john punches sherlock

concept: the first time sherlock pulls john into a giddy excited hug. the first time he’s overcome with happiness and in that happiness he pulls john to him. john, stunned, as sherlock punches out a laugh and pulls john in, chest quaking with joy against him. john, with a sudden armful of happy sherlock, a sherlock who in celebration wants john closer, a sherlock who has dropped some shield, some wall, and pulled john across that boundary into his orbit, where john has always wanted to belong. 

and then sherlock’s laugh slows, and his cheeks pinken as he realises that john isn’t pulling away, that john is holding him back. that time has stopped. that the air has gone out of the room. 

that the moment has arrived.

okay, john will say, and he will lean in and taste sherlock’s happiness for himself. sherlock’s joy and sherlock’s shock and sherlock’s disbelief and sherlock’s hope and then john will also know what it’s like to taste sherlock’s giggles, to taste finally, to taste i know, me too, the way it would’ve tasted that first night when john looked back over his shoulder to sherlock’s curious smile where he was leaning against the wall at the foot of the stairs. and sherlock will know it too. and they’ll both know, for once, for forever, know what they should have known from the start: love, a shared love, so deep and so strong and so true, and john will say okay and taste everything sherlock hasn’t said over the last however many weeks or months or years, okay, and sherlock will look and he will see everything he didn’t dare to see, okay, and then the rest will begin.

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Hey!:) It only just occurred to me, but John doesn't just beat up Sherlock. He beats him up IN A MORGUE. Usually it’s Sherlock who beats corpses in morgues. And Sherlock has been likened to a corpse by Molly just minutes earlier. So, basically Sherlock is almost a corpse in TLD. And the fact that John gives him his cane, means that Sherlock has taken John’s place in the story. Which explains what John thought he was before he met Sherlock: a corpse. Part 1

Part 2 Also, by beating Sherlock, John himself takes Sherlock’s place. Which shows us what Sherlock was before he met John: a man who beat corpses and who had conversations with imaginary people. (John talks to “Mary”; Sherlock talked to his skull.) It’s a role reversal that shows us what both of them were before they met each other. Anyway, I’m still not sure this scene in TLD actually happened. But at least this would explain it from a narrative-point-of-view.

Hmmm, interesting take on it, Lovely. I’m still really not believing that our John would ever hurt Sherlock to the degree we saw in TLD on purpose (I speculate that it was some form of brainwashing from Culverton which caused John to disassociate from his doctor persona). I’m also viewing the handing off of the cane as John’s regret for his actions, and already in his own pit of depression, I really do feel like John was saying goodbye for good… I do believe there was an underlying subtext that while Sherlock was high as a kite, he was missing how depressed John was, especially with all the talk of suicide and with the visual parallel of Faith to John (and once again I think Sherlock was subconsciously picking up on John being suicidal again, but he hadn’t picked up on it on the surface). He was guilt-ridden, didn’t feel like he was who anyone wanted him to be, and generally lost a lot of his identity for one reason or another. I think he had become sad and scared, and his guilt for beating Sherlock was the final nail. He gave the cane back as a way to say goodbye for good, because he thinks that Sherlock is better off without him, that he himself is unlovable and unworthy of love.

ive been thinking about that one part in TAB where john is so angry that sherlock is momentarily yanked out of his illusion and sees real life john being like “sherlock! tell me where my bloody wife is you pompous prick or i’ll punch your lights out!”

like ……………………..

would john punch comatose sherlock if he were that desperate

“i really hit him, greg”

fdfgfdldgjdfglfdgjd would he

I’m so happy that such a  kind souls like @mizjoely or @elennemigo liked / reblogged my post, cause they were my heroes before I got brainwashed by all the disaster that was all this TJLC mess.

And yes, brainwashed is the best word I can use. Brainwashed to the point I got so mean and hateful towards the people who didn’t deserve it. That I lost good friends like @thistie. That I haven’t even noticed some of TJLCers are nice to you till you agree with their theories. And no, I don’t mean all of them. I mean people who loved Mark and Steven till S4 turned out not to be a confirmation to TJLC. I mean people who started to send their hate to Mark and Steven just because the show didn’t go their way. I mean people who behave like whiny kids, angrily stomping their feet, just cause they didn’t get what they wanted. I don’t want to do anything with those people. I’m not like them, and I’m glad that I finally woke up.

[and yup, it was like ‘John punching Sherlock in TLD’ kinda waking up.]

The Six Thatchers started and I knew in a blink that there isn’t any conspiracy and there never was. That this is the story that Mark and Steven always wanted to tell. I can’t even watch Mary’s scenes without crying my soul out loud and if it has to be my punishment for being a mean, hateful asshole towards her character and all the people who didn’t deserve it, then good, i’ll happily suffer. 

