john mcaleese

The late (and fucking great) John McAleese training with some Macedonian forces.
John, or Mac as he was known by friends, was a soldier in the British SAS from 1975 (as a Corporal) before receiving an honourable discharge from the Army in 1992 (as a Staff Sergeant). He was a Royal Engineer prior to his service with the SAS. Mac lead the storming of the Iranian Embassy in 1980, placing the charge on the window, as can seen by the iconic footage. He also served in the Falklands and Northern Ireland, where he won a gallantry medal in 1988. After his discharge, Mac went on to be a bodyguard for 3 British PMs and a  security consultant in Iraq.
Mac tragically died in 2009 of heart attack following the death of his son, Paul, to a roadside bomb in Afghanistan. 
Mac was also the inspiration behind the creation of Captain Price from the Call of Duty game franchise, what with the distinctive horse-shoe moustache and general likeness.
This man shaped the world in which we live in ways many don’t know, to me, this man is an absolute hero. Rest In Peace, fallen warrior.