john j. collins

It’s too Big//J.J.

”It’s too big””Just put it in there its your job this what your paid for!”He says looking down at me.”It won’t fit it’s too big””Just put it in there you’ll be fine”He groans.”Fine but if you make it bust you still gotta pay me”I smirk.”Fine just do it”He says.”OH SHIT ITS TOO BIG I CAN’T DO IT!!”I moan.”Yeah take it out it’s to tight”He groans.”Just get a diffrent size dude!”Says G.”Fine can I have a 10 in the jordans then?”Johnson ask.”I gotchu”I say going to the back


Y’all some nasties if you started thinking sexual!! LOL

Person: I don’t think books can hurt people emotionally.

J. K. Rowling: Oh,

Rick Riordan: is

John Green: that

Cassandra Clare: a

Suzanne Collins: challenge?

Veronica Roth: MMWUHAHAHA!

After all these books I have read I’m 100% sure that they hate us.. They just wake up in the morning and say: “Which character fangirls love the most? Let’s kill him!!! ”


4% I  got Cameron

My Way//J.J.

I woke up to the smell of pancakes, today is already off to a good start. I put on one of Johnson’s shirts and my slippers. I walk downstairs to see my wonderful boyfriend of 1 year today making my breakfast. “Hey baby.” I say while slipping my arms around his abs.“ Hey babe, happy birthday!” He says while turning around. He picks me up and puts me on the counter. “So what do we have planned today?” Johnson smiles. “Kehlani is coming to pick me up. I’m going to get my nails done then I’m getting a massage then I’m going to get my hair and makeup done.” I smile. "Good because you can’t show up looking like this.” He says while sliding his hands underneath my shirt. "Hey, I have black girl hair, my hair doesn’t just lay down!” I say. "I know, that’s why I started dating a black girl. I wanted something different.” He says, kissing me. "Aww, thanks babe.” I say, kissing him back. “So when do I get to see this outfit you have all planned out?” he smiles while rubbing my leg. “Later, just like everyone else. It’s not like a dress, it’s casual since I plan to become the beer pong champion now that I’m 21.″ I smile. "Let’s be real. You were the champ before today.” He smiles. “I know.” I say while flipping my hair. “I have to go put on my outfit so watch out. I can’t eat breakfast so call the boys to come.” I say. “Okay.” He says while picking up his phone and texting the group chat that they can come eat my birthday breakfast. I feel my phone vibrate in my hand. K just texted me that she is outside so I tell her to come in. She opens the door. “Hey birthday baby!” She smiles and yells. “Hey boo.” I say and hug her. “Hey K.” says Johnson. “Hey.” She says. The boys come running in the house straight to the kitchen. I heard a collection of hey’s and Happy Birthdays. K goes into the kitchen, probably to flirt with Nate. I walk upstairs and put on a shirt that says Property of Jack Johnson, gray shorts and my Nikes. When I walk downstairs all the guys are just sitting down. Kehlani and Nate are just staring at each other, smiling and giggling like idiots. “Let’s go K.” I say, pulling her away from Nate. “Bye guys.” I say while walking out the door. “Bye.” They all say.

*skip to the party*

I walk downstairs in my outfit. “Damn.” All the boys say as I walk downstairs.Kehlani walks downstairs and she gets a standing ovation. “Hello? Birthday girl is over here, clap for me.” I pout. They turn around and clap for me too. “Okay the rest of you guys need to go get dressed and bring whatever girls you’re bringing and hurry back. You have 3 hours.” I already got mine, she is thick as a fool.“ Nate smirks. Kehlani starts blushing and playing with her nails. "Ooh.” Everyone says. "GET OUT AND GO GET READY.” I yell and push all of them out of the door.