And I’m aware it’s not enough, but I wanted to say two words [no, that’ll be actually more than two] I’m sorry and thank you. I’m sorry for being a blind, vile, hateful person without realising I hurt people and I’m not like that at all. Thank you, for your love, kindness and everything.

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I read some TJLC meta somewhere about why John really hit Sherlock in the morgue. There was something about guilt, but that's all I can remember. If you've seen it, could you possibly link it to me?

Hey Lovely!

Ahh, yeah I think I recall that meta… even though I really REALLY don’t believe S4 is in-character at all of pretty much ALL the characters (Sherlock was literally the closest in-character), it was actually a pretty interesting take on the scene and made it a little less awful. Here are a few meta that might be related to this meta you’re looking for, let me know if it’s not:

Hmm, I don’t think I reblogged it under the blog tag I thought it was. Perhaps someone has it or the writer of it follows me, so maybe they can track it down down for you :)

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j**lockers's idea of subtext: J**LOCK IS REAL -------- john's idea of subtext: punch Sherlock in the face.


Since we’re on the subject..How about a little context now…

Interesting how this scene from TLD gets a free pass from the cult. I mean sure they were mad and upset like the rest of us, but they let it slide because ya know it’s Jawn and he’s grumpy and mad that Mary lied to him and he didn’t really want to be married to her anymore and that’s why he cheated on Mary, because ya know she made him so unhappy and oh yes let’s not forget she SHOT SHERLOCK! and ya know all the usual bullshit the cult likes to blame John’s outrage on. 

However, sad and shocking that brutal beatdown scene was to watch, it really didn’t strike a chord in the cult’s outrage choir as much as this scene from HLV: 

I used to follow jlock blogs before I knew about all this shipping business and I would read post after post about how Molly is abusive and she has anger issues and how dare she hit him like that, he has an illness and that is not how you deal with drug users and blah blah blah. The outrage choir was lock up Molly Hooper in the tower and throw away the key. 

Of course the cult would later go on to change their view on Molly Hooper after this scene from TFP:

Their outrage went from abuser with anger issues to poor Molly! How could sherlock treat her so badly!? How could the Mofftiss let this great female character be treated so poorly by a male character!?? For the love of god how can Loo Brealey let her character get treated so poorly!?? Sherlock is lying to her and Sherlollies are happy about this??!! whyyyyyyyyy?? Suddenly they were the Molly Hooper choir of justice..cos ya know Sherlock was lying about loving her and anyways that ILY was really for Jawn. It’s always about Jawn, isn’t it…

AND let’s not forget this scene from ASIB. Sherlock wakes up in his bed with a kiss on cheek, planted there by Irene Adler. She was returning his coat. I used this gif instead of the bed one because you can see the kiss better. Oh! I can tell you how many ridiculous comments I read from cult members about how that lipstick kiss was abuse! and not only that, it was comparable to sexual abuse! The cult outrage choir was really at their terrible best when it comes to the subject of Irene Adler. 

So dear Anon, I know yer message wasn’t really about this and it was probably supposed to be in jest, but it brought up thoughts about what outrages the cult and how they link most of the abuse to the women in Sherlock’s life and that their real beef isn’t with Molly or Irene or even Mary. 

Their beef is with John Watson. He has the anger issues. He beat up his bestie because he couldn’t handle that his wife jumped in front of a bullet to save his besties life AND that he was emotionally cheating on his wife. John wasn’t really a good person towards the end, now was he…BUT that’s ok because the subtext tells us that jlock is canon and that John doesn’t have to apologize to Sherlock for that brutal take down. NOPE. Jawn doesn’t have to pay for what he’s done because he doesn’t have a vagina. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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obsessedaboutanangel said: hey sorry i couldn’t write a message and instead have to write an instant message. um i wanted to ask you if you have a fic rec list and could send me a link to it?

HI LOVELY! I actually have a lot of them! I have a blog tag here, and this is the list of fic rec list I have made so far!

I’ve more in the works (right now working on an Angst one and a “Experiment” one and a “Fluff” one), so keep watching that blog tag! :D

Always be yourself. Always. Unless you can be an ex striptiss dancer, widow after drug diler, living with Sherlock Holmes under one roof in the center of London, possesing sport car in fury orangeous colour, driving like only a fury ms Hudson can do, getting johnlock together since 2010. Then definitely be her. Be ms Hudson in real life.

A Father's Mistake

She heard his breathing before she heard his footsteps on the grassy hill. She should have known he would find her.

