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To Save You

Here it is! The part two of To Save you, and potentially a new series? Not sure! This, well this rendition is a bit different then the actual show. Where most of those captured by Mount Weather were taken for bone marrow, you the reader will be taken for a different, kind of sadistic reason. So bare with me!

Prompt: Could you do a murphy imagine where he gets upset when he came back from COL to find out y/n is taken by Mount w?

Warning: a bit off from the show. force and such, read with warning!

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When you’d woken up, you been in a stark white room. A bed, with a drawer and a toilet next to you. There was a couch and the only ounce of colour came from a painting hung high up on the wall. You been restrained to the bed, your arms cuffed to the bed.

You were laid on the bed, hair twisted into a pretty braid and your outfit was different. instead of the normal outfit you wore, black skinny jeans and a tank top with Murphy’s jacket that he’d left for you, you were adorned in a white dress. The dress cut off just above the knee, but what bothered you was the cleanliness of it and the fact that you had not changed into it.

Why were you here? Where was here? Thinking back you tried to remember what the last thing you’d done was. Ah, you’d gone off to Mount Weather with Bellamy. You’d gone to try to become a inside person in order to save your friends. 

“Bellamy…” You found yourself whispering, looking around the room as if you’d missed him the first time. But as to be expected, you were the only one. What had happened to him? Shortly after posing a grounder, you had been quickly separated. A man a few years older than you, seemingly in charge had seen you and deemed you not a grounder.

You remembered his exact words; “you fools! This girl isn’t a grounder, she’s a Sky person.” After that, he’d grabbed you and yanked you up and when you fought he had hit you over the head, effectively knocking you out. You remembered Bellamy calling your name and that was it.

You hoped he’d gotten in. If you’d failed your part, you were willing to be bait or a distraction until he could complete the mission. You had faith in Bellamy, that’s why you’d gone with him, and you knew that he would do whatever he could to complete the mission. Even if that meant leaving you here… wherever that was for a little bit.

Growling, you tried to break your wrists from the restraints not liking the feeling of helplessness. A door was just in front of you, and you anticipated anyone coming in any minute, but you feared what would happen.

When you finally stopped, the rash that had grown from relentless pulling becoming to painful for you to continue, you let your mind wonder to John. You hadn’t seen him so long, and he was the only reason (despite being concerned for Bellamy) that you’d gone on this mission. You didn’t know when he was coming back and staying home everyday in the room you used to share just waiting, was too painful to do anymore. You couldn’t say there anymore and maybe if you distracted yourself long enough, he would be home the next time you came.

You wanted to see him. You missed John terribly and in such a foreign placed, restrained just the thought of him made you feel a bit better.

Suddenly the door swung open and you sat up as much as you could, straining your head to be able to see in front of you. Your eyes widened in fear when the man who’d knocked you out came walking in. Adorned with a clean and pressed suit, his hair slicked back and he had a sick sense of cleanliness. Looking down, you realized that you were much cleaner than you’d been in months, which meant someone had as well cleaned you up.

You shivered.

The door closed behind the man, but you could see the small faint figure out other men outside. Guards. That would be the only reasonable explanation. Turning to the man, you glared, your heart racing and suddenly you found it hard to breath as he walked closer.

“Cage.” He said and you blinked. “My names Cage Wallace, now, what’s yours?” He sat down on the couch to your left and you scooted over to the right, uncomfortable.

You remained silent, not letting his weird tactics get to you. After a moment of silence and him just smiling at you, he sighed, shaking his head as if you were a small child in trouble. “Tsk, Y/N. It’s impolite not to respond when someones talking to you.”

“How do you know my name?” You let the words slip out in a panic, confused and scared. He smirked at you, standing he made his way over to your bed and in turn, sitting down so he was just beside you. His lower back hit your hip as you stared cautiously at him.

“I know a lot of things.” 

You narrowed your eyes, “what do you want from me? Why am I here?” You asked, shaking your restrained arms.

He chuckled, not answering but instead letting his hand fall on your cheek as he softly stroked it. You flinched from the touch, trying to separate your face only to fail when he followed you. You felt a weird vibe from him but couldn’t complete dissever it, all you know is you didn’t like it.

