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#Mclennon60:The John Lennon & Paul McCartney Online Festival has just begun!

- Get involved by sharing your personal experience with Lennon & McCartney music, tell the world why you love their music, how it all started and why you still love them and add the tag #mclennon60.

-  Post pictures, crazy selfies, fanarts, cosplay, tribute songs, any type of artistic expression about John Lennon and Paul McCartney and win postcards and stickers of John & Paul in the MCLENNON FAN WALL CONTEST.

- Do you know the story of John Lennon & Paul McCartney? Test your knowledge with TWO OF US QUIZ and win the book ‘The day John met Paul’ by Jim O’Donnell. Read the rules here!

- Join the MUSIC CONTEST ‘COME GO WITH ME’, play your favourite Lennon & McCartney song and win a t-shirt of John & Paul!

- Write your best fanfic and win a bunch of beautiful postcards and stickers of John & Paul in the FANFIC CONTEST ‘IF I FELL’.

- Watch ‘Just Like Starting Over ‘ - A Lennon & McCartney documentary on the story of John & Paul, from the beginning until the Beatles era. A new episode every week.


Oracle I met in the woods: for one lock of hair I can show you anything. the creation of the universe, life galaxies away, 1000 years in the future, anything. But choose wisely bec-

Me: john lennon in rolled up jeans and a tight t shirt

Oracle: uhhh…. I was thinking more like-

Me: I know what i said


(hello i’m going to use proper punctuation and grammar for a minute woW)

That’s right, I’m making shirts and other things again with a new RedBubble account! I thought I’d kick it off with some nice, simple Beatles tees. Pretty self-explanatory; each design has a Beatle’s name, and one letter from each is replaced with a jumping Beatle! For now they’re only available on white (I’m too lazy to make them transparent so they’ll work on other colors), but you can get a variety of styles like v-necks and sweatshirts, and stickers as well!

I’ll be putting up a link to my store somewhere on my blog, and hopefully I’ll have time to make more classic rock designs soon!


Play your favourite Lennon & McCartney song and win a t-shirt of John & Paul!


  • The Game officially starts on June 12 and ends on July 5.
  • Pick a Lennon/McCartney song (or a Lennon/McCartney solo career song).
  • Play your own version of the song.
  • You can play and/or sing as much as you like: instrument & voice, solo instrument, solo voice.
  • Share it on Tumblr with the title MUSIC CONTEST ‘COME GO WITH ME’.
  • Tag the post as #mclennon60 AND #comegowithmecontest.
  • You can make a video or upload an audio file.
  • You can upload the video on Youtube or Vimeo (or other websites) and share the link on Tumblr.
  • You can upload the audio on Souncloud (or other websites) and share the link on Tumblr.
  • The song that will get most notes on Tumblr will win.
  • Likes and reblogs are votes.
  • The winner will be announced on July 6th.
  • The prize is a t-shirt of John&Paul.
  • We’ll contact you privately to have all the infos to send you the prize.

Any further questions? Send your message here! :)

Share your talent and have fun! :)

Hand-made is good, isn’t it? 

  • Masuko  *pudding baka* 
  • Sawamura *dire straits* *coming to nothing* on the back - they were supposed to write “your favourite words” but it got to battle of slander
  • Kuramochi *former dilinquent. game bakaka* He didn’t like misspelling more than bad mouth


  •  *general* You are general!! Oozing presence. When you think about piece in his hand, it’s like it can be "King"  


  •  *ecstasy* Let’s stop with pranks. In the evening after great play. A man in a mysterious shirt in the dorms dining

Sawamura and Haruchi 

  •  David Bowie and John Lennon!? Together T(shirts)  with rock recordings from the 70th…. how old are you?


  •  *Young and Pretty*. I Want a Kiss. Motif from the Blue Hearts recording’s logo. It’s also perfect for the character!?


  • Fashionable!? T-this is rumoured noraneko’s gang!?


  • *The front of armament* The front of armament!!? Delinquents' T-shirt  from manga “Crows”. Isn’t that a different magazine?


  • *P.A.D* You also with the different magazine group!? Read Shonen Magazine!