john peaks


arbitrary astronaut gifsets (2/?): they’re beauty, they’re grace, they’re kinda clumsy in space

“You’re pretty agile there, twinkle toes.

“You bet your life I am.” -Gene Cernan and Jack Schmitt, Apollo 17

neoliberals: I don’t know why black people are so outraged about the latest outrageous racist thing against black people, when we should obviously be more concerned with the thing that white people are outraged about. Really, don’t we have more important things to be concerned with right now?

me: Why do they always try to concern troll us, and imply that our valid grievances are divisive, minor distractions? Unless it’s another black person being murdered by cops, why are we always expected to put our issues on the back burner to rally around whatever white people decide is “more” important? Black people are perfectly capable of being concerned with multiple issues simultaneously. We can be concerned with Bill Maher’s casual racism, and “allies” who used prison slave labor, and lack of media representation, and Donald Trump, all at the same time. It’s dismissive and paternalistic when people suggest otherwise