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Okay so I was in the London Beatles shop, because it’s not far from where I live, and they’ve brought in some new statues… honestly I’m fucking terrified lOOK AT THEM,, id pay £125 for Satan on my shelf.

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i have so many things to say about this…in the first one wtf is wrong with ringos face like he looks like a pterodactyl… and georges lack of eyebrows just make him compeletly unrecognizable and i hate the way paul is looking at john…then in the second ringo looks like hes been kidnapped and forced to be there…and judging by georges teeth im assuming hes the one that bit off johns legs


Let’s talk about the second John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s Paris Trip

@mclennonwasreal and I were talking about this second magical and mystery tour and realized that a post about this trip would be interesting for general cultural curiosity of the shippers.
In 1966, John Lennon left the filming of How I Won The War to have a break in Paris, and he met Paul McCartney there.
Apparently Paul was wearing a disguise to escape the attention of the fans:
“They measure you and match the colour of your hair, so it was like a genuine moustache with real glue. And I had a couple of pairs of glasses made with clear lenses, which just made me look a bit different. I put a long blue overcoat on and slicked my hair back with Vaseline and just wandered around and of course nobody recognised me at all. It was good, it was quite liberating for me”. (Paul McCartney - Many Years From Now, Barry Miles)
This trip happened 5 years after the trip John and Paul had in 1961 in Paris, and “it was an echo of the trip John and I made to Paris for his twenty-first birthday” (Paul McCartney - Many Years From Now, Barry Miles).
If Paul was wearing this disguise, he probably was looking like on the first photo. And as John was filming How I Won The War, he was looking like on the second photo. 

Now imagine these two walking in Paris looking like this.

I liked parts of Paul’s TV special, especially the intro. The bit filmed in Liverpool made me squirm a bit. But Paul’s a pro. He always has been.

John Lennon on Paul’s TV special from 1973. 

In 1973 ATV Channel broadcasted a tv special about Paul, you can watch it here. John watched it and later a journalist asked him an opinionMaybe I get why John said that the Liverpool part made him squirm. You can see the Liverpool part here. (1:50) I imagine John in his apartment in New York watching Paul and Liverpool on tv, as a spectator, and recognise all the faces in that pub: Paul’s relatives and friends. You can even see Paul’s father James, the man who desperately wanted to keep John and Paul apart. And I think that John got a bit of that second hand embarrassment watching Paul and all the people he knew so well on tv, I believe he felt empathy towards a familiar place and people that caused him a mix of affection and embarrassment. 

📱Polish internet slang wordlist💻

Lol- read as if it was a polish word and not ‘el-oh-el’ when spoken often indicates ridiculing rather than just laughter or means calling someone an idiot

Leming- someone who believes everything they see on the internet and without thinking follows others

Ż (read ‘żal pe-el’) or żal- used similarly to cringe

Looknąć/luknąć- to look at something

Looz blues/ spoko- means that everything is alright

Loszka- a girl

Lovelas-a guy that brags about easily getting with women

Loża szyderców- a group of people making fun of something

Dafuq- a way of spelling 'the fuck?’

D.A.N.-Doskonałe aromatyczne napoje, cheap alternative to wine

d o b r e p o m a r a ń c z o w e- “good, orange”, something good or funny

Czym to nagrywałeś?!- what did you record this with? Indicates low video quality

Nagrywane ziemniakiem- recorded with a potato

Pierwszy- first

Czosnek/czosnyk- literally garlic, means head or brain

Yhm/yhy- means sure, a spaced out yes

A ja obejrzałem i znam wszystkie odcinki mody na sukces- and I watched and know all episodes of Bold and Beautiful, means 'I don’t believe you’

A miało być tak pięknie (ale wyszło jak zawsze)- and it was supposed to be so beautiful (but ended up as always)

A.B.C.- absolutny brak cyca-absolute lack of breats, a girl with a small chest

Bajlando/melanż- a party with lots of alcohol

Zryty beret/zryty gar- used after you see something you just can’t unsee (means something along fucked in the head, literally destroyed hat/ destroyed pot

Bijacz- incorect, polonized version of english 'bitch’

Fakulec- middle finger

Faza-phase, also laughing uncontrollably or being drunk

Sebixx i Karyna- a couple on facebook constantly putting photos together, people who wear adidas sweatpants and polish patriotic symbols everywhere, are unintelligent, Sebixx or the lighter version Seba comes from Sebastian and is used for men while Karyna is used for women

Cebula/ cebulak- onion, someone uneducated, rude, often bullying weaker people

Zw- zaraz wracam- be right back

OCB- o co biega?- what is this about?

Katol- radical catholic

JKM- Janusz Korwin Mikke- an eccentric politician from Poland

JP- jebać policję or Jan Paweł (II)-fuck the police or John Paul the second

JP2GMD02.04.2005r.- a hard to explain meme with pope JP2, literally means John Paul II raped little children on the second of April 2005, used to oppose the cult like mentality of treating John Paul like a perfect human

Rak- cancer

Ten post dał mi raka- this post gave me cancer

Janusz- a name, someone embarassing, a noob

Gównoburza- shitstorm

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is jet about john?

what a good question, and the answer is YES, in my opinion this song is 100% about John (and yoko). And I’ll tell you why:

The first part is all about Jet/John (you could be more inventive Paul) announcing his marriage with Yoko and how lonely Paul felt:

I can almost remember their funny faces
That time you told them you were going to marrying soon
And Jet I thought the only lonely place was on the moon

The second part is about Paul reminding John to be bold, that sergeant major is the way Paul sees Yoko in my opinion, as the dominant one between the two, cause he says that the major was a lady suffragette.

