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“And it is always 1895″

I found this gorgeous photoshoot and had to give it a try. I drew Dr Watson and Mr Holmes at the same time, shifting from one to the other (almost) every time I changed colour. All kinds of brown were involved.

Mr Sherlock Holmes: [x]


This is the finished drawing with some of the close ups.

The individual posts can be found here:

(Part 1) (Part 2) (The whole thing)

John Watson looking very pleased. Graphite of several hardnesses, quite quickly (for me, anyway) in my Paperblanks sketchbook. [my art tag]

221B: Home - John Watson, graphite pencils 10H-8B on Strathmore Bristol 11x17in vellum. Open in a new tab or at my blog for higher res. Matching Sherlock to follow, hopefully sooner rather than later!

[my art tag]