“So soft.” Is all he said, continuing to stroke your cheek. He let is other hand fall on your him and you gasped, trying to break free from your restraints.

“Don’t touch me!” You yelled, scared and frightened. He laughed, before letting you go and walking away with a wry smile on his lips. “Don’t worry.” Was all he said as he back towards the door and you let your frantic breath calm down.

You watched with cautious eyes as the door opened and he walked out but not before smiling at you, “i’ll see you soon, Y/N.” And with that the door slammed closed and you heard the soft click of a lock and you felt tears coming from the fear.

Where were you John?

Part 3?

On This Day...

On this day in 1816, English poet Lord Byron hosted fellow ex-pats Percy Shelley, Mary Shelley, Claire Clairmont, and his personal physician John Polidori at his rented summer home at Villa Diodati in the village of Cologny near Lake Geneva, Switzerland. The weather outside was miserably cold and rainy, preventing any lake excursions. To pass the time, Byron read from the Fantasmagoriana; a French anthology of German ghost stories. At the end of the reading, Byron challenged everyone present to devise their own horror stories. This challenge resulted in Mary Shelley writing Frankenstein, Polidori in writing The Vampyre, and Byron himself in writing the poem “Darkness.”

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* Lafayette X Reader

* Hamiltime

* Requested by anonymous

* Request: the reader is Laf’s wife from France and she comes to visit him and finds Alexander and I’d like “Have you seen Lafayette?” And he’s like “Um who are you?” And she’s like “I’m his wife” and the hamilsquad is all like “Laf you have a wife???” And he’s like “Yeah I love her hi boo this is a surprise why are you here?” And they’re like “YOU DIDN’T TELL US?” And he’s like “I mean, we’re in a revolution. It was never the time.”

A/N: So its kind of short but oh well. I didn’t plan to get this one done so soon either but here it is. It’s like 98% fluff. Oh, and this isn’t proof read so there will be mistakes. Anyway, enjoy!

Word Count: 1, 759


You stepped off the boat you just spent months on, grateful to have your feet back on dry land. Now you just had to find Lafayette, and that’s no easy task. You never knew what he’d be doing or who he’d be connected to. It didn’t help that you had very little knowledge of these little colonies. Lafayette believed the people to be brave and fighting for what’s right. So he came to help. If Lafayette believed them to be good people, then you trusted his judgement.

You needed to stop someone and see if they knew him. Unfortunately you weren’t very comfortable with English. You could speak it but tended to second guess words. And now you had to have a fluent conversation in the language. After stopping a few people you were having very little luck. Either people wouldn’t know Lafayette or you couldn’t piece the damn sentence together. “Excusez-moi?” You asked and tapped a young man on the shoulder. He had his dark hair pulled into a ponytail. He could use a shave and looked like he could use some sleep as well.

“Oui?” He replied and your eyes lit up at the possibility of finding someone who spoke French.

“Français?” You asked hopefully.

“Eh, I speak it a little.” He said in your native tongue. “How can I help?”

“I’m looking for a man. Last name would be Lafayette.” You told him.

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Endless List of Favorite Characters (and Mythological Figures):

Greek Myths ~ Artemis // goddess of the moon, goddess of the hunt

“Her hair was long,

Her foot was light

And her eyes were wild”

You know one day the future kids of the ark are going to play games based on the first years on earth.

Little kids fighting over who gets the be Clarke the badass leader who rescued her people and then vanished into the woods.

Who gets to be Raven Reyes the genius mechanic who dropped herself out of space in a rebuilt rocket.

The timid kids longing to play the legendary warrior Octavia Blake for just one day and taking comfort in the fact that she was once just the invisible girl under the floor.

They’ll be protective as Bellamy, idealistic as Finn and noble as Wells.They’ll solidify friendships as Jasper and Monty and learn about sacrifice pretending to be Maya. They’ll argue with their parents about eye make up because they want to look like Commander Lexa, and swear that they’re a descendant of Lincoln. They’ll fight about how Murphy got to the City of Light and laugh at little kids who don’t know ‘Mountweather draining our blood is just a horror story stupid.’

And they’ll never quite be sure what really happened and what is just legend.