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Because you are almost 50 000 following this blog I wanted to remind for the new ones that I don’t use to reblog things twice and this blog contains (for now) around 2800 paintings so here is a link to see the archive of 2015 ! Hope you will like it :)

And here is a detail of the painting “In a Garden, Corfu” by John Singer Sargent painted in 1909 

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The 102- Part 2: Children Shouldn’t Play With Space Ships

Part One Here

Pairing: Bellamy x reader
Characters: Bellamy, the reader, 
Warnings: swearing, canon divergence, a little angst, a rocky flight 
Summary: After the reader wakes up, she struggles to figure out her surroundings and cope with the fact that she’s left the Ark and her siblings behind. 
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When you woke up you had no idea where you were. With a hazy memory and an electrical burn spanning across the entire left side of your ribs, you tried to remember what had happened. Slowly, you regained focus and it all came flooding back. You’re going to earth, that’s what the guard had said. Earth. It used to be a distant planet you stared at through your cell’s window, or just an old story you told Luke and Stella about before they went to sleep. Earth was beautiful. Earth was dangerous. Earth was a mystery. 

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I think a lot of people who ship Bender/Allison know that they are the better idea for a couple. They are a much better fit. It’s a stereotype that the most popular girl in the school falls in love with the school’s bad boy but it is much more realistic when you take the time to consider how the school’s weird, outcasted member falls in love with the school’s outcasted bad boy. I don’t know why John Hughes picked Bender/Claire but he did. I do hope that if they make another breakfast club (Which I seriously hope they do make one day) that the criminal and the basket case hook up. I can’t be the only one who wants to see that. Reblog if you feel the same way and reblog if you ship Bender/Allison! 

I’m On A Boat -A Sequel to “Come and Make Me”

A/N: I’m so humbled by the multiple requests for a sequel to “Come on and make me”! I tried to fit in what everyone asked for and hopefully, this is the sequel you all hoped and dreamed for. Thank you so much for the incredible support for me and my craft that you guys show through these requests, likes, and reblogs. As a side note, I made this short to see if you guys want more of what this story is providing.


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Murphamy fic recommendation

Hi guys!^^ So I lately I have a new couple I’m COMPLETELY obsessed about and this one is no other than Murphamy!!!!^^ These guys are just perfect together and I really LOVE to read fanfictions about them!!!!^0^ But since the amount of Murphamy fics is unfortunately quite humble, I thought I make a compilation of the best fics I read with them because I love this fandom and have the belief that we will become much bigger in the future!!!!~_^

  1. Don’t be hurting by the100_daily (2,985 words, pg-13) This one is really sweet and actually my favorite Murphamy fic^^ I think it portrays perfectly both characters and shows how well they actually understand each other. I honestly wish it would have happened this way between the two in the series^^
  2.  It’s the Dust by blizzard_ice  (2,027 words, rated M) This one is in my opinion DAMN hot!^0^ It’s steamy, it’s passionate and very very smutty and don’t we all search for such a Murphamy fic?~_^
  3. A Very Murphamy Christmas by awesomeskittlesclw83 (25,188 words, pg-13) This fic was actually a surprise for me!~_^ I just wanted to take a quick look over it and then had to read it until the end because the plot and the character constellations are so damn good in this fic that you just can’t otherwise to get hooked^^ I even liked Clarke’s character here and I actually hate her! :O It’s an AU and also a multi-chaptered fic in which Murphy is haunted by the demons of his past and a certain new neighbour brings light into his world of darkness~_^    
  4. Fuck Buddies; Or Why Bellamy Can’t Stand Looking At Murphy by   rebelkingandtrashprince (1,454 words, rated M) This fic actually totally reminds me of the movie “No strings attached” with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher^^ It’s because Bell and Murphy have a pact to do it whenever they need to release stress, no love, no affection, just pure sex. But Murphy already sees much more in Bellamy than just a stress-reliever and when Bell one day suddenly starts a serious conversation with him, he’s sure that Bellamy got bored by him and will leave him forever. Is Murphy right or will things maybe turn out compeltely otherwise?~_^ Find out!^^
  5. Screw Em. by awesomeskittlesclw83 (2,860 words, pg-13) This one is damn cute!^.^ It’s kinda Bellamy and Murphy make peace with their past history and realizing some important things. Emori is also there and she is just awesome!^0^ Would also be an awesome Murphamy developing idea in the series!^^
  6. Everything is Going to be Alright by calikitten (7,278 words, rated M for violent animal attack)  In this fic Murphy gets terribly hurt during a hunting trip and Bellamy kinda becomes his caretaker. While Murphy has to rest in bed, both get to know each other better every new day and eventually certain feelings develop~_^ It’s kinda harsh in the beginning, but really fluffy in the end^^
  7. Last Party by nobodyson (3,323, rated M) This one is kinda a Murphamy and Jonty fic in one, so maybe that’s a great extra for some people!~_^ And for people who are not so much into Jonty, focus more on chapter 2 and make yourself prepared for some hot, passionate Murphamy make-out!^^
  8. You’re Not Allowed, You’re Uninvited by JessicaHearts (2,707 words, pg-13) Some really cute Murphamy hurt/comfort fic^^
  9. Late Night Session by blizzard_ice (1,084 words, rated M) Murphy quite enjoys himself amidst the night while fantasizing about his beloved leader and eventually gets caught by latter. Is Bellamy now disgusted by him and will ban him forever? Find out!^^


