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It’s no coincidence that autumn and authenticity are linguistic cousins.  Both share the Latin root aut-, meaning ‘to increase or grow’.  Autumn brings the harvest bounty: the earth’s increase.  Authenticity brings the reward of increased self-knowledge and awareness.  As autumn represents the ripening of the crops, so authenticity represents the coming into maturity of our character. The link is gratitude, which allows us to ground ourselves in humility and recognize our authentic nature.  When we live gratefully, we become more truly ourselves.
—   ‘Seasons of Grace’ by Alan Jones and John O’Neil
Whole whumpy episodes

Inspired by the recent #Whump Challenge - Day 18 question and the priceless support of Whumpapedia document,
I will collect here single episodes where the whump starts at the BEGINNING OF THE EPISODE and LASTS/EVOLVES ALL THE EPISODE LONG. Something you can relay on to enjoy and cheer up!
This page will be continuously updated. Any suggestion/help are most appreciated and welcome!

  • Agent X 1.05 episode “Truth, Lies, and Consequence”
    Character: John Case, performed by Jeff Hephner.
    Type of whumps: poisoned, weak and dizzy, blurred vision and whistles in the ears, manhandled and punched, sweating, fought, collapsed, unconscious.
  • Arrow 5.20 episode “Underneath" *NEW Part 1 Part 2
    Character: Oliver Queen, performed by Stephen Amell.
    Type of whumps: hit by explosion blast and passed out, bloody cut on his bicipit, fallen in the elevator trumpet and impaled, treated and sewn on the field, lightheaded for exposure to toxic gas and dizzy, weak after a considerable effort and fainted for the loss of blood, heartbroken and passed out again, weak again after a considerable effort with blood at his mouth and collapsed, stabbed with adrenaline syringe, another considerable effort with much sweating and grunting, recovering in bed.
  • Banshee 1.10 "A Mixture of Madness”
    Character: Lucas Hood, performed by Antony Starr.
    Type of whumps: ambushed (from previous episode), under heavy gunfire, bloody bruises all over his face and still bruises on his wrists, a little shocked, he surrended himself to his enemy, knocked out with a hit at his neck, punched and hit with teaser (memory of the past), tortured: tied to a chair and badly beaten and almost choken to death, then stabbed, passed out and unconscious on the stretcher then in hospital, sore at home with red swollen bruises and changing the bandage.
  • CSI 2.19 “Stalker”
    Character: Nick Stokes, performed by George Eads.
    Type of whumps: roughly fallen through a window down a building to the ground, unconscious, hospital, concussion, cracked ribs, recovery at home but assaulted, fought, weak and panting.
  • Falling Skies 2.01 “Worlds Apart”.
    Character: Tom Mason, performed by Noah Wyle.
    Type of whumps: weak, shot at his flank, unconscious after surgery, dreamt of past hree months: tortured with electric shock stick, tied up, slammed to the ground and passed out, punched, slammed against a wall; another emergercy surgery.
  • Hawaii Five-0
  1. 5.07 episode “Ina Paha / If Perhaps”
    Character: Steve McGarrett, performed by Alex O'Loughlin.
    Type of whumps: kidnapped, tortured in many ways, bleeding, fought and collapsed.
  2. 6.25 episode “ O Ke Ali'i Wale No Ka'u Makemake / My Desire Is Only for the Chief”
    Character: Steve McGarrett, performed by Alex O'Loughlin.
    Type of whumps: shot, bleeding and sweating, unconscious, hospital, surgery, hospital recovery.
  • Revolution 2.19 episode “$#!& Happens”.
    Character: Miles Matheson, performed by Billy Burke.
    Type of whumps: roughly fallen to the ground from running carriage, fought, bloody cut at his abdomen, roughly fallen downstairs for floor collapse and entraped, cauterized the wound with red-hot knife blade, fallen and passed out and wound bleeding again, entrapped for two more days, bloody trail and thought of suicide, hit the mirror with hand and blood (memory), figured out a way to escape starting a fire. Continues with some aftermath in the following episode.
  • Scorpion 1.22 episode “Postcards from the Edge”.
    Character: Walter O'Brien, performed by Elyes Gabel.
