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The biggest question in Kuroshitsuji:

Where the hell is Victoria finding all these white-haired young men. Why does she have all these white-haired young men. Is it a fetish? Does she just think they’re pretty? Does she just adopt them off the street?

Explain yourself, Victoria.

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if undertaker "cares" about our!ciel, then why do you think he is helping real!ciel?

It’s possible that his true wish is to ultimately help both of them.

He knows that (until the day the contract is fulfilled) he can put the earl through extreme hardship… and the demon butler will protect his master faithfully. As the end of the earl’s quest draws near, Undertaker will continue to test Sebastian’s abilities and contractual devotion. He will try to break that contract. He will eventually explain his motives in the hopes that the earl will choose *something* over this path to Hell.

Who knows? Maybe all this mystery surrounding John Brown is a red herring? Perhaps Undertaker fills the roll of Ash/Angela from anime s1 (and/or a parallel to Hannah from s2 in trying to reunite two brothers, even if that reunion is in death)….
John Brown is an Angel

I’ve seen people theorize that John is a shinigami but I think the manga strongly implies that he is actually an angel. I believe the main evidence for John Brown being an angel is that the things he is associated with are related to angels in Christianity and the Kuroshitsuji anime.

John Brown is a groom and is commonly seen with horses. He also loves his white horse. Armies of heaven (which would include angels) ride on white horses in Revelations.

John Brown is also commonly shown with a whip. There is an important Christian statue of an angel with a whip in Rome. This connects to the anime as well since Angela used a whip in the anime.

The most obvious connection is that John plays the role of the Queen’s closest butler like Ash did in the anime. Since Ash was revealed to be an angel, it is possible that John is one too. Undertaker was a legendary shinigami in the anime, and a deserter from the shinigami in the manga so maybe it could be a similar case with John and Ash. Ash is a fallen angel while John could be a good angel. We haven’t seen any negative qualities to him yet like with Ash (who we all know as crazy and manipulative), only positive traits such as his loyalty to the queen and politeness to others.

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Maybe UT wants to unite somehow the brothers. Like Hannah in anime. He has a soulless BD's body of Ciel and a still living Earl with his own soul. So maybe his goal is to unite this soul with BD's body- to make the most perfect BD ever. And this is why he tries Sebastian, doesn't want to hurt Earl and tells him to take care of his soul.

This is pretty much something I’ve suggested before. Just recently I even revisited the idea (like… just yesterday) that Undertaker could be up to something like this… making him like the manga answer to either Ash/Angela or Hannah or BOTH. Ash/Angela wants “Ciel” to “heal his soul”, to forgive and forget (and they mess with his cinematic records in the attempt). Claude tries to make “Ciel” confused about his own identity… and tries to essentially fuse two souls into one body. Hannah’s secret goal is to reunite two brothers, even if that means only in death.

As I also said in that recent post, perhaps John Brown being so mysterious is really just a red herring. He might be an angel; he might not be.

We shall see! :)

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