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  • Harry Potter
  • Beautiful Creatures
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Nature
  • Anything pink/girly
  • Soft gore, bruises and blood including nsfw things
  • Cute animals
  • Norse mythology 
  • Goth aesthetics 
  • Witchy things
  • Baking
  • Tattoos

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Argentine musician and collage artist Mariano Peccinetti wants nothing more than to open a portal into your subconscious. Peccinetti scours old magazines to find ways to superimpose the human onto the divine. The result? Meme-ified works of surrealism that simultaneously evoke Dalì and newspaper comics. The artist makes Le Marché des Merveilles timepieces seem right at home on lions and giraffes in outer space for #TFWGucci. Another watch is even orbiting like a Gucci moon. Captions by John Trulli animate the collages and give the animals internal (social) lives. - Text by Helen Holmes.


heavy breathing

This years Haymaker J&J at Lindy Bout has so much non-tradiotionally gendered dancing in it.  There is Bailey McCully leading a following Jason Thai, Liandra Tippett dancing with Czarina Ramos and Nancy Mariano leading John Jeng. Just watch the whole thing. It’s very nice!

ISTP/INTP Relationships

Zoro [ISTP] + Nico Robin [INTP] from One Piece

Emma Swan [ISTP] + Archie Hopper [INTP] from Once Upon a Time

Luke Danes [ISTP] + Jess Mariano [INTP] from Gilmore Girls

Doctor John Zoidberg [INTP] + Turanga Leela [ISTP] from Futurama

Mary Morstan [ISTP] + Sherlock Holmes [INTP] from BBC’s Sherlock

Doctor Pulaski [ISTP] + Jean Luc-Picard [INTP] from Star Trek: The Next Generation