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Added the Villain, Badrang, to today’s Redwall explorations.
Martin the Warrior really was everything to wee little me- and I’ve been taking little passes at illustrating its’ characters and scenes throughout the years.
John Loren set me off with his wonderful Redwalling, and caught me in a moment where I was feeling desperate to take a bite out of some personal work. 
I LOVE DOING THESE. It’s always wonderful to try to bring characters who matter to you to life- the feeling adds a dimension to the process that scratches an itch most client-work can’t scratch.
Anyways- enjoy! More art soon ^_^

'Bob's Burgers' cast on Tina’s best romantic philosophy
  • DAN MINTZ: I really liked when Tina had dated what she thought was a ghost. It felt like such a real teenage love story, and yet she was dating a cardboard box. I like her approach to romance because she’s always bold, which is inspiring to someone like me who’s too shy to risk rejection.
  • EUGENE MIRMAN: She’s so wonderfully both awkward and self-assured in such a great and earnest way and knows what she wants but is so anxious. She’s probably very much like Dan Mintz was, but probably when he was like 31.
  • JOHN ROBERTS: I love that she’s very free about her sexuality and that she’s in control of it, and it’s not a dirty, bad thing. I think the things that would maybe turn Tina on in her adult life are a little more interesting. She’s going to be an interesting adult.

   Old Hollywood + Cooking

  Joan Crawford, Sophia Loren, Dean Martin and John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Hedy Lamarr, Jayne Mansfield, Paul Newman and Anthony Perkins, Ava Gardner, Marilyn Monroe


The hilarious short Kristen Schaal directed for our “Bob’s Burgers Live” show is now online, courtesy Entertainment Weekly. Features our cast and creator Loren Bouchard. Check it out!

(via EW)


50s/grease AU!!!

kayo leads the pink ladies, and is renowned for being the literal toughest girl around. she started her gang as more of a protection against harassment squad than anything else. then theres marion, who used to have a bit of a thing with scott but now she’s sweet on moffie, the nicer one of the group. rich-bitch penny is the last member of the pink ladies. her parents disapprove of her choice of friends, but she’s loyal to her girl gang.

brains is the new kid, come over from england with his adoptive father. despite being absolutely terrified of the thought, he enrolls in the school and is taken in by the pink ladies. he might not be a girl, but if kayo’s not looking out for him, then he’ll be squashed like a bug on the windshield of the tracy boys’ cars.

the tracy brothers make up the t-birds. they’re the sons of the late jeff tracy, and work in his auto shop, building and repairing cars. they all have big dreams that they can’t really make happen in their small town, making them all a bit rebellious.

scott, the eldest, is a few years out of high school and goes to community college to try and get himself educated for a better job and finally get them all out of their hick town. john balances the checkbooks and makes sure the business stays afloat. virgil, is a high school senior and is thoroughly in his rebellious phase, gets caught up in a lot of drag races in and out of school hours. both gordon and alan think he’s really cool and are always begging to let them go with him, but he insists they stay behind.

the pink ladies and the t-birds are close knit gangs, especially given that kayo had been adopted by jeff before he passed away. aaaand, that’s all i got!

this was really just an excuse to draw clothes, lets be real.


just drew the puppet poses, really. plus alan’s outfit is taken straight from one direction. the tracy brothers are a boyband!!!

i changed penny’s dress a whole bunch, but i loved tin-tin’s outfit so kayo just gets a slightly revamped version. when it came to jeff and the boys i just googled like, celebrity and hipster suits. i gave brains his 60s polka dot bow-tie

now let it be gone! away, image, into the internet you go!


and here is a height-chart/icon set of the main players in my  thunderbirds are go high school AU ! under the cut are all of their character bio’s.

now. what am i gonna do with this AU? more art? fanfiction? a rock opera? absolutely nothing at all? who knows! we’ll see where the future takes us.

i kind of need to steady on with all the AUs, really.


brains. penny. kayo. marion. moffie. ned. john. scott. virgil. gordon. alan.

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JOHN TRACY: starbucks-loving hipster, probably secretly controls the whole school

for my  tbirds high school AU !!!

john’s a senior, usually found two paces behind big bro scott. john is the head of scott’s valedictorian campaign and picks up the slack for all the ‘yes i’ll do that for you’s that scott takes on. never seen without his smartphone in hand.

his mother was about ¾ korean, so he’s, what, roughly 3/8ths korean? and his hair is dyed. meticulously. every 6 weeks, on a schedule.

their conversations always begin the same way, with a pleasant blip and a ‘i’ve finished transferring the rescue data to your terminal, brains.’

sometimes john speaks to brains in hindi, which is nice, if difficult to understand around his accent. but it’s good practice. otherwise, it’s english, or sometimes, its mandarin. they both studied that. they kid themselves that they’re good at it.

the talks are…formulaic, they follow a pattern. that’s fine, that’s something familiar, something good. they go; ‘how are my brothers? and grandma? and kayo?’ and the response is always ‘they’re fine’ with undertones of ‘they miss you’. 

then there’s a free turn, a chance to play shrink to one another. it’s usually mindless, little things like ‘cardboard space food needs better seasoning’, or ‘i played pong with EOS all night last night, she’s unstoppable’. this is the long part, the good part, the part where they laugh, those two renowned for ‘not getting’ humour.

there’s always a bit of a silence, after. a pause before brains asks about the thing, the search they’ve always got going on, pushed back but always there.

then it’s a lot of ‘there’s got to be somethings’ and ‘he’s got to be out theres’ and ‘we’ve started to go over places we’ve already searched, i’m starting to think…’

this part always peters out, the words they don’t want to say hanging there in the quiet buzzing of the holo-comm. 

then there’s the sign-off. they both look down, then back up. there’s an apology there, but its tired, it’s been said too many times and they know it, front-and-back. so they pull the corners of their mouths up, smile, and say

next time.’


for all you john tracy lovers, here is john tracy! to go with grandma, brains, kayo and penny . you know the drill by now. whew! made it to actually drawing a tracy brother! well done me. still resisted drawing him in his weird shirt, but it could be acceptable under a jumper. you know, where i don’t have to look at it so much. if you’d like this as a sticker (or another thing) then here it is on redbubble!
Fox's 'Bob's Burgers' Gets Two More Seasons
Fox has a taste for more "Bob's Burgers," as the network announced Wednesday that it has ordered a seventh and eighth season of the animated series. The comedy, which stars H. Jon Benjamin as a fam...
By Whitney Friedlander

We are SO excited to announce that BOB’S BURGERS HAS BEEN RENEWED FOR 2 MORE SEASONS!!! CONGRATULATIONS to the hard working cast and crew for making this show SO GREAT!!!


So I got this in the mail today. A package from what I can only call one of the best studios to ever develop a game I cared about.

For those of you who don’t know, Dawngate was a MOBA game developed by Waystone Games. The game was tragically cancelled, but they always had an awesome focus on the lore and writing within the world. It made it feel real, and it made me care about the characters and the story!

This book is a printed version of their tri-weekly webcomic called The Dawngate Chronicles. It was written by the fantastic Chris L'Etoile, Illustrated by the awesome Nick Kole, and colored to perfection by John Loren!

I don’t think there are a ton of these floating around, and I feel honored, as a livestreamer and a community member, to have been chosen to recieve one. My time in the Dawngate was special, and shaped me as a person through some pretty strong times.

Basically.. Hell yes, and thank you for being so great Waystone.