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Hey guys,. Here’s a new story. I honestly don’t know how to continue the “Bernice the handy woman” story so until I get ideas for part 2 , here’s a new story.  Again, sorry for any typos or grammar mistakes, English is not my native language! 

Hope you enjoy the story!

I’ve added a new boy, William Carroll, he loved mischief and trouble. He was murdered by John Wayne Gacy on  June 13, 1976. He was only 16.

Jamie and Konerak were in the basement.
“Well, this is gonna be a long, slow day.” Konerak whispered as he watched the rain pour outside.
There was little to do in the house today. And on top of that, Stephen was sick, leaving the two boys alone, trying to come up with ways to combat the excruciating boredom that felt like a gray cloud above them.
“Maybe we should watch some TV?” Jamie said.
“Yeah.” Konerak sat down on the couch, next to Jamie.
Jamie turned the TV on. On the first channel there was some contest “Who can hold their breath the longest” it said on the bottom left corner. Jamie looked at Konerak, who started laughing.
He changed the channel only to find something called “Forbidden Love” on the bottom right corner and two girls fighting over a boy.
Jamie turned the TV off.
“Wow, they’re really running out of ideas.” he said.
“Yeah, how about we eat something?” Konerak suggested.
“Toast with jam?” Jamie’s face lit up.
“Why not?”

They both went in the kitchen. Jamie grabbed a jar of jam while Konerak put two slices of bread in the toaster.
Jamie tried opening the jar but it just didn’t budge. He scratched his head and tried again, nothing. He grabbed a knife and inserted it under the lid, trying to prompt it open. Again, nothing.
“Man, they sure screw those lids really tight. I wonder why?”
“But…it has been opened before.” Konerak pointed to the jar. It was half full.
Jamie frowned. “What?”
They both stared at the jar for a few seconds.
“Do you think someone…purposely did that?” Konerak asked.
“Well-” Jamie said. “Wait, you know that William Carroll kid? I heard he loves mischief and trouble.”
“You think he did this?” Konerak asked.
“I bet. Let’s ask him how to open the lid.”
They knocked on the door of William’s room. There he was, playing a board game. He spotted them and got up.
Jamie extended his hand with the jar.
“Did you do this?” he asked calmly.
“Do what?” William shrugged.
“Whatever you did to this jar’s lid.”
“Wha-” William started but stopped. He sighed. “Fine, you caught me.”
William grabbed the jar and pressed hard on the right side of the lid. It opened.
“How’d you do that?” Jamie’s eyes widened.
“It’s a secret.” William said.
“So you’re the one who played that prank on us some time ago?” Konerak asked.
“The one and only.” William said. “And about that. Well, I think today is a perfect day for a little prank. Would you like to help me?”
Konerak’s eyes widened. “You want us to help you?”
The short, asian boy turned to stare at Jamie.
“Well, I mean, as long as it harms no one…” Jamie scratched his head.
“Wow, okay, we need to talk about this. In private.” Konerak said.
The two boys left the room.
“Come on, Konerak, they’re just innocent pranks.” Jamie said.
“Yeah but-” Konerak sighed. “Okay.”
Jamie grabbed Konerak’s hand and led him back into William’s room.
“Okay, we’ll help you!” Jamie said.
“Great, well, here’s what you have to do.” William started.

“William, we’re done.” Jamie said, nodding at Konerak.
“Yeah, great!” William replied.
The plan was to glue pennies to the floor. They had already done the glueing part so all they had to do was wait.
“Ssh, someone’s coming!” William said, “pretend you’re doing something else.”
They sat down on the couch. Jamie quickly fetched some books and the three pretended that they were reading.
Curtis Straughter appeared in the hallway. He quickly noticed the pennies. He bent over and tried to pick them up. He couldn’t. He scratched his head and tried again. Nothing.
The three quietly chuckled as they peeked over their books. Curtis left but quickly returned with a blunt knife. He bent over again and tried to remove the pennies from the floor with the knife. Nothing.
“Oh, whatever.” he let out a frustrated sigh and left.
The three started laughing.
“Told you someone would fall for it.” William said.
“Yeah. Wanna do another prank?” Jamie asked.
“Of course I do! You’re talking to William Carroll! How about we put white hair dye in Ernest’s shampoo?”
“That’s so creative!” Konerak exclaimed.
“But where will we get the dye from?” Jamie asked.
“I am sure Caryn has some.” William said.

