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Unconditional Presence

‘To be unconditionally present with our experience is the simplest thing we could possibly do. It means being present to what is, without relying on any view or concept about it. What could be simpler than that? And yet what could be more difficult?’

- John Welwood, The healing Power of Unconditional Presence.

‘My Favorite Thing Is Monsters’ Is A Dazzling, Graphic Novel Tour-De-Force

The new graphic novel, My Favorite Thing Is Monsters, by first-time writer Emil Ferris, tells the story of a ten year old girl who loves horror films, and tries to solve the murder of a lovely upstairs neighbor.  But the book does a lot more than just that.   John Powers calls the book a true revelation. 

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Political Suicide



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Accompanying Music - Pierce The Heavens With Your Drill (Copied the Parallel Works short as “it just works”)

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These BTS videos with the cast of the new power rangers is funny and also an interesting reminder how the original (American version) Power rangers were around when social media didn’t even exist.

so you never heard them curse, dancing to rap music. really interacting with each other off set.

All we got was those corny anti violence/drug PSAs in the 90s

“Without ever explicitly saying it, American Sniper captures the essentially tragic truth of the war for millions of Americans who admire the bravery, sacrifice and patriotism of our men and women in uniform. It speaks emotionally to audiences who sense that we lost something in Iraq yet still want to honor the heroism of those who risked their lives for the cause, whether or not it was ultimately a great one.”

- John Powers, Fresh Air critic at large

Full Of Complexity And Ambivalence, ‘American Sniper’ Shows The Cost Of War


My fancast for the DCEU *PART 2*
-check out PART 1 on my page-

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Supergirl

Trevante Rhodes as Green Lantern

Natalie Dormer as Power Girl

Aja Naomi King as Vixen

Phoebe Tonkin as Zatanna

Priyanka Chopra as Hawkgirl

Evelyne Brochu as Lady Blackhawk

Mahershala Ali as Martian Manhunter