john mayer appreciation day


When June 27th was declared John Mayer Appreciation Day last year, I had no idea the concept would catch on.  I underestimated the JM fandom (shouldn’t have, I still celebrate Pedamundo).

As evident by my “A Simple Little Kind of Free” tat, I wear my JM SUPERFAN status like a badge of honor.  I’m damn proud of my allegiance to John “freakin” Mayer.

JM fans…well, we’re a special bunch and by special I don’t mean  “don’t eat the paste” special.  We are different and often misunderstood.  I believe it’s because of the man that you are.  With all of my heart, I believe that you attract the kind of fans who are similar to yourself.  Put 100 JM fans in a room and I guarantee you’ll have a room full of intelligent, witty, creative, artistic, and talented people.  We are passionate, emotional, hard to please, slightly obnoxious, and the most kind and warm hearted people you’ll ever meet.  We come from different places.  We’re not all female.  We’re different ages, shapes, sizes, and colors.  We have one thing in common.

Music lives within us.

We all may not be musicians but we breathe, sleep, eat, live for…the sound of music.  It is our saving grace, our happy place, the light at the end of the tunnel.  It is our life.  Without it, we’d be nothing.  Kinda like you.

You are the tie that binds us all together.  Would we have found each other if not for you?  Probably not.  Would we be able to get through a rough time without “keep me where the light is”? Not likely.

Has there been another artist who exposes his fans to so many other types of music, so many different cultures, so many different things we normally wouldn’t see?  None other come to mind.

Do you realize how often your words lead to a Google search of that topic just to see what the hell you’re talking about, only to be exposed to something new and exciting, whether it be food, music, a new word, or simply something to make music with?

I’ve always believed that the quality and longevity of an artist’s music can be judged by the type of fans he attracts.  And your fans…well, we’re pretty freakin’ awesome.

JMAD is supposed to be about showing appreciation for you and your music.  I appreciate you for so much more.  I am truly honored to be one of many who get to call you one of my favorite artists.  I appreciate you for changing & saving my life and for bringing me closer to so many wonderful people.

You may not have personally introduced me to the greatest people I’ve ever known, but I know that they wouldn’t have come into my life without you.

Thank you!


Dear John Mayer,

Let’s start off by me saying everyday is John Mayer appreciation day for me.

Thank you for sharing your music with us. You help countless people deal with life because you just understand it.

You've changed me for the better and I wish we could be friends in real life.

Thank you for giving me the best prom night ever by going to Las Vegas to see you perform instead. Thank God for the miracle of that night when I finally met you and gave you a letter I meant to give you the first time I saw you live. 

Thank you for providing the lyrics tattooed on my back.

I think Born and Raised is going to be your best album yet and i can’t wait till it’s out.

More importantly I hope you're happy with whatever you're doing in your life because you deserve nothing less with everything you give to your fans.

Love you till the day I die,

Salina T


John Mayer,

My life has not been the same since the summer of 2007 when your music found me. Yes, your music found me. Of course, I’ve always loved music but YOUR music is different. Your music makes me feel more than I’ve EVER felt in my life. Your music is my go to. No matter what I’m feeling, your music can always make me feel 100xs better. Whether it’s sleepless nights, a broken heart or a feeling of lonliness. My point being - I love you and your music with all my being. Thank you for being you and writing and playing.

Love always,


Anything less than "JOHN MAYER IS INCREDIBLE" is lying.