They knocked on Caryn’s door. She quickly opened it.
“Hello, children? How are you?”
“Uh, hi Caryn.” Konerak muttered. “We were wondering, uh, have you got any white hair dye?”
“Oh, children, your hair is just fine! You don’t have to dye it!”
“No, no, uhh, Mei wants some dye for her dolls.” Jamie quickly found an excuse.
Caryn giggled. “Yeah? Okay then” she went into her room and quickly returned with a white bottle in her hand. “But tell her to be careful, maybe Bernice can help her dye her dolls?”
“We will” the three said at the same time.
“Ok, then, glad I could help you.” Caryn smiled and closed the door.
“Wow, man, that was a great excuse.” William patted Jamie on the back.
“Well now, you know what we gotta do.” Konerak concluded.
They sneaked into the bathroom and grabbed Ernest’s shampoo, pouring the dye in it.

Evening came, the boys were excited to see what would happen to Ernest.
“Dinner is ready!” Mary Hogan called.
The three rushed to the kitchen and quickly started to eat.
“Umm, what’s with you?” Lynette asked, staring at them.
William looked to see if Ernest was there. He was.
“Nothing” Jamie said.
“Come on, you’re eating as if some buffaloes were chasing you!” Lynette said.
Everyone soon finished their dinner. William was looking at Ernest.
“Well, I suppose I’ll go get ready for bed. I am pretty tired.” Ernest said.
William smiled.
“Sure, Ernest, good night” Mary Hogan said.
William eyed Ernest, who was heading towards the bathroom.
“Now, everyone wash their plates.” Mary said.
After they finished, the three went into William’s room, which was next to the bathroom.
“Now we wait.” William said.
“Want to play some cards?” Konerak spotted a deck of cards lying on William’s bed.“
Soon, they heard someone say “Good Lord!”. It was coming from the bathroom.
The three smiled and rushed in front of the bathroom door. Everyone was gathered there, in front of the bathroom door.
“What happened?” Jeremiah asked, his voice filled with worry.
Ernest came out of the bathroom, a long towel wrapped around him. His hair was completely white.
Mei couldn’t help it. She started laughing. “You look old, Ernest!” she said in between her giggles.
The three boys tried to mask their chuckles.
“How did this happen?” Steven Hicks asked, scratching his head.
“I dunno.” Ernest said, looking on the back of his shampoo bottle. “I just bought it today. Maybe it’s something else and I mistook it for shampoo?”
“You must have.” Steven replied.
“But it says "Shampoo against dandruff” on it” Ernest said, narrowing his eyes.
“Wow, well that sure is weird.” Steven said.
While William and Jamie quietly giggled, Konerak spotted Caryn staring at them. His heart sank.
“I guess I’ll try washing it off.” Ernest said and handed the bottle to Steven”Throw this away.” 
Ernest went back inside and closed the bathroom door. Everyone left, going back to what they were doing.
But Caryn didn’t leave.
“James Doxtator, Konerak Sinthasomphone and William Carroll.” she said, putting her hands on her hips.
Konerak gulped and the other two stopped laughing.
Caryn came closer, her eyebrows pulled down together..
The three looked down.
“I have to say- that’s the most creative prank I’ve ever seen in my entire life!”
The three looked up at her. Her expression had changed, she was now smiling.
“Thanks, Caryn.” Jamie said, smirking.
“Well, you’re welcome. Now , go get ready for bed.”
“We will.” They nodded and went back into their rooms.