The Karlus Urbanus [noun]

An endangered species living in New Zealand

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Observe it in it’s natural environment

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Watch as it stares down an apex predator

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Are known to have issues with cats

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They have a strange mating ritual

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And you must approach slowly from the side to avoid startling them

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Weekly Reading List 12

Weekly Recommendations get posted every Thursday. All stories are character x reader unless otherwise stated.

Notes: I don’t generally put more than one part to a story but the ones that have multiple parts happened this week. 

Star Trek
Falling in Love With Bones by @imaginestartrek
Enterprise Crew Goes to the Zoo by @littlecarowrites
Pleasure to Meet You, Part 2 by @residentevilfleet
Relief by @madhattervanessa
Duty of Care by @blueblobb
Imagine Getting Stuck in the Mirror!verse by @youre-on-a-starship
In Dreams by @star-trekkin-across-theuniverseNSFW
Terrible Ideas by @juststarfleetthings
Terra Nova, Part 2 by @fanscribbling
I Only Miss You When I am Breathin by @kaitymccoy123
Cuddle Party by @arrowsshootyouforwards
Bones Knowing Your Heart by @imaginestartrek

Jim Kirk
Jim Finding Out Your Pregnant by @babe-with-thepower
Hacker Kirk by @fandomheadrush
May We All by @atari-writes
Shape of You by @atari-writes
Imagine Jim Saving You From the Mirror!verse by @youre-on-a-starship
All I Ask of You by @whatif-animagineblog

From Your Fences Part 3 by @mccoymostly

Steve Rogers
Nightmare by @vibranium-ass
The Way Their Fights End by @goodnightwife
Valentine’s Day Mini Matchmaker by @avengerofyourheart
Absolution by @sebastianstandoffish
Imagine Saving Steve From an Awkward Situation by @sharonisantisocialimagines
Make It Up To Me by @unabashedcandymaker
Scared to Be Lonely by @nikky-the-writer
Strip by @this-ginger-has-no-soul
Musing by @theunholygrails
Mr. President by @vibranium-ass NSFW
Civvies by @after-avenging-hours
The C Word by @itsanerdlife
Baby Come Home Deleted Scenes by @itsanerdlife Updated
Retirement by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

Tony Stark
Sleepless Nights by @redlipstickandplaid
Forgetting Maya Hensen by @dblukauskis
Dark Bloom (For A Moment, I Was Lost) by @hellomissmabel

Law and Order: SVU
Rafael Barba
Just Say You Won’t Let Go by @moresvuheadcanons
The First Move Happy Ending by @mrsrafaelbarba
Late Night Whispers by @musingsongbird
Did I Stutter by @mrsrafaelbarba
Coax, Part 2 by @hiddndaydreams
Untitled by @moresvuheadcanons
Prosecution Rests by @mrsrafaelbarba
A Frosty Silence by @mrsrafaelbarba
Lights Will Guide You Home by @thatgirlwhosalwayssinging
Peace of Mind by @ohbelieveyoume

Dwayne Pride
The Chase by @traceyaudette
Oh Honey by @lucifersagents

Criminal Minds
Aaron Hotchner
Drunken Cuddles, Part 2 by @crimindsaspe
Missed Me by @crimindsaspe
Scars by @traceyaudette
Peppermint by @kaunis-sielu

Soulmate AU
The Meet Cute by @redlipstickandplaid​ Tony Stark
House by @assembledavengersimagines Steve Rogers

Sleepy by @chrisevans-imagines Chris Evans
Dad & Daughter by @theimpossibleg1rl​ Chris Evans

A/B/O Dynamics
Breaking Tony by AvocadoLove Stony
The Natural Order by @outside-the-government  Leonard McCoy NSFW

Misc Fandoms
 Lion on Ice by @meganlpie Robb Stark x Reader 
Make Her a Stark by @littlemisscaptainfandom Robb Stark x Reader
Colita De Rana by @esparzart Rafael Barba x Victoria

