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things for which i’m mad at kingsman: the golden circle

• J.B.

• where the fuck was Eggsy’s family???

• roxy. even though not seeing her die gives me hope that she survived

• making Whiskey into a shit villain with shit motives and giving him a shit death

• Merlin. and harry and eggsy not even really grieving over him.

• not enough ginger ale

• that fingering scene

• Channing Tatum’s name being on every fucking poster and in every trailer even though he only has like 2 minutes of screentime while Pedro Pascal apparently doesn’t have a name?!?

• Elton John did not join Kingsman to become the new Arthur

• taking away the Merlin resurrection from us.

Ma qualunque cosa ci avesse riservato il destino, mi immaginavo sdraiato a letto al suo fianco alla fine della giornata, mentre parlavamo e ridevamo stretti tra le braccia l'uno dell'altra.
—  Dal film “Dear John