Not bothering to wipe the tears from her face or hide the angry bitterness in her tone, Rosie bit out, ‘Leave me alone.’

She also should have known he would do whatever the hell he wanted to.

John’s knees creaked as he sat down beside her. She hugged her legs closer to her body and refused to look at him, instead keeping her eyes locked on the distant lights of London. A chasm of darkness separated them from the bustling city. And right now, an even wider chasm sat between her and her father.

From the corner of her eye, she watched him run a hand through his hair, mussing it up. Not for the first time either. He looked ragged and broken.

‘I don’t know what to say,’ he began, but she cut him off.

‘Then don’t try,’ she snapped. Anger and betrayal bubbled up inside her like a poison. ‘Just go away.’

He sighed. 'Rosie, I need to explain. Will you please hear me out?’

She sniffled and wiped her nose on her sleeve as a fresh wave of angry tears slipped down her cheeks. 'What can you possibly say? Some excuse to get yourself off the hook?’

He shook his head. 'No. But since you already know part of the story, you deserve to know all of it. The whole truth.’

'I don’t care about the whole truth!’ She exclaimed, turning to face him finally. 'All I care about is that you cheated on mum! I don’t care if it was with Uncle Sherlock’s sister in disguise, I don’t care that she was tricking you on purpose, and I bloody well don’t care that it was only over text!’

Her father blanched, his face paling with guilt and shame, unaware of just how much she had discovered.

Her bottom lip trembled violently and she sobbed, 'You had her for years, loved her and married her. And you still…’ She trailed off brokenly and turned away.

John couldn’t speak. All the shame and regret from years ago washed over him in waves that threatened to drown him.

Rosie whispered, 'I don’t even remember her. I didn’t even get a chance to know her. But from all the stories you and Uncle Sherlock and Aunt Molly have told, she was incredible. So how could you…?’

He tilted his head back and his lips thinned as he tried to hold himself together. 'I have asked myself that a thousand times in the past thirteen years.’

She looked over at him and he met her gaze, allowing his tears to fall.

'I don’t have an answer,’ he admitted softly. 'All I can say is that I was a selfish, cheating bastard. And your mother,’ his voice broke. 'Your mother was an incredible woman. And I live every day with the regret that I did that to her, that I took her for granted, that I wasted the little time I had with her being an utter arse.’

By the end of his admission, they were both unable to hold themselves together. In one move, John opened his arms and Rosie leaned into his chest. He brushed his hand soothingly along her arm as she cried.

When their tears had run out but their hearts were still heavy, Rosie whispered brokenly, 'I wish I had known her.’

John rested his chin on her head and closed his eyes. 'Me, too.’


When the sun began to rise, John looked down to find Rosie had dozed off. He wiped his thumb across the dried tears on her cheek and pressed a kiss to her head.

His heart still ached for Mary, for the life they could have lived, for the family that could have been.

He had wasted so much of his life buried under regrets, secrets, and pain.

But when he looked their Rosie and saw Mary’s smile or flashing temper, that ache eased just a little and the future looked that much brighter for them.

For John and his Rosie.

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I can't cope with the image of john punching sherlock and looking so angry. Do you think john finally flips the f*** out this season? Is the consensus that the scene (in the 'morgue) is ep1 TST? I'm praying it's either MP or in johns head... #helpimgoinginsane

(referencing this scene)

Hi Lovely!

Yeah, it fucked me up too, but it feels REALLY REALLY OOC for John. The only times he hit Sherlock on purpose were in ASiB once when he was asked to and the second-third-fourth time because he couldn’t contain his rage at Sherlock’s lies anymore – it WAS supposed to be the two of them but Sherlock decided it couldn’t be, and lied to John and made John feel like his grief was all for naught. The latter three, I absolutely do not approve of, don’t get me wrong, but I understand why he did it.

But in this scene, I can’t really explain it… it doesn’t FEEL right, you know? I personally feel that Sherlock is hallucinating, under the influence of whatever he’s on, and mistakes Culverton for John (given that they have a similar build and hair style this season, this could be), so Sherlock let his guard down.

(maybe like the Baskerville drug, Sherlock becomes “prone to suggestion” and Culverton is like “it’s me, Sherlock. It’s me, John. John, the man you love. You know me, Sherlock” and in that split second he gets sucker-punched by Smith).

OR as you suggested, it’s a mind palace sequence. Another theory that came up was that John was under some sort of mind control. I see either of these solutions to be the viable one, because I’m not going to lie, I REFUSE to believe that John would willingly and maliciously hit Sherlock like that again. I just really hope that if this is in “real life” and it is John, that there better be some fucking big apologies.