john paul wiggin

Drop Me A Line - Asks as Beatles’ Singles

Love Me Do - top 5 favorite love songs?
From Me To You  - do you write letters?
Thank You Girl - person in your life you’re most thankful for?
She Loves You - favorite band?
I’ll Get You - favorite solo artist?
I Want To Hold Your Hand - right handed or left handed?
This Boy - favorite instrument?
Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand (I Want To Hold Your Hand) - how many languages do you speak?
Sie Liebt Dich (She Loves You)  - favorite place you’ve been?
Long Tall Sally - Height?
I Call Your Name  - last person you called?
Slow Down - favorite song to drive to?
Matchbox - do you smoke?
I Feel Fine - song i like to listen to when I’m happy?
She’s a Woman - top 5 favorite female singers?
Bad Boy - top 5 favorite male singers?
Yes It Is - best concert you’ve been to?
I’m Down - song i like to listen to when I’m sad?
We Can Work It Out - whats more important to you, peace or standing up for what you think is right?
Paperback Writer - favorite book?
Rain - favorite weather?
Lady Madonna - are you religious?
The Inner Light - sunrise or sunset?
Hey Jude - artist you most want to meet/hang out with?
Revolution - what song/album would you put on repeat right now?
Get Back - old fad you wish would come back?
Don’t Let Me Down - song that reminds you of a friend?
The Ballad Of John And Yoko - favorite lyric?
Old Brown Shoe - favorite outfit?
Across The Universe - where do you want to travel to?
Let It Be  - last song you listened to so much that someone eventually made you turn it off?
You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) - what would you name a son/daughter?

Simultaneously the most romantic and most logical conversation I've ever read in fiction <3
  • John Paul: Of course, our relationship is grossly unbalanced.
  • Theresa: In what way?
  • John Paul: Because I'm in love with you.
  • Theresa: We only met today.
  • John Paul: And what I feel is only the first stirring of love. If you treat me like a hairball then of course I'll get over it, but I don't want to get over it. I want to keep getting to know you better and better so I can love you more and more. I think you're a match for me, more than a match. Where else am I going to find a woman who just might be smarter than I am?
  • Theresa: Since when is that what a man is looking for?
  • John Paul: Only stupid men trying to seem smart need to be with dumb women. Only weak men trying to look strong are attracted to compliant women.
  • Theresa: So, you saw me this morning and-
  • John Paul: I HEARD you this morning, I TALKED with you, you made me think, I made you think, and it was electric.