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The anthropic principle, like much of modern cosmology, is actually a prank. I mean, they all get together at conferences, Kip Thorne and John Preskill and Stephen Hawking and that lot, and giggle behind their hands at some of the ridiculous shit they come up with and about which Scientific American publishes straight-faced articles. Of course this can backfire; Higgs's surprise at the discovery of his eponymous boson was entirely sincere because the whole idea was fake.

They’re all full of shit mostly and so is Donald Hoffman, except always. Do you know him? He’s the one who says quantum physics are wrong because Darwin was wrong and we evolved not to perceive reality more accurately, but to fool ourselves more completely about what reality is, and that gap is why our physics get weird at the limit. Then he says “no one has proved me wrong yet!” because he doesn’t know how falsifiability works. Dude learned everything he knows about cognitive science  and philosophy from Guns-n-Roses album titles, and the ones that sucked after Axl got lazy to boot. Fucken guy. 


Quantum Computers Animated

Theoretical Physicists John Preskill and Spiros Michalakis describe how things are different in the Quantum World and how that can lead to powerful Quantum Computers.

(by Piled Higher and Deeper (PHD Comics))