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INFP Musicians

Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)

Tyler Joseph (Twenty One Pilots)

Jordan Witzigreuter (The Ready Set)

John Lennon (The Beatles)

Jesse Lacey (Brand New)

Jim Morrison (the Doors)

Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance)

Alex Turner (The Arctic Monkeys)

Adam Young (Owl City)


“When you get to immigration keep your eyes wide open. Look as if you know where you’re going. You have to think like and American. You’ll feel so homesick that you’ll want to die. And there’s nothing you can do about it- apart from endure it. But you will. And it won’t kill you. Then one day, the sun will come out. You might not even notice straight away, it’ll be that faint. And then you’ll catch yourself thinking about something or someone who has no connection with the past. Someone who’s only yours. And you’ll realize that this is where your life is.”

tomandlorenzo  Who wants to win a copy of #TheCrown The Official Companion book? YOU DO, because it’s FABULOUS…

“Let’s have some fun with this. We’ve got three copies to give away and we know you kittens are already fans of the show, so how about you finish the following sentence in the comments section:

If I wore THE CROWN, the first thing I would do is …“

The official companion to the Emmy-winning Netflix drama chronicling the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, and starring Claire Foy and John Lithgow, The Crown by Peter Morgan, featuring additional historical background and beautifully reproduced archival photos and show stills

Elizabeth Mountbatten never expected her father to die so suddenly, so young, leaving her with a throne to fill and a global institution to govern. Crowned at twenty-five, she was already a wife and mother as she began her journey towards becoming a queen.

As Britain lifted itself out of the shadow of war, the new monarch faced her own challenges. Her mother doubted her marriage; her uncle-in-exile derided her abilities; her husband resented the sacrifice of his career and family name; and her rebellious sister embarked on a love affair that threatened the centuries-old links between the Church and the Crown. This is the story of how Elizabeth II drew on every ounce of resolve to ensure that the Crown always came out on top.

Written by the show’s historical consultant, royal biographer Robert Lacey, and filled with beautifully reproduced archival photos and show stills, The Crown: The Official Companion: Volume 1 adds expert and in-depth detail to the events of the series, painting an intimate portrait of life inside Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street. Here is Elizabeth II as we’ve never seen her before.

What could we possibly add to all that? How does a free giveaway sound?

Let’s have some fun with this. We’ve got three copies to give away and we know you kittens are already fans of the show, so how about you finish the following sentence in the comments section:

If I wore THE CROWN, the first thing I would do is …

Go ahead. Have fun with it. And just to make it even more fun, the three comments with the most upvotes will receive a copy of the book, so long as they’re each willing to send us their mailing address. It’s a fabulous and informative book that truly does serve as a companion to the first season of the series, filling you in on all the historical details and figures while expanding your understanding of events. Plus: tons of pictures! What are you waiting for, kittens? Finish the sentence!

We’ll keep the comments open until Monday and announce the winners then.

Source: Oct 17, 2017

Why you shouldn’t be ashamed of wearing wigs!

You know what I don’t understand? How there’s some women who are insecure about how they (obviously omg) wear wigs. Like, it’s not a big deal, especially if you don’t make it into a big deal. I’ve been wearing wigs for the past few months cos my real hair has been sucky, but you know what? They look freaking awesome! Like, I can have whatever hair I feel like. 

Do I wanna be a strawberry milkshake? Wear a pink wig! 

Do I wanna be a glittering old Hollywood starlet? Wear that one wig that has jewels all over it! 

Wanna be my normal self? Wear that other one! 

Wigs can be what really pull a look together, and I don’t understand what’s so “taboo” about them. Like, yeah, don’t rip my wig off, but like wouldn’t that make the other person look like a complete asshole for trying to pull your hair of which they may have thought was real in the first place? And if the wig gets snatched off your head, you double as a comedian cos I’m sure you’d make someone laugh. Also, so what if it looks fake? Just make sure it looks GOOD. You don’t want a hair hat that’s in shambles atop your head. Then you’re just going to make someone want to rip that shit off.

So wear wigs if you want. Shamelessly. It’s not like you’re performing some kind of unforgivable act that makes you a bad person. Wigs are harmless! Wigs are fun! Go for it! Life is short!

And if you’re a guy who’s balding, and you really want to wear a toupee, but don’t want to take after a certain “political”, “Christian” businessman, don’t fret! I mean John Travolta wears toupees. John Travolta is fucking AWESOME. I mean, look at his dance moves, and listen to his singing voice! Who gives a fuck if such a talented man who deserves all the oscars in the world wears wigs. We all got to one times or another!

So slap that hair on your head and call it a day cos you deserve to feel totes glam. Don’t care what others say. Wigs. Are. Totes. Amaze.