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Sometimes John and Sherlock accidentally talk all night.

Like maybe the intention to go to sleep at a normal time was there, but then they get distracted.

11 PM: They finish the movie and it just naturally feels like time for bed. Teeth are cleaned, doors are locked, and they settle in between the sheets, and damn is the bed comfortable compared to the haphazard dog pile of limbs they had gotten into on the sofa.

“What did you think of the film?”

“Nice; very enjoyable.”

“Did I tell you it was my favorite when I was a kid?”

“No. Really?”

“Yeah. Would watch it on repeat.”

“Interesting. But it’s no longer your favorite?”

“Right. I dunno- I still love it, but not in the same way.”

“I understand. Your favorite now is that one Bond, um…Die Another Day?”

“Yeah.” John gives Sherlock a small, soft smile. He looks almost bewitched.

“What’s that look for?”

“It’s for you. ”

“Yes, but why?”

“Because it’s really nice to have someone remember things like that about me.”

1 AM: The discussion has shifted to favorites, and why they’re favorites.

“So you would rather listen to that same Rolling Stones album again and again for eternity than ever even trying something like Debussey?”


“Alright, well, now I know.”

“You know what?”

“That we’re breaking up.”

They laugh.

2 AM: …and now they’re just naming things they like.

John: “Long car journeys”

Sherlock: “The smell of coffee.”

“You hate coffee.”

“I hate the taste of coffee.”

“You are a complex being.”

“Thank you.”

They laugh some more.

John: “Rainy mornings that last all day.”

“Me too.”

“I didn’t know that.”

“They’re lovely.”

“Why’s that?”

Sherlock fidgets with his lips, trying to figure out how to phrase his answer.

“Because you always wake me very…pleasantly… and often you continue waking me pleasantly for most of the morning…afternoon…even into the evening sometimes.”

“Do I? When it’s raining?”

“Yes. Not every time, but under a certain set of conditions I can, for the most part, look at the forecast for the morning the night before and know in advance whether or not I’ll be getting anything done the next day.”

John looks back at him, a concoction of surprise, then near embarrassment, then a sly smile.

“Interesting, see, I find that I get one thing in particular done consistently on those days.”

Sherlock snorts.

4 AM: The topic has shifted between worst hangover stories and crazy uni memories to some more difficult things, like John’s time in the service, and Sherlock’s addiction.

“We’ve sort of been dealt a few tough hands eh?”


“Makes me want to take you away somewhere and just be relaxed for a bit.”

“I would agree to that in an instant.”

“Yeah? Let’s do that, then.”

“Fantastic idea!”

“I do get them on occasion.”

More laughter.

5 AM:

John is trying to work in to the concersation something he’s been wanting Sherlock to know for a long time. It’s difficult, though- he’s never really said anything like this- anything so personal.

“It says a lot about you, I think, that I can do things like this- stay awake all night, not having to be overwhelmed or rampant. You balance me, John.”

“Yeah..yeah I- I know what you mean. You also- I mean, you sort of…I don’t dread…my life to come…anymore. I used to think of all the days and years I had left to endure, wonder how I would fill them, hoping I could find something that wouldn’t feel so miserable, something to settle for, but you- fuck, Sherlock, I think back to that now and it feels like a horrible nightmare. I’m…more than just glad, to have found you. You- damn, this is hard, I-”

Sherlock ties his fingers with John’s and moves even closer.

"Take your time. No rush. No pressure. Anything you want to tell me, you can. You’re safe here.”

"I suppose…You umm…you made me rethink- my plans, for me, yes. But not only that, you also showed me a way of living so different from what I had known, so much better and full of richness, I look back at those days where I no longer wanted to be alive and think -it’s probably because I wasn’t alive. I had every responsibility and felt every drawback of life but was denied any of the good stuff. You showed me so much more than I ever knew was out there- you sort of saved my life by…showing me how to live it? That’s so cheesy, I-”

And now Sherlock is crying. So John starts crying.