    Type of whumps: car accident and on a cliff, impaled to the seat, a lot of grimacing and sweating and suffering, bleeding, cauterized himself, much pain and sweating, dislocated collarbone, last minute recovery, hospital, heavely sedated.
  • Stargate Atlantis 1.03 “38 Minutes”.
    Character: John Sheppard, performed by Joe Flanigan.
    Type of whumps: with a parasitic alien bug attached to his neck, causing immense pain and spreading paralysis, his heart stopped to make the bug let go and then has to be resuscitated. And it even ends with an after-care infirmary scene [thanks to @alipeeps].
  • Stargate SG-1
  1. 1.18 episode “Solitudes”.
    Character: Jack O'Neill, performed by Richard Dean Anderson.
    Type of whumps: unconscious, broken leg and treated on the field, broken ribs too and internal bleeding, weak, hypothermia, unconscious [thanks to @the-wandering-whumper].
  2. 2.07 episode “Message in a Bottle”.
    Character: Jack O'Neill, performed by Richard Dean Anderson.
    Type of whumps: impaled to the wall, infected by alien life, severe pain, fever, died but brought back, passed out [thanks to @the-wandering-whumper].
  3. 9.08 episode “Babylon”.
    Character: Cameron Mitchell, performed by Ben Browder.
    Type of whumps: staff weapon blast to his side, fought and passed out, fireman’s carry, fever for infection, nursed back to health, forced to training with many beating and sweating, forced to fight to the death, slashed on his thigh plus other minor injuries, poisoned, thought dead, revived.
  • Strike Back
  1. Character: Michael Stonebridge, performed by Philip Winchester.
    Begins in episode 4.03 with a fall and cut on his forearm with deteriored shells, aftermath with blurred vision and stiffness and pain in the arm, till the 4.07/08 episodes.
    Type of whumps: undercover in jail, hit at his flank with a blackjack, fought against various opponents, pain in the arm and blurred vision, revealed his sympthoms are due to exposition to a neurotoxin and they will get worse with paralysis and respiratory complications, fought, coughing and blurred vision, hit and knocked out, bloody cut on his forehead and handcuffed, still bloody cut on his forehead and handcuffed to a strench, coughing and blurred vision, restrained to a stretch, fever and respiratory difficulties, fought, coughing and paralyzed arm, difficulties to walk and blurred vision, captured, restrained to a stretch, injected himself with antitoxin, still weak and paralysed arm, in hospital bed with IV and sensors attached to the chest recovering.
  2. 5. episode.
    Character: , performed by .
  • Taken 1.07 “Solo”
    Character: Bryan Mills, performed by Clive Standen.
    Type of whumps: kidnapped and badly tortured, naked into a cold room and starving.
  1. .09 episode “Anslo Garrick (No. 16)”.
    Character: Donald Ressler, performed by Diego Klattenhoff.
    Type of whumps: shot in his leg, treated on the field with makeshift equipment, in hypovolemic shock, lot of pain and blood, with aftermath in the following episodes.
  2. 2.19 episode “Leonard Caul (No. 62)”.
    Character: Raymond “Red” Reddington, performed by James Spader.
    Type of whumps: in critical conditions after being shot in the chest, operated on the field, attacked, almost killed.
  3. 4.07 episode “The Apothecary (No. 59)”.
    Character: Raymond “Red” Reddington, performed by James Spader.
    Type of whumps: poisoned!, all the episode sweating, coughing and collapsing a couple of times.
  4. 5.08 episode “Ian Garvey (No. 13)”.
    Character: Tom Keen, performed by Ryan Eggold.
    Type of whumps: still kidnapped tied up and bloody face from previous episode, punched, fought, under gunfire, shot, arm sling, groaning, treated and stitched up on the field, under gunfire, groaning, cleaning his own wounds, captured and tied up again, bloody bruises on his head, punched and kicked, stabbed three times, fought, slammed against the wall, almost chocked to death, bloody and weak, bloody and dizzy on an hospital stretch, hospital treatment, dead.

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My Friends First Thoughts About WWE Wrestlers

Dean Ambrose: 

  • Is that Ed Sheerean after a shower? 

