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Shepard Twins Aesthetic

You don’t meet people like this everyday, their actions are accompanied by their “twin magic” - they’re different yet same, they have fights yet they’d risk their life for the other. No one really knows how they cooperate with their clashing personalities and classes - have you ever seen a vanguard working like this with an infiltrator? I haven’t, well until now.
Maybe it’s because they were looking out for each other since they were kids, the life they had before the military strengthened their bond. That bond cannot be broken and that bond they have is more dangerous than any weapon in the universe.

“Oh man, I really love dancing. I think it’s a great way to let go and bounce around. Dancing was a great way to really get back on top of things in those days (‘97). The most difficult thing about quitting drugs is becoming 'normal’ again. Your mind and body are so used to the stuff that, when you are clean, you feel you are a boring, superficial and useless person. There was a period of nine months in which I had the feeling that I couldn’t express myself in a way that was really John Frusciante. The only way in which I could express myself was dancing. I had a pretty big living room and the whole day I was dancing to music that I liked, whether it was Black Sabbath, The Cure or something else, no dance music in any case. I almost literary translated the music and lyrics into visual things in a way that made sense to me. For about three months dancing was my main activity. And at the end of that period I was myself again. Then I was ready to quit everything: even smoking pot and drinking wine, 'cause I had started doing a lot of that again. I felt ready to try my best at leading a normal life.”

- John Frusciante

this is my newest background for my desktop - hopefully these adorable dorks will inspire me not to fail all of my assessment this term


“Sometimes when I hear players nowadays, it sounds like all their inward pain comes out through their music, like they have a strong desire to prove they’re better than everybody else. It’s as if their insecurity about inadequate penis size comes through their guitar playing. But to me, that’s not what makes a musician “better.” For example, I think that “Three Hours Past Midnight,” by Johnny “Guitar” Watson, from the ‘50s, is the greatest guitar solo of all time. It’s just mean-as-shit-sounding, like he’s just playing with his middle finger, and it makes me want to get violent. To me, that’s what a great musician is. That’s what was so beautiful about the punk rock movement. It had nothing to do with how “good” you were, or how much time you had to practice. It was just an expression of their lives.”

- John Frusciante

I feel like every fandom has a lil adorabs bby mush cast member/character

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