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Who were the original actors for Sleep No More? The only original one I know is Careena being the original Hecate.

That’s an interesting question that I’ll try to answer, but also tap @drinkthehalo on the shoulder with this, as she is more versed in the history than I am.

Part of the complexity of this question is that the NYC version of Sleep No More is the third of four versions of the show (as of 2017.)  The first was in London, the second in Boston, then came NYC, and finally Shanghai.  All of these productions have built on the same ideas, but have also been slightly different from each other. (The idea of the “best” version is somewhat hotly debated.) 

Original London Production (h/t to @drinkthehalo):

Macbeth: Geir Hytten
Lady Macbeth: Sarah Dowling
Macduff: Rob McNeill
Malcolm: Hector Harkness
Banquo: Mark Fadoula
Sexy Witch: Elizabeth Barker
Bald Witch: Dagmara Billon
Boy Witch: Andreas Constantinou
Duncan: Gerard Bell

 the Boston production: 

Macbeth - Geir Hytten and Eric Jackson Bradley 
Lady Macbeth - Sarah Dowling and Tori Sparks 
Macduff - Robert McNeill and Luke Murphy
Lady Macduff - Ali Ross
Malcolm - Hector Harkness and Robert Najarian
Banquo - Vinicius Salles and Jeffrey Lyon 
Duncan - Phil Atkins
Porter - Thomas Kee 
Boy Witch - Conor Doyle and Jordan Morley 
Sexy Witch - Stephanie Eaton 
Bald Witch - Fernanda Prata and Kelly Bartnik
Hecate - Careena Melia
The Second Mrs. de Winter - Poornima Kirby
Mrs. Danvers - Tori Sparks and Hope Davis
Bellhop/Taxidermist - Alexander LaFrance
Speakeasy Bartender - Sogdiana Azhiben
Annie Darcy - Annie Goodchild
Elsie Price - Hayley Jane Soggin
Man in Bar - Robert Najarian and Matt Spano

 And the original NYC cast was:

Macbeth - Nick Bruder and Eric Jackson Bradley
Lady Macbeth -  Tori Sparks and Sophie Bortolussi
Macduff - Luke Murphy and John Sorensen-Jolink
Lady Macduff - Ali Ross and Lucy York
Malcolm - Robert Najarian
Banquo - Jeffrey Lyon and Gabriel Forestieri
Duncan - Phil Atkins
Porter - Matty Oaks and Nick Bruder 
Boy Witch - Jordan Morley, Paul Singh, and Conor Doyle
Sexy Witch - Stephanie Eaton and Ching-I Chang
Bald Witch - Hope Davis Kelly Bartnik
Hecate - Careena Melia
Agnes - Tori Sparks and Sophie Bortolussi 
Mrs. Danvers - Kelly Bartnik and Hope Davis
Bellhop/Taxidermist - Luke Murphy and John Sorensen-Jolink
Speakeasy Bartender - Paul Singh and Jordan Morley
Cunning Man - Jeffrey Lyon and Gabriel Forestieri
Nurse - Stephanie Eaton and Ching-I Chang
Orderly (different character from Nurse)* - Matty Oaks and Conor Doyle
Matron (added after opening) - Lucy York and Ali Ross
Woman in Bar - Maya Lubinsky (Elizabeth Romanski soon after the opening)
Man in Bar - Nick Atkinson

* (from @kevshindig)  The orderly character was originally only Matt Oaks - that character was only in shows in which Eric Jackson-Bradley played Macbeth and Nick Bruder played the Porter. If Nick played Macbeth, Matt would play Porter and there would be no Orderly.

For the original cast of the Shanghai production, check out @dunwannawakeup and her post continuing this one.  Shanghai Cast

It’s definitely possible that I’m mistaken on some of this.  There just aren’t very many records from the early days, and I didn’t buy the first version of the NYC program nor was I able to see the Boston production. If anyone chimes in with corrections, I’ll edit the post. 


Isabella MacDuff, Countess of Buchan

Born c.1285 – Died likely c.1313–14

Claim to Fame: A Scottish patriot, she defied her husband, crowned the Scottish king and spent four years in a cage hanging from Berwick castle

Isabella (or Isabel) was a significant figure in the Wars of Scottish Independence. Born into an important family she was married to John Comyn, Earl of Buchan.

After his cousin was murdered by Robert the Bruce, Isabella’s husband turned against Bruce and joined the English side. Isabella defied her husband and raced to Scone, re-crowning the Bruce as tradition dictated that legitimate Scottish monarchs must be crowned by a MacDuff.

Isabella was captured by the English in 1306 and Edward I of England ordered Isabella to be “closely confined in an abode of stone and iron… and let her be hung up out of doors in the open air at Berwick, that both in life and after her death, she may be a spectacle and eternal reproach to travellers.” Bruce’s sister Mary met a similar fate.

As ordered, Isabella was suspended from Berwick Castle in a cage for four years, exposed to the Scottish elements and forbidden to speak to anyone but the two women that fed her. She was moved to a friary in 1310 to prevent her from dying so she could be used as a hostage in exchange for captured English nobleman. Another transfer is mentioned in 1313 but as she is not mentioned in the post-Bannockburn trade of prisoners in 1314 it is believed that she died before that date.

I bless You that, as the Good Shepherd who gave Your own life for the sheep—the weakest, the weariest, the most burdened of the flock can claim Your regard. You mark out our pasture for us. You know Your sheep by name and lead them out. If at times I am unable to understand the mystery of Your dealings—if at times You lead along the thorny path—teaching by crossed purposes and baffled and thwarted expectations—may it be mine to confide in Your unerring wisdom. May I implicitly trust Your faithfulness; glorifying Your holy name by unquestioning submission, saying “Lord, here am I—do to me, and with me, as seems best in Your sight.” “Though You slay me, yet will I trust in You.” Strong in Your grace, may I strive to live under the sovereignty of that loftiest motive—that whatever pleases You shall please me; that whatever be Your holy will shall be mine.

John MacDuff

He who has loved us with an everlasting love, will watch over us in every hour of danger, and overrule and control all for our final good. We know not what the future may bring–but we know that it is His to order everything in heaven and in earth, and that, in every emergency, we may look to Him for support. Every need He can supply–every difficulty He can remove–every fear dispel, and, trusting to His guardianship–relying on His care, we may, regarding the unknown and inscrutable events of tomorrow unhesitatingly say, “The Lord will provide.”
- John MacDuff

“Come now, let us reason together,” says the Lord. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.” — Isaiah 1:18
My soul! your God summons you to His audience chamber! Infinite purity seeks to reason with immense vileness! Deity stoops to speak to dust! Do not dread the meeting. It is the most gracious — as well as most wondrous of all conferences. Jehovah Himself breaks silence! He utters the best tidings a lost soul or a lost world can hear, “God is in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself, not imputing unto men their trespasses.
” What! Scarlet sins, and crimson sins! and these all to be forgiven and forgotten! The just God “justifying” the unjust! — the mightiest of all beings, the kindest of all! ~ John MacDuff 

“Only believe!” — Mark 5:36 Yes! Jesus Himself had no higher remedy for sin, for sorrow, and for suffering — than those two words convey. At the utmost extremity of His own distress, and of His disciples’ wretchedness, He could only say “Let not your heart be troubled: you believe in God, believe also in Me.” Believe — only believe.  

“Lord, I believe — help my unbelief." 

John MacDuff