in the attic. He says the mere fact you call it that tells him you’re not ready.

As opposed to what, the upstairs laboratory? 

Come to think of it, we never did see the attic when we were in John’s house. It looks like there should be one, but there was that one time when John jumped straight from the roof into his dad’s room. Then again, Rose had already messed around with the layout of the place by then, so who knows what to make of that.


“C’mon, Dad, you’ve gotta at least admit something isn’t right. Do you really want Mom in the middle of this?”

“Maybe. But I’d rather see if I can get a read on John. Make it easier to plan for what happens next. He won’t do anything drastic. Not while your mother and the other guests are here.”

Malcolm shook his head. “All right. I’m going to check on Iris. Be careful.”

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Hi, would you mind updating the angry sex tag? :D Thank you xo

Yeeaaahhhhh dude.

How They Really Got Together (one shot | 1,843 | Explicit)

“You know what, Derek? Fuck you!” Stiles was tired of his bullshit…

…So when Derek responded with a shrug and a muttered “yeah, okay,” Stiles found that for once in his life, he had absolutely no words. None.“

We’re Just Friends, Dad. (one shot | 4,083 | Explicit)

“Well, I’m glad. I hate to have to forbid you from seeing Derek. He’s a bad influence, and I don’t even want you to see him let alone dating him.” John says, and Stiles feels his insides run cold. John pats him on his back, and leaves Stiles alone to do his homework.

Tell Me No Lies (one shot | 3,392 | Mature)

Stiles purposely makes Derek angry to get what he wants.