john paul bove

Q is for Queen! My final piece for the Jurassic Dork’s A-Z of the 80’s Gallery. I was just doing the band Queen as they did the iconic music for Flash Gordon and Highlander, but then I went nuts and added nearly every Queen and Princess from popular 80’s properties. See if you can name them all ;)

Coloured by the mega fantastic John Paul Bove.

The last two weekends I grab my comics and was on a signature hunt.
With a good result.
Got some frome wordmongerer (Transformers Drift Empire Of Stone)

And from Scott Koblish (Deadpool) , from Chad Hardin (Harley Quinn) , Francis Manapul (Batman, Flash, Witchblade) and from the awesome Holger Bösch and Bernhard Skopnik (Black Stories). I’m so happy now