john is a hobbit

Benedict follows Martin
  • Martin: *is in the Hobbit*
  • Benedict: ok I'll be the dragon in the Hobbit.
  • Martin: *becomes Watson in Sherlock*
  • Benedict: time to put my detective skills to good use. *follows him to the Sherlock universe*
  • Martin: *becomes apart of the MCU*
  • Benedict: 👀 you're apart of the MCU now? bAM I'm Doctor Strange.
  • Martin: Benedict this is getting out of hand.
  • Benedict: jUST LET ME LOVE YOU OK??

CONTROVERSIAL QUESTION TIME: Which Version of Martin Freeman is Best?

Is it happy Martin…

Nerdy dancing Martin…

“Murder look” Martin…

Perhaps your favorite is licking his goddamn lips Martin…

Maybe you like soft baby Martin…

Or angry Martin…

Some may fancy Richard lll Martin

Some may be fond of probably drunk party Martin…

And bearded daddy Martin is a great choice

Or, I might have made this post to feature some of my favorite Martin pictures and gifs.


“Now, in “The Lord of the Rings”, people were wearing this. This is metal chainmail. This is about five kilograms of metal that I’m carrying around in this shot. WETA is famous for creating this chainmail which wasn’t as heavy. It’s like made of sort of an alloy or plastic, or something like that. Unfortunately they’d run out of it when I got to New Zealand. But they had plenty of the heavy stuff.” - Luke Evans

Behind the scenes of The Hobbit spam (117/200) | (1-100)


This is a set of three is a set of maps, illustrated by John Howe. Each of the maps is accompanied by a small linen book and commented by Brian Sibley. The set includes maps of Beleriand, Middle-earth and Wilderland.

The maps of Wilderland and Beleriand were available for some time only. We were lucky enough to finde these in Oxford! 



Can someone please explain where this “Martin and Ben don’t get along” thing came from??? I mean … I haven’t followed those internal fandom news since 2014, but I remember at that time their relationships were perfetly fine, and I remember them beingsort of besties during The Hobbit, they were always goofing around together and talking warmly about each other in interviews. Even we can take that case when Ben’s dad called him at one of the Hobbit premieres and Ben passed his phone to Martin so they could talk. Omg, I mean… Ben can even recognise his feet on a picture!

Has something changed since then and HOW do you know?? People keep saying they can’t stand each other and this is why Martin doesn’t want to be in the show for s5.

pleeeease please please I need answerssssssssssssssssssss