john lytle wilson


Time to promote a local artist:

John Lytle Wilson, in addition to his regular work, does “corrected paintings” where he enhances bad paintings by other artists that you might find in hotels, waiting rooms or discarded in thrift stores. His artist statement about this says more than I could ever say even if I wrote pages about it:

Occasionally, an artist will paint something, but neglect to include robots and/or monkeys. When I can, I fix that.


Artist: John Lytle Wilson

“On the trend of thrift shop paintings, here is another artist much like Wayne White. John Wilson also buys cheap thrift shop paintings, and adds his own artistic twist to them. His favorite subject seems to be giant death robots in nature, but hes also fond of mischievous orange monkeys. As always a quick Google search of his name will bring up even more unique and out of this world images.” ~ Comforts-The-Disturbed