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John’s hands. One on Sherlock’s nek and the other on Sherlock’s arm. Doesn’t it remind u something? It’s exactly the same way Sherlock hugged John in TLD. Coincidence? Nope. In this show coincidences don’t exist. It means, if you think about it, that Sherlock not only remember how John hugged him, but also that Sherlock thinks that it is the way John want to be hugged, I think. It is the way John makes feel someone loved and safe and it is probably the way Sherlock felt and so Sherlock did the same when John needed, he hugged him with one hand on John’s nek and the other on John’s arm. Bacause in that moment John needed love and to feel safe.

I…I don’t know if it makes sense but this hug, John’s hug, hit me and reminded me of Sherlock’s hug.
I don’t know what to think now, I need a blanket.
Also, I feel really stupid cause probably someone just noticed it ages ago soooooooo now it’s time for me to go. And hide. Bye.

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What is the Cicero mountain goats song...

THE Cicero song is…. well, John Darnielle, in the year of our lord 1996, wrote Song for Cleomenes (LISTEN) which is quite literally about Verres’ corrupt governorship and his prosecution by Cicero and I cannot believe he wrote the exact song I would’ve written if I had any talent. 
HOWEVER the song Heel Turn 2….. reminds me a lot of Cicero, the lyrics are just so… just listen with Cicero in mind I PROMISE YOU

OTA Strong

Even though Oliver was torn apart physically and emotionally in tonight’s episode, this show is not called Chase. It’s called Arrow. And Oliver IS the hero John and Felicity know him to be. Tonight was a new kind of darkness for them. Oliver will not quit being what 5 years of torture and pain and loss made him into. He is a survivor, not a psychotic. He understands what pain can do to a person. Yes, he has inflicted a lot of it himself. But, he has also found a balance between good and evil. Chase can’t take away ten years of growth in only six days of torture.

And both John and Felicity are a big part of his humanity. They’ve been his anchor for five years. They are not going to let Oliver drown. That will eventually be the strength Oliver will need to not only overcome the damage from tonight, but also the weapon to defeat Chase. 

All three of them have a strong light inside of them. And it will burn bright. 

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okay but for burrens imagine burr like cryin how does laurens halp him

Laurens probably tries and comfort him but Burr would initially want his space until he was ready so john would sit there next to him and just coo and remind him how much he loves him and how much he cares and how they’re gonna get through it together, whatever it is. Burr would finally fall into john and just sob because he’s upset but also he knows john cares for him so much and he’s never had someone really like that for him in his life. After burr stops crying john makes Burr cookies (because why the fuck not?) and they watch Burrs fav movie and cuddle

I FUCKING love them

So I was just watching the Beatles’ Shakespeare skit again, for the 54153th time and you know when John says “My love, my love, thou art my love I think”? Well, after the second “my love” (which wasn’t part of the the script, he’s supposed to say only one time) he throws such a mischievous look and little grin I had to stop and see it again to make sure I wasn’t creating something more to this detail. Well, I think I wasn’t. But I don’t know if he did it because the girls are losing their shit or because BECAUSE! But I just wanted to share with you to see if am I already losing my sanity over this ship or if you can see it too?

Springtime Picnic

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John x Reader

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E/C = eye colour

Y/N = your name

Y/L/N= your last name

“Stop being an ass, Sherlock.”

“What? Would you rather I lie?”

You rolled your eyes as your flatmates argued over the client who was previously sat in your living room of 221B Baker Street.

“John, you know how he is. We’ve had this conversation before, it’s giving me serious Deja vu.” you pointed out to your boyfriend, Doctor John Watson. “I wouldn’t waste your time. We need to get ready anyway, you even said so yourself.”

“You know you don’t really help, Y/N” declared John, as you winked at Sherlock who smiled back at you. “You’re meant to defend me, not him.”

“Ouch.” You put your hand up to your chest, feigning hurt.  “I’m gonna get changed anyway, I shouldn’t be long.”

John mockingly rolled his eyes, and began packing some food into a wicker basket.

You adjusted the collar of your leather jacket against the cold. although it was the first day of spring, it certainly didn’t feel like it. john noticed, and shrugged off his tan coloured jacket and draped it over your shoulders.

“You’re going to f-freeze J-John!” you protest, your teeth chattering.

“Better me than you.” he shot back, adjusting his cardigan.

You shook your head. His protectiveness was going to get him killed one day.

You turned to look at him. He was fidgeting, which was very unusual. You, being you, began to worry instantly.

“John, is everything ok?”

“Hm? Yeah, I’m ok, why?”

“You’re fidgeting.”

“I’m just thinking, don’t worry about it.”

But you did. You tried your best not to think about it, but it kept cropping up at the most random moments. Little did you know, you were in for a shock.

“Mmm, these sandwiches are sooo good!” You polished off your fifth sandwich, and reached for the glass of Prosecco John had poured for you. “This is literally the best date I’ve been on!”

“We’re not finished yet.” john drank the last of his drink, and put his hands in his jeans pockets. He fished out a matchbox sized case, covered in navy blue velvet. He got down on one knee, and looked you in your E/C eyes.

“Y/N Y/L/N, as you know, we have been in a relationship for two years now.”

You felt your eyes tearing up. Could this really be happening?

“Granted, we have our moments, and we do need space sometimes, but we are strong together. You make me smile, you keep me sane, you are the prettiest and most lively woman I know. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, because I love you Y/N. So, Y/N, if you’ll have me, will you be my wife and partner in solving crime?”

You were bawling by this point, and there was a large crowd around your picnic blanket. You practically flew into John’s arms, and managed a shaky “Yes!”

Applause rippled through the park as John slipped the small, silver band onto your finger, and you couldn’t have been happier.



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I'm having trouble deciding if Finn and Rey are cat people or dog people. what do you think?

Beautiful question! Well, as we all know, John is a proud cat daddy and Daisy is also a proud dog mama. However, I could see Finn, not allowed the comfort of a pet companion during his time in the FO, loving the friendliness of (most) dogs and Rey, also isolated, loving dogs, as well, but being impressed by the way most cats are self-sufficient. So I see them as being mostly dog people, but I could see them adopting a stray cat in need who will then run the entire household!

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"Did you change my text alert noise?" John asks his flatmate. "No," Sherlock replies firing off another text to John's phone which triggers a very inappropriate sound. "First of all we're in the same room, secondly is that you?" John asks. "Maybe," Sherlock blushes. "When did you record yourself, um, you know?" John asks. "Over the course of six months I recorded myself multiple times a day to find right sound to strike a perfect balance of dirty yet tasteful," Sherlock explains. "Six months!"




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"Does John know your phone makes that noise when he texts you?" Mycroft asks his baby brother. "No," Sherlock replies. "I think I'm going to tell him," Mycroft smiles wickedly. "You will not!" Sherlock shouts. "I think I will," Mycroft says again, "in fact I think I'll tell him tomorrow." "I'll deny it, I'll delete the alert, he won't believe you," Sherlock claims. "I think he will," Mycroft replies. John believes him but he isn't mad, in fact he's flattered.

True lol


29th January

It’s mad. I think he might be mad. He was certainly arrogant and really quite rude and he looks about 12 and he’s clearly a bit public school and, yes, I definitely think he might be mad but he was also strangely likeable. He was charming. It really was all just a bit strange.

So tomorrow, we’re off to look at a flat. Me and the madman. Me and Sherlock Holmes.