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Please Please Me explained
  • I Saw Her Standing There: Paul's horny for a minor and then experiences a myocardial rupture
  • Misery: the Beatles were the kind of guy who never used to cry and boy does that change
  • Anna (Go to Him): all of my life, I've been SER-CHEN
  • Chains: George doesn't see the foreshadowing in John and Paul singing with him p much the whole song hiding whose song it is except during the bridge
  • Boys: queer baiting
  • Ask Me Why: why?
  • Please Please Me: last night I said these words to my girl: blow me
  • Love Me Do: the smartest song the Beatles ever wrote, every line rhymes
  • P.S. I Love You: Paul reads a repetitive letter out loud
  • Baby It's You: John is yearning? professing? complaining? there's no apparent conflict, it's hard to say
  • Do You Want to Know a Secret: George wants to tell someone a secret but he spoiled it before even saying there was a secret
  • A Taste of Honey: that song
  • There's a Place: dissociation, the musical
  • Twist and Shout: the Beatles record in a cave with an echo

Stand By Me - A WildeHopps Playlist

Yes, I have indeed now made three WildeHopps playlists. I cannot, and will not, be stopped. Let us celebrate this most perfect of ships.

Listen Here! (Spotify Link; Running Time - 49mins)

Cover art by @kisu-no-hi, who was so kind to let me use it. Original art here.

Can also be considered a very belated birthday gift for @trashasaurusrex, who is overall a real gem of a person. Bless them.

Hope you enjoy the music!

Track Listing:

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Hufflepuff fanmix 

halo - ane brun (cover) 

someone new - hozier 

yellow - coldplay 

cigarette daydream -cage the elephant

iris - the goo goo dolls 

shake it out - florence + the machine 

stand by me - john lennon (cover) 

house of gold - twenty one pilots 

ho hey - the lumineers 

I will wait - mumford & sons 

trust - christina perri 

mr. brightside - the killers 

yellow light - of monsters and men 

flowers in your hair - the lumineers 

brother - needtobreathe ft. gavin degraw


John Lennon - Stand By Me  


John Lennon - Stand By Me



a mix of old songs for the new kids. songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. [ listen ]

01. fare thee well (dink’s song) - oscar isaac & marcus mumford | 02. these arms of mine - otis redding | 03. feeling good - nina simone | 04. unchained melody - the righteous brothers | 05. you can’t hurry love - the supremes | 06. god only knows - the beach boys | 07. ain’t no mountain high enough - marvin gaye & tammi terrell  | 08. i second that emotion - smokey robinson & the miracle | 09. touch me - the doors | 10. strangers - the kinks | 11. how can i tell you - cat stevens | 12. heart of gold - neil young | 13. come and get your love - redbone | 14. stand by me - john lennon | 15. somebody to love - queen | 16. golden years - david bowie | 17. “heroes” - david bowie | 18. take a chance on me - abba | 19. because the night - patti smith | 20. you make my dreams - hall & oates | 21. do  you wanna touch me? (oh yeah) - joan jett & the blackhearts | 22. fools rush in - bow wow wow | 23. jump (for my love) - the pointer sisters | 24. take on me - a-ha | 25. in your eyes - peter gabriel | 26. i’m gonna be (500 miles) - the proclaimers | 27. lovesong - the cure

The Black Album, a brilliant compilation of the Beatles’ solo careers.

Disc 1:
1. Paul McCartney & Wings, “Band on the Run”
2. George Harrison, “My Sweet Lord”
3. John Lennon feat. The Flux Fiddlers & the Plastic Ono Band, “Jealous Guy”
4. Ringo Starr, “Photograph”
5. John Lennon, “How?”
6. Paul McCartney, “Every Night”
7. George Harrison, “Blow Away”
8. Paul McCartney, “Maybe I’m Amazed”
9. John Lennon, “Woman”
10.Paul McCartney & Wings, “Jet”
11. John Lennon, “Stand by Me”
12. Ringo Starr, “No No Song”
13. Paul McCartney, “Junk”
14. John Lennon, “Love”
15. Paul McCartney & Linda McCartney, “The Back Seat of My Car”
16. John Lennon, “Watching the Wheels”
17. John Lennon, “Mind Games”
18. Paul McCartney & Wings, “Bluebird”
19. John Lennon, “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)”
20. George Harrison, “What Is Life”

Disc 2:
1. John Lennon, “God”
2. Wings, “Listen to What the Man Said”
3. John Lennon, “Crippled Inside”
4. Ringo Starr, “You’re Sixteen You’re Beautiful (And You’re Mine)”
5. Paul McCartney & Wings, “Let Me Roll It”
6. John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band, “Power to the People”
7. Paul McCartney, “Another Day”
8. George Harrison, “If Not For You (2001 Digital Remaster)”
9. John Lennon, “(Just Like) Starting Over”
10. Wings, “Let ‘Em In”
11. John Lennon, “Mother”
12. Paul McCartney & Wings, “Helen Wheels”
13. John Lennon, “I Found Out”
14. Paul McCartney & Linda McCartney, “Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey”
15. John Lennon, Yoko Ono & The Plastic Ono Band, “Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)”
15. George Harrison, “Not Guilty (2004 Digital Remaster)”
16. Paul McCartney & Linda McCartney, “Heart of the Country”
17. John Lennon, “Oh Yoko!”
18. Wings, “Mull of Kintyre”
19. Ringo Starr, “It Don’t Come Easy”

Disc 3:
1. John Lennon, “Grow Old With Me (2010 Remaster)”
2. Wings, “Silly Love Songs”
3. The Beatles, “Real Love”
4. Paul McCartney & Wings, “My Love”
5. John Lennon, “Oh My Love”
6. George Harrison, “Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)”
7. Paul McCartney, “Pipes of Peace”
8. John Lennon, “Imagine”
9. Paul McCartney, “Here Today”
10. George Harrison, “All Things Must Pass”
11. Paul McCartney, “And I Love Her (Live on MTV Unplugged)”

In Boyhood, Mason Sr. gives his son, Mason Jr., the lost Beatles album, Black Album, a mix he’s compiled of the best of the Beatles’ music following their breakup.

1. John Lennon, How

2. Paul McCartney, Every Night

3. George Harrison, Blow Away

4. Paul McCartney, Maybe I’m Amazed

5. John Lennon, Woman

6. Paul McCartney, Jet

7. John Lennon, Stand By Me

8. Ringo Starr, The No-No Song

9. Paul McCartney, Band on the Run

10. George Harrison, My Sweet Lord

11. John Lennon, Jealous Guy

12. Ringo Starr, Photograph

13. Paul McCartney, Junk

14. John Lennon, Love

15. Paul McCartney, The Back Seat of My Car

16. John Lennon, Watching the Wheels

17. Paul McCartney, Bluebird


John Lennon - Stand By Me