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So I made reference sheets. Instead of sleeping. Go me.  Sorry for the weird color scheme. I wanted to do a thing with the grey background since thats all they see and the red text because the only color they can see is that red Heartstring. It was good in my head, no so much in the final product, but Ive made my mistakes and I’m going to live with them.

I don’t really have much to say on these, if you have any questions just send me an ask or something and I will try to answer them :D (I’m working on little one shot stories for this btw ;3c )

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M*A*S*H + writing home

lillysilverus  asked:

It makes me incredibly sad that the show, intentionally or unintentionally, has seemed to establish that Sam really has no real connection to his Father or his Mother. They've gone out of their way to show that Dean is a Mary clone. And although it's been pointed out that Sam is like John, he barely had anything but a contentious relationship with him. Jared's portrayal of Sam's obvious need to be understanding and ...good, I guess... whenever she's around just breaks my heart.

Thanks for the lovely message! I hear ya!

Season 12 went waaaaaaay out of its way to make sure we knew Mary was very much like Dean as a person and hunter (loud music, burgers and beer, etc). When it comes right down to it, though, she has so many things in common with Sam. Her desire to escape from hunting and her failure to do so and her use of hunting in s12 as a coping method not least among them. Her brainwashing/loss of agency and shame for things that are not her fault are also things Sam has experienced—things they could have discussed and connected about.

It wouldn’t bother me at all if Mary were superficially just like Dean if it wasn’t for the fact that Sam never even really got to have a meaningful conversation with her. Even the Sam-related-conversations went down between Mary and Dean. In the very beginning of the season, Mary brought up Azazel…

to Dean.

At the end of the season, Dean shared Sam’s experiences with Mary. Dean had the “will he forgive me” conversation with her, and Sam only showed up at the end to give her a hug.

As for John… the show has revealed that Dean shares (among other things) his hunting ideology and his estimation of the heroism and glory of hunting with John, but… Sam is repeatedly compared to John throughout the story by other characters, especially after Jessica’s death, which always struck me as appropriate on a surface level but not particularly accurate. I suppose, in a lot of ways, the repeated comparisons of Sam to John strike me as more unsettling than the show’s unwillingness to align Sam with either parent. Sam’s similarities to John (as we saw him in s1) are superficial at best, yet the show persists in comparing them.

I suppose there’s an exception: a comparison that brings me true joy is Henry’s comparison of Sam to John in a deleted scene from s8.

Because… Henry only knows John as his very young son, smart and curious and loving, a Legacy, a future Man of Letters, destined to gather and share knowledge. Henry knows John Winchester as his son brimming with kindness and possibility, not as the exhausted, sad, and desperately vengeful man he became after his wife’s murder.

Henry looked at Sam and saw a Man of Letters, someone destined to be passionate about learning, and that makes me so freaking happy.

Honestly, forget John and Mary, complex and fascinating characters though they are. Dean can share their legendary hunting skills (though Sam is for sure a legendary hunter) and their ideologies and their preferences when it comes to food and drink and the upkeep of their classic cars.

Sam is a lot like his heroic, kind paternal grandfather, and that makes me the happiest person in the world.