Pure and Simple.

Summary: It was just a pure and simple habit you had with Aidan. Sometimes, almost every time, you weren’t aware you did it to him. It was a cuddle, a deep breath and then, falling into your dreams, in warmth.

It wasn’t until a date night at home with friends and an overheard whisper that Aidan finally understood and got the habit for all that it was; and it was that moment Aidan knew, you were the one person he’d been meant for.

Pairing: Aidan/You - Richard/Unknown

Rating: Simple and Sweet. much like “Soft Whispering”, but, deeper.

Word Count: 702

Inspiration: The feel of someone you love. The way they smell. How being with that one person, can make you feel so calm and steady. We all have that one person in our lives; past, present or future. There’s always that one person.

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a power point presentation about part of the colorado avalanche made by @ghostpunkers and myself


If you didn’t already know that Viktor’s appearance was based off of an American actor named John Cameron Mitchell. He is a beautiful man(。・ω・。) character design spot on tho 👌 I need to marry a real life Viktor. no joke.