john linley frazier


Collage of news articles made by John Linley Frazier

Along with big Ed Kemper and Herbert Mullin, Frazier was the third cog in the legendary Triumvirate of Evil of Santa Cruz in the early seventies. As a young man Johnny Boy dropped out of society because he didn’t want to participate in the killing of the planet.

On October 19, 1970, this acid-dropping environmentalist set out to settle a score with an eye doctor who hated hippies. After entering the home of the doctor, he found the wife and shot her with her own gun. He then proceeded to bound and kill everyone as they arrived. By the time he was done, he had killed the doctor, his wife, his secretary and his two children. Frazier wrote a rambling letter on the doctors typewriter about how World War III had started and that anyone who misuses the environment would be executed. He then tossed the bodies into the swimming pool and torched the place.

His hippie friends thought he had gone a bit to far and turned him in to the police. During his trial Johnny showed up with half of his head, half of his beard and one eyebrow shaved. He got the death sentence before his hair could grow back in.