Seth Rollins: 

  • Looks like Jesus on steroids. 
  • Pocket sized bear. 
  • The annoying kid in math class. 

Roman Reigns: 

  •  he just a big teddy bear on steroids? 
  • DADDY.

Shane O’Mac:



  • When you the only emo in the family. 
  • Someone must have took her Hot Topic Hot Cash because she’s salty.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn: 

  • Why do they look like they should be in an indy band?

AJ Styles: 

  • Billy Ray Cyrus but buff. 
  • Embodiement of the Daves Matthew Band. 
  • When Billy Cyrus goes Emo. 

Sami Zayn: 

  • Zayn Malik?? 
  • Nascar meets drunk meets meets Irish meets kid

Kevin Owens: 

  • Poor dad that got pulled in to this for a joke but stayed because he’s poor and needs to support his kids.


  • Enthusiastic Kentucky dad

John Laurinitius: 

  • Smoke much? 
  • Ken doll that aged and smoked too much

Enzo Amore: 

  • What is this??
  •  w h a t?? 
  • DJ from Jersey. 
  • Looks like what LSD does to you. 

Big Cass: 

  • those white dudes at our school that get corn rows and pretend that they go to the gym.
  • Is his dick named Big Cass or??

The Vaudvillians: 

  • Hipsters
  • spend their mornings at organic farms
  • Totally Gay

Gallows and Anderson: 


John Cena




Renee Young: 

  • Dean doesn’t deserve her

Becky Lynch: 

  • I love her. 
  • Look her hair! 
  • She a beaut



Baron Corbin: 

  • SATAN! 
  • Retired army general mixed with hormonal teen. 
  • Lives in the woods. 

Zack Ryder: 

  • Daddy. 
  • Flashy Pants



Dana Brooke: 

  • She thick I love her

Sasha Banks: 


Wyatt Family: 

  • I don’t want it. It needs to stop.
  • What the fuck is this hillbilly shit?

Bray Wyatt: 

  • Danny Warsnop really let himself go

The New Day: 

  • Make that booty pop! 
  • Are they high?


  • *unintelligible noises*


  • Actually a bear

Titus O’Neil: 

  • Look at that booty pop

Chris Jericho: 

  • Up and coming country star. 

I keep thinking about the fact that everyone in SGA speaks English. It really bothers me. And I read about the ‘gate translating for people and stuff but…it would have been really cool if those both from Earth, hell those who didn’t speak English, looked like they were speaking another language, but all you could hear was English. So if you muted the show and didn’t have subtitles, it’d look like they were speaking whatever language they grew up speaking, but all you can hear is English because the ‘gate translates, not just for the characters but for us too.

It would have been fun if, before they left for Atlantis, Radek didn’t bother speaking in English, just spoke in Czech because those that he needed to understand did. Rodney got really frustrated, because for the 'gate translation thing to work, you actually had to go through the gate. And then, on Atlantis, Radek seems to make perfect sense, and what do you know, he’s actually pretty smart.

And on the first Abydos mission, it took a lot longer to work because the 'gate was pretty banged up from all their experimenting and plus, they had to make their own DHD. It took a while, but eventually it worked just fine. It didn’t translate Goa'uld for some reason, and Jack liked to joke that it was because even the 'gates had the good sense not to like the bastards.

And the Milky Way 'gates didn’t translate Ancient when spoken because the Ancients were dicks. The Pegasus 'gates did translate it when spoken and only translated it when written for select few people.

I dunno, I just think it would have been a lot more fun if they actually put some thought into the really cool stuff.

All-American Prophet
Nic Rouleau, Lewis Cleale, Christopher John O’Neill, Grey Henson, Delius Doherty, Ensemble

All American Prophet // Nic Rouleau, Lewis Cleale, Christopher John O’Neill, Grey Henson, Delius Doherty (u/s), Ensemble  // 2.23.16e

Nic’s (second) Return to Broadway!

Full untracked audio available— just shoot me a message for the link.

(Note: you can hear Nic hit the ground after “Donny Osmond flair” when he does his jazz split, which is incredibly entertaining)