*Fast forward to the party*

“Whoo party. Happy birthday Y/N.“ I hear some random girl standing on the pool table scream. Then I realize that random girl is Kehlani. "K, get your ass down.” I say while grabbing her hand. She pouts but gets off the table. "Where’s Nate?” I ask. He walks out of the bathroom with some girl. Kehlani takes off running while holding her face in her hands. “Kehlani come back!” I scream. Great one wrong thing has already happened. I look at the door and see Gilinsky walking in. I smile but then I see Madison. Oh hell NO. “Hey G, she can’t be here.” I say. “What, why?” Madison pouts. “Because I don’t like you bitch.” I smirk. “Jack, I want to stay here.” She says while grabbing Jack’s hands and batting her eyelashes. “Come on Y/N.” he argues. “No!” I yell. “STOP BEING SUCH A BITCH.” he yells at me. “I will beat your ass.” I scream. “You touch him, we’re going to, what is it….. Oh, throw hands.” She glares. “I’ll throw arms if you want. Your ass is still going to get beat in the end.” I say. "Bitch.” She chuckles. I lunge for her and it’s as if the boys knew what was about to happen. They all wrapped their hands around my torso. “OMG I’m so done with tonight. Everybody out!” I scream. All my friends go running out the house. "Except for all of you.” I say while pointing to my friends I was talking to. We shut off the music. “EVERYONE ON THE COUCH.” I scream. “Now it’s my birthday and everything is supposed to be going my way and it’s not so I guess I have to do this shit myself. I sigh. "Okay, let’s start with the first obvious thing.” I say. "KEHLANI.” We all yell. We wait for 5 minutes while still calling her name. She finally comes downstairs with Rupp. “There you are, I’ve been calling you for a long time.” I say. “Sorry.” She says while smiling at Rupp. She sits on his lap and he rubs her leg as she fixes her skirt. I can pratically see the anger building up in Nate’s eyes. “We need to fix you two.” I say while pointing to Nate and Kehlani. “There is nothing wrong.” She smiles and leans further back into Dillon.She is obviously sloppy drunk so she won’t be going home tonight. Nate moves the girl off of him, gets off the couch then grabs Kehlani and smashes his lips against hers then sits back down and pulls her onto his lap. Kehlani’s face is red as a cherry. She is now sitting up. “Problem solved.” Nate says while wrapping his arms around K. It looks like she sobered up.“ Okay next thing, BITCH GET OUT.” I yell at Madison. “Ugh whatever, let’s go Jack.” She groans. Jack looks at me then back at her. “I think I’ll stay.” He smirks. “Whatever, don’t know why you’re picking that bitch over me.” She says while flipping her hair. “Please just one hit.” I beg and everyone laughs. “No.” they all groan. “Okay, I think that’s it.” I say. “Wait, where’s Nate and K?” I ask. We then hear something hit the door. Guessing it’s probably just my best friends back I just say “Ok, everyone can either go home or stay here.” Johnson and I have some business to attend to.“ I wink at him. "Whoooo! It’s your birthday and I’m getting treated, I like this.” He smirks. “I’m sure you do.” I say. “Okay we’re going.” They all laugh and leave. “Happy birthday babe.” He says while wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing me. “Thank you.” I smile. “I love you.” He smiles. My heart melts. He says it all the time but for some reason it got me this time. “I love you too Jack.” I smile and kiss him.

Bad Romance//N.M

“Right in front of me, really?“ I say storming into the house. “She was a fan and she is over 18 so I told her she could come with us.” he shrugs. “What if I didn’t want her to come with us?” I ask. “So?” he shrugs. “Whatever, you have been texting her non stop and you just met her yesterday. You laugh when she texts you every time. I don’t even make you laugh.” I say. “So?” he smirks. “Let me see your phone.” I say putting out my hand. “Let me see yours.” he says, putting his hand out. For most girls that is an easy task but for me, not so much. I’m not dumb I know he’s cheating on me so I have to pretend like I’m upset. If I’m upset at him I can’t go to him when I’m horny so I go to Nate. I know he cheats on me with 10 other girls but I pretend that I don’t know. "Umm, it’s not really a big deal.” I say putting my arms down to my side. “Yeah I know.” he says. “Umm, Nate said he needs help with picking out an outfit for tonight so I’m going to help him.” I say. “I’m going to go take a walk.” he says. We both run in the opposite direction. “Hey boo bear.” I say, walking into Nate’s room. “Don’t call me that.” he says and rolls his eyes. “Where is your boyfriend?” He asks. “He went to cheat on me with some girl.” I say, crawling into Nate’s lap. “You’re okay with that?” he asks while laughing. “Yes, I’m cheating too so we’re both benefiting.” I smile. “So are you going to help me with my outfit?” he smiles. “We could always do something else” I say running my fingers through his hair. "But I really need an outfit.” he says. “Come on boo bear, I know you want to.” I say, kissing him down his neck. “Baby stop with the name.” he says while rubbing my butt. His phone starts ringing. “It’s Swazz.” He says. “Awww sorry, your hubby is calling you.” I tease him. “Hey dude.” he says while tickling me. He puts him on speaker. “Aye dude, I’m not coming home tonight.” he says. “Why not?” Nate asks, continuing to tickle me. “Gracie said she just got off her period so I’m about to go hit that.” he says. “Okay, well I’ll be here.” he says and pinches my butt. “Oww Nate, that hurt.” I say then quickly cover my mouth. “Uhh Nate, is that Y/N?” he ask. “Yes, it’s me Swazz.” I say. “What the fuck are you doing in Nate’s room?” he asks. “I told you that I was helping him pick out an outfit.” I wink at Nate. “Yeah whatever, I don’t think screaming is helping his outfit.” he says. “Dude, you literally just got done saying you were about to cheat on me so fuck you.” I yell. “Whatever.” he says. “Dude just hang up.” Nate says. “Nah, I’m going to stay on here.” Swazz says. Nate and I nod at each other then I start to moan. Nate grunts a little and then the phone hangs up.“Let’s cuddle, I’m kind of worn out. "I say.” “So you’re just going to leave me with hickies and then stop?” he smirks. “Kind of, sorry baby.” I wink at him.“You’re lucky I love you.” he says, kissing my head. I start to fall asleep. The only thing I can think about is that he loves me.