6 AM: they’ve got themselves together by now and moved on to something a little lighter.

"Right…so, you mean to tell me that James Moriarty, criminal mastermind, scary man with an affinity for the latest in explosive fashion, still sleeps with a teddy bear?”


"How did you figure that one out?”

"It took a few-visits- to piece it together, mostly because I was in disbelief myself, but he shows signs of a stiff neck as if he sleeps in an extremely bent position with one arm hooked partially under himself, likely around a small item. Persistence of this soreness shows that he didn’t just sleep wrong once, he makes a habit of this position. But what really sealed the realization was the right thumbnail. Much shorter than all the others, wrinkled texture, dry skin around the edges where the rest of his finers are immaculately manicured. Exposed to moisture for long periods of time.”

"No fuckin way!”

"Oh yes. He sucks his thumb. What a terrifying creature.”

Hysterical laughter.

"I’m always curious what you could tell about me right away and what took you a bit longer.”

That’s a dangerous path John- not everyone wants to know what others can tell about them.”

"Yeah but I’m just tired enough to ask anyway.”

"Well, all the things I pointed out at Bart’s…then more and more about your childhood based on your dating habits…around a month after we moved in I had narrowed down the approximate size of your…tyre lever…”


"Well…I had underestimated, to be honest. Your stature is misleading, as I’m sure you know.”-

"So, that is to say, you were-”

"Incredibly anxious and then surprised in the best possible way.”

"I was going for ‘not disappointed’, but alright.”

"Not in the slightest. My God, not even a little. In fact, what’s the opposite of disappointed?”


"More than.”



7 AM: Talking has ceased. The sun seeps in at the sides of the drapes, pale and gray. It’s a bit chilly, but neither know- it’s aafe and warm in the bubble of their room.

Neither sleep until around noon, after tea and toast in bed- the rain hits the roof in steady droves, tapping occasionally at the window if the wind blows a certain way.

Sherlock gets absolutely no work done.

AN: A friend of mine sent this in and though she isn’t on Tumblr anymore it is still something I feel the need to post. This is sorta bittersweet I guess. Anyway, the request was to write about a rainy day with John. As someone who loves rainy days, this was wonderful to write. 

Pairing: John Laurens x Reader

WC: 1978+

Warning(s): Smut; Descriptions of sex; Mostly fluff; Descriptions of thunderstorms

Tags: @rphamilton @hamimagines @a-schuylerr @moonlighting-hope (Let me know if you wanna be tagged!)

All day rain is his favorite kind of weather.

John loves a storm that rises and falls in intensity as it carries itself throughout the day. The kind of weather that makes a quiet house feel like the eye in the middle of the storm. He adores the serenity of the rainstorm. It’s a “gentle tempest”, as he likes to call it.

When the first drops of rain hit the roof, morning is just breaking. You open your eyes slowly and immediately meet his. Perhaps waking up to the sight of someone else’s eyes on you as you sleep should be alarming. Maybe even a little jarring. But you smile softly and kiss his nose.

It’s just John.  

His eyes are sleepy and his smile is lazy. His curls frame his face. You reach out to cup his cheek, stroking the freckles that seem to multiply everyday. His hand overlaps yours and you lie there listening to the rain with your legs tangled together.

After a long while, he yawns and kisses your palm. Then he moves leisurely down your arm to your shoulder and neck. He pulls you close as he kisses your jaw. He presses the two of you together gently as he kisses your lips.

You can taste his lethargy as his lips move in tandem with the rain.

But then you yawn and that ends the kiss. A light giggle bursts from your mouth at his unamused stare. You peck his forehead and roll out of bed. He groans in discontent. You wander over to the window and peek out at the world that can’t seem to touch you. Reality is just beyond your reach.

The storm is your safe haven.

