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Sherlock: *wearing a ridiculous outfit*

Greg: Can you believe him?

John: I don’t know, I’ve lived with Sherlock for seven years. Anytime he’s wearing clothes at all, it’s a victory.

The will of the people, moreover, practically means the will of the most numerous or the most active part of the people; the majority, or those who succeed in making themselves accepted as the majority; the people, consequently, may desire to oppress a part of their number; and precautions are as much needed against this as against any other abuse of power.
—  John Stuart Mill, On Liberty
Honestly, I’m ready to fight 24/7. Even in death take my ashes and throw them into the eyes of my enemies.
—  Alexander Hamilton

Alexander: *finger guns* Hey, cool beans, how are you?

Laurens: *whispers* He’s so cool

Burr: You have such low standards.

[Leon is stuck on a roof and can’t get down]

Leon: I deserve this. This is all because I forgot to feed my turtle, Sheldon, in kindergarten. He went to Heaven and now my life is bad. YA HAPPY SHELDON? WE’RE EVEN!

Reese: [from below] Leon?


Everyone who is not Adam Driver says that Adam Driver is uncommonly intense on set. He’s really all-in on becoming Kylo Ren. John Boyega told me that he likes to try to break the Kylo spell by running up to Driver and giving him unexpected hugs. But evidently, it doesn’t shake Driver.
—  Vanity Fair writer David Kamp when asked about the chemistry between actors in The Last Jedi.
  • Washington: *pats John and Alexander on the back*
  • Washington: Good job, gays!
  • John: *nervously laughing* You meant gu-
  • Washington: Did I fucking stutter

“I think a lot about trying to meet the moment as honestly as possible, because I don’t pretend to have any answers. In fact, I have infinitely more questions than answers.”


Keep Me Where the Light Is 

In the wee small hours of the morning, while the whole wide world is fast asleep, when Even sees nothing but the end of everything, I know Isak will be there.