john logan wright


Some Kurt and Logan for you Kogan shippers…? ;) (Although it ain’t a fluffy scene X_X) Excuse the blank white boxes though, I can’t seem to take them out without ruining the areas of the scan… Also, just imagine Logan as black-haired here XD hahahaha~ I’m sorry X.X

Manga: La Esperanca
Mangaka: Chigusa Kawai

Again, these images don’t belong to me~ nor do I own Dalton and the scenes that transpired during this heart-pumping event! XD


Julian picked his calendar off the floor, scooping Sonic up from where his spiny pet had been nibbling on one of it’s dog-eared corners. He tacked the piece of oak-tag back to the wall, reaching around his desk for a sharpie. He popped the marker open as light brown eyes scanned his past-musings. He smiled softly, scribbling something on a time slot in his usual bold, cursive handwriting, scratching two words out before writing the rest in official underline. 

Logan had been away on a trip in Italy, the blonde had even offered to take his boyfriend along, but Julian reluctantly refused. There would be way too many theories on why the famous star was traveling across Europe with the Senator’s son. So, Logan had been gone for about a month or so, and Julian would never admit it, he missed him terribly. 

When he was done, he flopped back into bed, Sonic curled up on a large fluffy pillow by the desk. 

On the calendar was written: “Moron Baby Logan Comes Home." 

Past that, there was no words for the first time in months. Just a spontaneous doodle of a giant squid and after that, Julian had made a scribbling break along the rest of the days in June.

Because, really, why did it matter what he was doing when Logan was going to be around again?