Karl Urban
Respect Authorities by @It-sammi-matthews John Kennex

Chris Evans
Imagine Chris sending you on a scavenger hunt, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 by @ohevansmycaptain
My Valentine by @chrisevans-th NSFW
Art on the Wall by @chrisevans-th​ NSFW
Chris Comes Home For Your Birthday by @ohevansmycaptain
I’m A Lucky Guy by @theimpossibleg1rl
Little Girl by @avasparks NSFW
Unruhestifter by @travelwithwords

Birthday Challenge Updated

Star Trek Fairytale AU Updated

My Requests Updated

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Dad!Character Masterlist

Because our favorite men make us all weak in the knees when they are dads, here is a Masterlist for you!!!

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Law and Order: SVU


Misc. Fandoms

Star Trek


Get to know me meme - [3/5] relationships - John Kennex/Dorian

“When I was decommissioned, the second before it happened I just kept thinking "I really hope there’s someone there to wake me up again.” I just want to be a cop, man. I just want to be here. And then you woke me up. It was you. You were that person for me, John.“

Weekly Reading List 11

Weekly Recommendations get posted every Thursday. All stories are character x reader unless otherwise stated.

Star Trek
Fear Not by @8bit-arc-reactor
Carnival Fun by @atari-writes
Meeting the Family by @auduna-druitt
Interrupted by @mybullshitsensesaretingling
Apples and Heroes by @mybullshitsensesaretingling
Shore Leave by @kittenofdoomage
I’ll Be Gentle by @daugtherofthebrowncoats    
Avoiding Physicals by Hacking by @trek-wars-and-sushi
Sleep by @residentevilfleet
Close Call by @fandommaniacx
Stop Apologizing by @kaitymccoy123
An Awkward Situation by @outside-the-government

Jim Kirk
Cold Summer Break by @captainjimsexypantskirk
Secrets by @mybullshitsensesaretingling
I Had Her by @imaginenterprise
More than You Know by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

Breathe by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord


Steve Rogers
A Gift for Both of Us by @memento-scribet
Aftermath by @widowsfics
Celebrating your birthday by @avengersassemble-imagines
Hate to Break it to You by @itsanerdlife
Sorry I Kept You Waiting by @marvelandassociates
Soundtrack by @sarahwroteathing

Tony Stark
Flu Season by @writers-square
Water Under the Bridge by @imagine-assembling-the-avengers

Law and Order: SVU
Rafael Barba
Untitled by @lumosliterature
Through the Years by @locke-writes
Thoughts by @locke-writes
All I Want is You by @allcarisi
Did That Just Really Happen by @thatgirlwhosalwayssinging
Coming Home by @ghostofachancewithyou

Dwayne Pride
Closing Time by @traceyaudette
You Owe Me a Dance by @traceyaudette
Topsy Turvy by @lucifersagents

Tony DiNozzo
Here For You by @of-badges-and-guns
Drabble by @lucifersagents
Staying With Tony Before Your Next Deployment by @silentwaters4

Criminal Minds
Aaron Hotchner
Honeymoon by @hotchnerfuckmeup


I Have an Announcement by @captainjimsexypantskirk Jim Kirk 

A/B/O Dynamics
Please Alpha by @daybreak96 Bones 

Misc Fandoms
Jealousy Suits You by @esparzart Rafael Barba x OC
Sublime Silence by @ohbelieveyoume Rafael Barba x OC
Chris Pine Request by @fangirlfanwritings
A Hard Lesson in Matrimony by @vintagemichelle91 and @rauliskafan Rafael Barba x OC
Submit to Me by @all-fandoms-fiction Khan

Karl Urban
Body Art Stories by @It-sammi-matthews John Kennex 
The Siren’s Child by @It-sammi-matthews Black Hat 
Nightmares by @imoutofmyvulcanmind John Kennex

Chris Evans
Reunion by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing
Stone Cold Sober by @stallingdemons 
Imagine Chris Helping You Take Care of Your Little Sister by @ohevansmycaptain

Birthday Challenge

Valentine’s Day 

Star Trek Fairytale AU

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