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on a rainy day
  • <p> <b>john, pointing at the window:</b> fucking gay, man<p/><b>alex:</b> uhm you really shouldn't use the word gay to describe something bad - gay is not synonymous with shitty and, quite frankly, the weather can't even be gay cause it's no-<p/><b>john:</b> i was pointing at my reflection, dumbass<p/></p>
Those Who Have Been Claimed So Far:


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sometimes on rainy days john and sherlock like to mosey around the flat in their pyjamas, taking down old forgotten books from the shelves and sorting through old notebooks and newspapers, drinking far too much tea and eating far too much toast 

john typing out new blog posts while sherlock narrates, bum in his own chair, feet in john’s, tho later sherlock finds that john has of course ignored him, and written it in his own way, which only makes sherlock laugh and change the title to something less dramatic

the two of them lying tangled together on the sofa, john lazily carding through sherlock’s hair to the pattern of the rain on the windows, sherlock humming and sometimes whispering memorised passages from shakespeare’s sonnets, like he’s going through them one after the other in his mind and reading out his favourite bits, and john listens, kisses sherlock’s temple when he says something particularly soft and gentle and tender, kisses his mouth when he says something particularly sad, as if to take sherlock’s own sadness from him and carry it for him 

and together they while away the day, soothed by the rain and by each other and by the fragile understanding that they deserve, sometimes, to be soothed, and when the rain finally washes away the day into evening, into dusk, into twilight, they build the fire up high and order takeaway and spend the night wrapped up in each other, quiet conversation and soft laughter and stolen kisses that will lead them through until tomorrow, and every day after that as well.

Between the RainDrops

Summary: Imagine waking up on a rainy day and finding yourself in the arms of a beautiful and deeply asleep Aidan.

Pairing: You/Aidan

Word Count: 502

Inspiration - @imagine-aidan

Originally posted by mysilverliningss

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sherlock writes john a rainy day song, to be played when it is raining or when it would feel better if it were raining. and when john gets the black thunderclouds in his mind, he can always say to sherlock, play the rainy day one, and it’s perfect, because it gives john a way to communicate his state of mind without having to be vulnerable right away, and it gives sherlock a way to comfort all in one go.

and eventually john records it and loads it onto his phone, and then he can play it for sherlock, too. and they can fold up onto the sofa together and listen to the rain and the violin and, when they’re ready finally to talk, they listen to each other, too.

The Rainy Days Playlist

As we enter the rainy months, (at least in my country) I feel that it is high time I created another playlist.The songs on this playlist are those soft, peaceful songs that goes well with: warm sweaters, hot chocolate, a good book, comfortable nooks (an armchair, couch or bed with lots of blankets), and cold, wet days.

Shoutout to my kyoot friend Ayla who inspired me to make this playlist.

