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Pop Horror Musical Slasher Flick

So literally just for funnzies, I’m writing a slasher flick set in an 80s high school but starring all music icons. It would also obviously have to be a musical. I have no idea why I’m doing this lol. And no one cares. But here is the would-be cast!

Final Girl: Marina and The Diamonds

Best Friend Who is Audience Favorite Bait: Nicki Minaj

Annoying Disposable Friend: Miley Cyrus 

Bitchy/Slutty Cheerleader Rival: Lana Del Rey

Cheerleader’s Minion: Lady Gaga

Hot Jock: John Mayer

Lovable Nerd: Brendon Urie

Smart/Snarky Asshole Guy: Drake

Opening Kills: Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Iggy Azalea

Teacher Who Attempts to Help and Gets Involved: Madonna

No Non-Sense Sheriff: Beyoncé

Nice Goofy Deputy: Harry Styles

Worried/Suspicious Father Figure: David Bowie

So yeah. It would be extremely gory and probably the most campy thing on this planet. I know who dies, I know who lives, I know who the killer(s?) are and that’s about it.