john mccambridge

Correspondences for the Morrigan

Correspondences are believed by many to enhance the focus and effectiveness of spell work and ritual. The following correspondences can be used for any work calling upon the Morrigan, the Irish triple goddess of sovereignty, battle, and death, as a whole or particularly in her aspect as Morrigu,

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The World of Ice and Fire - A procession honoring the sacred god of Norvos.

From the founding to the present, Great Norvos has been a theocracy , ruled by its bearded priests, who are themselves ruled by their god, who speaks his commands to them from the depths of their fortress-temple, which only true believers may enter and live. Though the city has a council of magisters, its members are selected by the god, speaking through his priests. To enforce obedience and keep the peace, the bearded priests keep a holy guard of slave soldiers, fierce fighters who bear the brand of a double-bladed axe upon their breasts and ritually marry the longaxes they fight with.

Artist: John McCambridge

The World of Ice and Fire - Dornish reavers in Oldtown

As Oldtown grew wealthy and powerful, neighboring lords and petty kings turned covetous eyes upon its riches, and pirates and reavers from beyond the seas heard tales of its splendors as well. Thrice in the space of a single century the city was taken and sacked, once by the Dornish king Samwell Dayne (the Starfire), once by Qhored the Cruel and his ironmen, and once by Gyles I Gardener (the Woe), who reportedly sold three-quarters of the city’s inhabitants into slavery, but was unable to breach the defenses of the Hightower on Battle Isle.

Artist: John McCambridge