1. Paint - The Paper Kites

2. Promise - Ben Howard

3. So Cold - Ben Cocks

4. Broadripple is Burning - Margot and the Nuclear So So’s

5. Colorblind - Counting Crows

5. Skinny Love - Bon Iver

6. Hurts Like Hell - Fleurie

7. Light - Sleeping At Last

8. Neptune - Sleeping At Last

9. Ink - Coldplay

10. Midnight - Coldplay

11. Scarborough Fair - Simon and Garfunkel

12. Vanilla Twilight - Owl City

13. Waitin’ on the Day - John Mayer

14. On the Way Home - John Mayer

15. fallingforyou - The 1975

16. Don’t Know Why - Norah Jones

17. Tears Are in Your Eyes - Yo La Tengo

18. Boats and Birds - Gregory and the Hawk

19. A Century is All We Need - Gregory and the Hawk

20. Home - AURORA

21. Stone Walls - We the Kings

22. Youth - Daughter

23. Medicine - Daughter

24. To Build a Home - The Cinematic Orchestra

25. Featherstone - The Paper Kites

26. Leopold Street - The Paper Kites

27. Drawn to the Blood - Sufjan Stevens

28. Eavesdrop - The Civil Wars

29. Disarm - The Civil Wars

30. I’ll Keep You Safe - Sleeping At Last

31. Pray - Kodaline

32. Latch - Kodaline

33. Brooklyn Baby - Lana Del Rey

34. Sad Girl - Lana Del Rey

35. The A Team - Ed Sheeran

36. Fireflies - Ed Sheeran

37. Sofa - Ed Sheeran

38. Drunk - Ed Sheeran

39. New York - Ed Sheeran

40. U.N.I. - Ed Sheeran

UPDATE - may 2017
I’ve updated this playlist with recent/better songs. I’ll be keeping most of the songs on here but considering i made this playlist like 4 years ago i thought id update it. hope u have a gud time homies.

Gravity - John Mayer
Pressure - The 1975
Dont/Loyal - Ellie
Hella Hoes - A$AP Mob
Who are you - Fifth Harmony 
Girls - The 1975
Often - The Weeknd
Sledgehammer - Fifth Harmony
Just a picture - KYLE
Up Town Funk - Fifth Harmony
Night Changes - One Direction
3005 - Childish Gambino
Often - (Kygo Remix)
Thinkin bout you - Fifth Harmony 
Nightengale - Demi Lovato
Run Away - Chase atlantic
Me and my girls - Fifth Harmony 
Storm Warning - Hunter Hayes
3005/Hey Ya! (Mashup) - Alex Aiono
Chocolate - The 1975
Groove - Jack and Jack
Honeymoon Avenue - Fifth Harmony 
Dont Wanna Fall in Love - KYLE
Roller Coaster (Fast) - Justin Bieber
Them Girls be Like - Fifth harmony
Lightweight - Demi Lovato
Stay - Fifth Harmony 
Wait For a Minute - Tyga
Still Into You - Paramore
Chandelier (Acoustic Version) - Sia
In A Dream - High Highs
Miss Movin on - Fifth Harmony 
Human Nature - Glee Cast
Sober - Childish Gambino
Red - Fifth Harmony 
She Way Out - The 1975
Dont wanna dance alone - Fifth Harmony 
She - Tyler, The Creator
Something Like Olivia - John Mayer
Rainy Season - Hunter Hayes
One Wish - Fifth Harmony 
Tides - Jack and Jack
Leave my heart out of this - Fifth Harmony 
Confident - Justin Bieber
Heart Out - The 1975
Yonkers - Tyler, The Creator
BO$$ - Fifth Harmony 
Give Me Love (Rain Version) - Ed Sheeran
Misery Business - Paramore
Adore You - Miley Cyrus
Mistletoe - Mitchel & Clinton Cave & Christian Anthony
The Right Stuff - Fifth Harmony
IFHY - Tyler, The Creator
Hold Tight - Justin Bieber
You And I - One Direction
Wild Life - Jack and Jack
Free Fallin’ (Live) - John Mayer
New Flame - Chris Brown
Like That - Jack and Jack
Answer - Tyler The Creator
Thats What You Get - Paramore
Drive - Miley Cyrus
Strong - One Direction
She looks so perfect - Shawn 
Heartbeat - Childish Gambino
Cold Hearted - Jack and Jack
Garbage - Tyler, The Creator
They Dont Know about Us - Fifth Harmony 
Take Me To Church - Hozier
Happily - One Direction
We can Make Love - SoMo
Settle Down - The 1975
Somebodys Heart Break - Hunter Hayes
Don’t Tell ‘Em - Jeremih
Reflection - Fifth Harmony
Dracula - Bea Miller
Made In The USA - Demi Lovato
Aint it Fun - Paramore
When i was your man - Fifth Harmony 
Half a Heart - One Direction
Her - Tyler The Creator
Sweatpants - Childish Gambino
Sun Dont Shine - Will Heard & Cara Delevingne
Robbers - The 1975
Lego house - Fifth Harmony 
Anchor Tattoo - Chase Atlantic
1937 (Acoustic) - Novel Nature