john is torn apart

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hey so uh,,, how bout a quick fic of john dying in merles arms after many attempts to try and keep him alive

id like to have it on record i didnt send this to myself thank you

“Just a few more minutes–Taako and Magnus will be here soon, and we’re both getting out of this.”


“Save it for later!” Merle casts another spell on John’s body, now nearly covered in the black opal they’d been fighting for so long. John’s stopped trying to figure out which ones he’s using, and he wonders if Merle is even keeping track of which ones don’t work before casting again.

Even after being reprimanded, John continues speaking. “You’re going to use up all your spell slots–I’m not getting better, Merle. Please.”

He feels the nails of Merle’s hands on his shoulder dig into his skin, no longer protected by a suit as his body morphs and contorts beneath a layer of liquid gemstone. He can still feel it, and knows it hurts. “You didn’t believe that we could make a dent in this thing, did you? So try believing that I can save you!”

It’s a nice thought.

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10. T H E  H U G


So. John confesses he cheated. Ghost Mary is standing, listening. Sherlock notices that John sees Mary, he stays quiet, he listens. He has tears in his eyes. He sees his best friend, the most important man in his life, suffering, blaming himself, being torn apart by his inner demons.

And John talks. John talks about everything, about ‘the stupid daisy’, about texting while Mary was taking care of Rosie… Says he is not the man who she thought he was. But he wants to be that man. “ Who you thought I was… is the man who I want to be”

Inner John: Well, John Watson… Get the hell on with it”

John breaks. He breaks so hard, he covers his face with one hand and his tears are dropping on the floor, he’s sobbing, crying mess (in this place… Martin should get all the rewards for this scene. Really, no comment needed).

AND THEN SHERLOCK GETS UP FROM HIS CHAIR. He’s never done that before. He is no that kind of person, he would never do this for anyone else. But it’s not ‘anybody else’. It’s John, his John. Sherlock can feel safe, can do what his heart says he should.

He approaches John.

Moves his hand up Watson’s back

Puts his hand on the back of John’s neck.

Slides his fingers on his right arm and starts rubbing, comforting John.

“It’s okay”

“No, it’s not okay”

“No… but it is what it is”

John is so smol in his arms, like… God… I cannot watch this scene without crying so loud my mom asked me once if I’m okay, maybe I’m hurt? This was so beautiful, I am crying because this is all I’ve ever wanted. They finally opened for each other, they got close… They felt how it is to be in each others’ arms… They feel safe now.

It’s such a big step for them both, I feel we’re on the right path I hope TFP will have kiss included, because if not…

“Give me here on a platter the head of John the Baptist.” And God allowed it. He did not throw down his lightning from heaven to destroy that impertinent face; he did not order the earth to open and gobble up the dinner guests of that hideous banquet. God gave a more beautiful crown to a just man and thus left a magnificent consolation to those who, in the future, would be victims of the same injustices. Let us listen, then, all of us who, in spite of our honest life, have to suffer at the hands of evil people… The greatest among those born of women (Lk 7:28) was put to death at the request of an unchaste girl, of a lost woman; and for having defended the divine laws! May such considerations help us bear bravely our own sufferings…

But notice the moderate tone of the evangelist who, so far as possible, seeks extenuating circumstances with this crime. About Herod, he notes that he acted “because of his oaths and the guests” and that “he was distressed”; about the girl, the evangelist says she “had been prompted by her mother”… We too should not hate evil people, not criticize the faults of our fellow men, but hide them as discreetly as possible; let us welcome charity into our souls. For concerning this unchaste and bloodthirsty woman, the evangelist spoke with every possible moderation… You, on the contrary, do not hesitate to repay your fellow man with wickedness… Quite different is the way the saints behave: they weep for the sinners instead of cursing them. Let us do as they do; let us weep for Herodias and for those who imitate her. Because today, too, we see meals like Herod’s; it is not Christ’s forerunner who is put to death at them but Christ’s members who are torn apart.