So you all know how awesome John is and how much he means to me, right? Well along with praising him, I want to tell you guys how I joined the JM family to begin with. I guess I should start from the very beginning…

Your Body Is A Wonderland is one of the songs that I grew up with. Even though I knew the words (a.k.a. only the chorus) and I thought it was the shit, it didn’t have a huge impact on me at the time. I wish I could say that I was a smart kid who begged her parents to buy Room For Squares, but I wasn’t. The tune ended up at the back of my mind along with the wide eyed 24-year-old who wrote it. I can only imagine how different I’d be now if I had gotten into John’s music that early on, however, I did manage to find my way back to him…

…about seven years later when I started obsessing over House MD. The show was already into its 5th season so I spent my entire Christmas break trying to catch up on its previous episodes. Eventually, I got to one called “Cane & Able” and its final scene changed my life. Why? Well, a song started playing in the background and I felt something in me shift the second I heard it. It sounded like nothing I had ever heard before and the lyrics suited Gregory House’s character perfectly. There was just so much about it that made it special and unlike the tune that I heard practically a decade before, it stayed with me. Gravity stayed with me. 

The next thing I knew I was on John’s wikipedia page thinking "He sings Your Body Is A Wonderland?!“ and just like that my childhood came full circle. His entire discography ended up on my hard-drive, I made room for Continuum on my ipod and I had Gravity on repeat for weeks. I had found my way back to the dude with the breathy voice who made long car rides bearable. Even though I wasn’t quite ready for his music when I was in 3rd grade, I was ready for it now and his songs have been with me ever since. John has been with me ever since.

If there’s any artist that has changed my life almost as much as Green Day has it’s John Mayer. Not that I’m not trying to compare the two musically, but saying that someone or something has affected my life almost as much as Billie Joe, Mike and Tre have is extremely rare for me. Then again, John himself is rare. There aren’t a lot of artists nowadays with talent as great as his and if anything there should be more people like him running around. 

Long story short, I may not have the proper word capacity to express my admiration for this man, however, I do know that John has become one of my heroes and without him I wouldn’t be who I am today.

So thank you, John. Thank you for everything you have done and everything you will continue to do for me and the rest of the JM family. We love you so much. XO 

My John story

So I first time I heard him was on the radio, it was “No such thing” and I like everyone else jammed out to it on the radio.  I never bought the CD since I was saving for my wedding at the time but remember someone telling how amazing this kid was and it was a great CD.  At some point my little sister showed me how to use Limewire and I made a mix CD with “Man on the side”, “Why Georgia”, “No such thing”, and “Wonderland”.  I listened to this CD a lot but forgot who sang my two favorite songs on the CD, “Man on the side” and “Why Georgia”.  Then I remember seeing him sing “Daughters” on the Today Show and of course loved that song too but there wasn’t that real connection yet.  Until I just happened to come across a concert on Directv.  I was folding laundry and just looking for something to watch and landed on this performance of his.  Still not sure when and where the show was but this is where it started for me.  I loved his songs but it was watching him perform that really drew me in.  He sings and plays with this sense of abandonment, where he loses himself in the music.  I reminds me of watching Joe Cocker on Solid Gold when I was a kid.  It was in seeing this that a slight obsession grew.  After the performance there was a short interview done and I remember him saying that he picks someone in the audience and grooves with them as he plays as if he’s playing for them.  From that point on I wanted to be that person in the front of a show that he locked onto.  I’ve gone to 3 shows, never great seats but have loved each one and had some very strange occurrences that have happened that have made me say that I have “John Gods”.  Someone looking over me to make sure good things happen when it comes to him.  Like the tickets I lost at the Boston Garden show, and just happened to be standing in front of a mom and her daughter that were giving their tickets away, not great seats but still it could have been worse and I could have missed the show!  Silly I know.  For the past couple of years I have listen to mostly and almost only him.  Even when I run.  I don’t know why I’ve gotten this obsessed.  I’ve never been like this before.  No NKOTB posters on my wall as a teen, all my crushes were boys I went to school with.  And it’s not so much as a “sexual” thing either because really if I had the chance, I would just like to chat over a few drinks.  Corny, I know.  But still this is the one thing I have amongst all the craziness in my life that I can turn to to take me away for a moment or two.  There are times that his music gets me through a tough day of screaming, defiant kids and I thank him for that!  Happy John Mayer Appreciation Day, Thank you John, you are amazing!