john levene

Come [The Android Invasion], of course, and John [Levene] not only had to play himself and an android version of Benton - he also had to shoot the Doctor. Barry [Letts] was so relaxed about this scene it quite threw John.
‘There’s no dialogue, just say what comes naturally,’ Barry said.
This absolutely froze John into total traction. Ad-libbing? That was for other people, not him. So he came over to me and said, 'Lis, what am I going to do?’
'Just say whatever you feel, I don’t want to put words into your mouth,’ I told him.
'OK, OK,’ he said. 'I’ve got it.’
So we began rehearsal then went for action. As per the script, Tom [Baker] got shot. John looked at his gun and said, 'Shit, I’ve shot the Doctor!’
—  Elisabeth Sladen: The Autobiography

The bloody awesome cast of the May 2017 Big Finish audio release “UNIT Assembled” - which will “unite the classic and modern incarnations” of UNIT.

Holy crapola!!!!  I have wanted this for ages!  Kate and Osgood with Jo, Benton and Yates!!  

Will Benton and Yates call Kate “Tiger”???  This has seriously made my freaking year.