—  Saint John Chrysostom (c.345-407), priest at Antioch then Bishop of Constantinople, Doctor of the Church
Homily 48 on Saint Matthew’s Gospel
The Scavenger Being Torn Apart
John Williams
The Scavenger Being Torn Apart

I’m having some fun mixing soundtracks tonight I suppose!

This one I found incredibly beautiful and sad. The two soundtracks used are: 

The Scavenger – The theme that plays when Rey is alone on Jakku, a place that Kylo has stated makes her feel “afraid and so alone” 

Torn Apart – Kylo’s theme that comes about during his scenes of confliction and pain, most notably when he brings himself to kill his father.

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Mimi. I have thoughts. Wonder with me here, will ya? We're learning that Dean is a lot like his mother. And as awesome as that is, it gives me these thoughts I was speaking of. Do you think that maybe that was part of why John treated Dean the way he did? That seeing his son, the one who already looks like her, also acts so much like her. And that just makes it harder for him. So, being a big macho man, he just distances himself a bit from his son.

I think this is a very logical, very sound explanation. One I can totally get on board with.

Despite not knowing his wife was a hunter, over the years, John had to have seen the strength she had, not just physical strength, but mental strength as well. The ability to shut down her emotions and become scary focused in any situation. Maybe he noticed it for the first time at her parents’ funeral. She didn’t cry or lose control, not like he thought she would, but instead she stood at the graveside, stoic, her face a mask, not a tear in sight. It scared him a little. She didn’t cry until later, when it was over and it was just her and John, sitting on her parents’ back porch, the sun setting on the horizon. Or when she had both Dean and Sam, the way she seemed to power through the pain, not even seeming to be even a little bit phased as contraction after contraction hit her, refusing any kind of pain medication, her face set and determined. He’d been in awe of her.

John had to have noticed that same strength in Dean, even as a child, he’d seemed so strong, even though he’d lost him mom. He’d been so worried about his little brother and his Daddy, always their protector. It had only become more noticeable as he’d aged, that strength of character he’d seen so strong in his wife now evident in his boy. A strength he wasn’t even sure he possessed. 

He’d always thought Dean favored Mary, not just in looks, but his entire persona seemed to come from his mother. They liked the same kind of food, Dean’s music preference wasn’t really his, it was more the music Mary listened to, even the way he loved that car reminded John of the way Mary had loved it. As Dean had gotten older, his mannerisms and facial expressions mimicking his mother’s, it had gotten harder and harder for John to sometimes even look at him. It had torn him apart to see so much of the boys mother in his eldest son, so many memories were dragged to the surface just from a facial expression or a tip of his head. He’d hated himself for it, but sometimes he’d find himself distancing himself emotionally from Dean, if only to save himself from the heartache of his dead wife reflected in everything about their son.

are you kidding me?

so many people are saying that this series was queerbaiting? are you serious? moftiss never said anything about how johnlock would be canon. so what if there was no kiss at the end, or no ‘i love you’ they literally remade their flat together, they’re taking care of rosie together, they’re back solving crimes together, sherlock said that john was family, sherlock would have rather killed himself than kill john, or mycroft. hell, even mycroft wanted sherlock to shoot him instead of john because he knows that sherlock would be torn apart if he had to kill john. even if there was no explicit i love you, or a kiss at the end, it’s clear that they love and care for each other, even if it’s not romantic. johnlock may not be canon at the moment, but there’s still the future. for now, let’s appreciate their relationship as it is. there’s absolutely no need to hate the show just because the ship didn’t become canon.

sherlock fandom, as a fellow johnlock shipper, please, chill.


Be careful, Miss Groves. The process you’re describing is completely untested. Even if it does work, the machine will be so highly compressed that it won’t be able to process information or send signals or communicate in any way. If it doesn’t work? Then the machine will be torn apart. Core code shredded, irretrievable. In short, John, we’ll kill it. Then they’ll kill us and the world as we know it.