Jet was your father as bold as the sergeant major
How come he told you that you were hardly old enough yet
And Jet I thought the major was a lady suffragette

The chorus mentions ‘mater’ that can be seen as a way for Paul to say mother, so to talk about his mother, but also…never forget that Mater was the nickname of John’s auntie, Elizabeth.

Ah mater want Jet to always love me
Ah mater want Jet to always love me
Ah mater, much later

The last part sounds like an invitation to John to go back to him:

Jet with the wind in your hair
Of a thousand laces
Climb on the back and we’ll go for a ride in the sky

Also, there are so many references to the Beatles era, like lonely place, sergeant major, climb on the back and let’s go for a ride in the sky’ , it’s like Paul is singing John to go back to him and write songs together again.

I’m a bit uncertain about the first part, about the wedding announcement because, if you think that he got married twice, this part could also easily apply to John’s marriage with Cynthia. I imagine the funny faces John’s friends would make when he announced he was going to marry her, and how lonely Paul would feel after he got the news. Let’s see what the other mclennon fans think of it.

My theory about McLennon

After John and Paul first meeting – that was basically a love at first sight –, they started to hang out, becoming each day closer from each other because of their common love for music. It’s fact that John used to have collective masturbation sessions with his school mates, so probably he also did that alone with Paul while they hanged out in Lennon’s or McCartney’s home, so knowing each other in “different levels people know about”. John and Paul became very intimate friends, and sort of forgot their old friends. According to Spitz’s biography, the Quarry men would go to parties and John and Paul would stay isolated from the others as they didn’t exist, just chatting whispery.
Lennon and McCartney, being so close friends that would even have a wank together, would build a deep connection with each other. John would start to feel jealousy of Paul dating girls, and it was because he was getting a crush on Macca. I believe it was when everything started; maybe playing their guitar, hanging out, or even having these hypothetical masturbation sessions, their first kiss happened. They were teenage boys with their bodies flowering hormones and discovering new things; that would happen sooner or later. Also, Paul was perfect to John; he even said Macca looked like Elvis. Yes, he was like a more delicate, more feminine version of Elvis – dark hair, large eyes and, the most important: same lips shape. There’re a lot of pictures of years later where John is looking at Paul’s lips. Probably Lennon couldn’t help looking at them without tasting while he was this teenage boy full of hormones. John’s mother death in 1958 also would approach them even more.

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Imagine going to the local pool with the Beatles. You manage to shout loud enough to make it over their excited ramblings, informing them that they /have/ to put on sunscreen. With loud groans, all of them seemingly comply, jumping one-by-one into the cool, clear water after you’ve properly inspected them. You sit down on the edge of the pool, throwing your legs over the edge and smiling at the pleasant temperature of the water. In front of you, the boys have assembled a shoddy game of chicken: Ringo sits confidently on top of John’s shoulders, while Paul shakily tries to balance himself atop George. You try to hold your laughter as the two bicker;
“Stop wigglin’ up there! We’re gonna lose, and tha game ‘asn’t even started yet,” George shouts, holding tightly on to Paul’s legs. Paul crosses his arms across his chest, lifting his nose;
“It’s not my fault you’ve got tha world’s smallest shoulders,” Paul argues, nearly losing his balance once again. “Ringo doesn’t even ‘ave ta push us- one wrong gust of wind and we’re goin’ down, ye skeleton.”
Sliding down your sunglasses, you make eye contact with John and Ringo, flashing them a knowing wink before nodding your head towards the fighting musicians. John nods in agreement, and in a matter of seconds, Paul and George are submerged.
A few hours of splash fights and races later, you all agree to pack up and return home. As you stand up from your place lying next to the pool, you’re met with strained laughter from John and Paul, eyes filling with fear when you cock and eyebrow.
“What’s so funny then?” you ask curiously, furrowing your brow when they only laugh harder. Turning to your left you ignore the two idiots, searching for your book that Ringo had flung across the pool in an attempt to get you in the water. George, who had sulked off after the failed game of chicken to eat, looks at you with a confused frown.
“What’s wrong wiv you?” he asks past a mouthful of food. Taking a deep breath, you ask what he means, thankful he doesn’t just laugh in return.
“What d'you mean, 'what do you mean’? You’ve gone all red.”
With a sharp gasp, you look down, feeling your stomach drop at the deep tinge of red in most of your skin. In all the chaos it took to put sunscreen on the four, you must have forgotten to put it on /yourself/. You tentatively poke your shoulder- it doesn’t hurt now, you note, but it will eventually.
“Damn…” George gives you a sympathetic look, casting his dark gaze down in his lap before flicking his eyes back towards you.
“If it makes ye feel any better, I’ve always fancied red on you. It’s a good color.”