Alright, that’s it so far!^^ I really hope some of my recommendations are to your taste and I wish you much fun reading them!^^ Just please do me one little favor and like or reblog this post if you’re fond of it for spreading more Murphamy love because this is my main goal with this post!^^

Thank you very much and see you maybe soon!~_^                                                  

Sherlock the Great Detective

Sing to the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Sherlock, the great detective
Had a very special brain
And if you ever met him
You might think he was insane

All of the Scotland Yarders
Used to laugh and call him Freak
They never let poor Sherlock
Even have a chance to speak

Then one foggy Christmas Eve
John Watson came to say
“Sherlock, with your brain so smart,
Can’t you see you’ve won my heart?”

Then how John Watson loved him
As he shouted out with glee
“Sherlock, you great detective,
You’re the perfect man for me!”

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Well.. the week is over guys!!!
And I just wanted to say THANK YOU
It has been grate, you’ve all made awesome work and you should all be proud!!!

Hope you had fun and enjoyed the works as much as I did <3

I’ll keep reblogging stuff I may have missed, so if you’ve made something for the week that hasn’t been reblogged don’t be afraid to contact me!!!

Also I’m thinking to keep this blog a little alive reblogging betakids themed art/fiction/cosplay taht pops up into my dash what would you guys think?

Thanks again guys, hope you’ll keep doing awesome!
See ya! ;P

Hello folks! I’ve finally updated my hurt!John fanfic rec list! I’ve added 31 stories to the over 100 fics I’ve already recced. I hope you are able to find a new gem that maybe you haven’t read before, and once again… if you have a rec (or even a fic) that I didn’t have on my list, please send it my way and I will add it to this whenever I update next ^_^

You can find my list here!

The new recs are up top so you can easily access them if you have already read the others.

Enjoy reading!

My little brother came up to me today and showed me this drawing he did of me. He is so proud of it and I told him I would post it on tumblr and then he just looked at me with the most hopeful eyes and asked me if people would like it and he would become tumblr famous. My brother means so much to me so if you could reblog this whenever you see it that would be great! 

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It's not about whether Johnlock should happen... it's about why it NEEDS to happen

After season 3 of Sherlock aired, my perspective on many important things has shifted.

A few things to know about me. I grew up in a fairly conservative town. Nobody talked about sexuality. Ever. I had never had a conversation with someone who was openly gay until my senior year, and to hear someone talk about having preferences other than the opposite gender was eye-opening. I wasn’t prejudiced. I didn’t care that he was gay. But listening to him talk about his experiences made me look back on my own life and notice how close-minded I’d been. I remember once, for instance, a conversation I’d had with my boyfriend at the time about gay marriage. He was very against it (ironic, considering I just found out he’s been dating a man for the last few months) and asked what my opinion on the subject was. Partly out of ignorance, and partly out of a desire to impress him, I said I didn’t have an opinion one way or the other. It didn’t impact me, as a straight person, so I didn’t care.

Okay. Correction. A LOT of ignorance.

Fast forward a few years. I’m a theater major at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. This year, I took a Contemporary Theater Studies course, wherein we studied many different critical theories. Among the most impactful to me were Deconstruction, Feminism, and Queer theory. We talked a lot about the patriarchal construction of our society and how it impacts everyone regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation etc. For the purposes of the class, we specifically talked about how the heteronormative lens affects how we create and look at theater, film, and the media. Here are just a few of the conclusions we came to:

1. The patriarchy conditions us to see relationships between men and women as inherently and automatically riddled with sexual tension. There is no such thing as a purely platonic relationship between a man and a woman, especially in mainstream media.

2. Similarly, the patriarchy demonstrates to us that a relationship between two people of the same gender cannot be sexual except under certain conditions. For instance, two women can be together if they play into the (stereotypical) straight male fantasy of two “hot” lesbians hooking up. To give an example: Grey’s Anatomy, and the relationship between Callie and Arizona. Both are very attractive women. They are pushed together, partly, by Mark Sloan, a straight white male who regularly comments on how hot lesbians are. Not saying that their relationship isn’t a big step in representation for LGTB in television, but the writers were very careful in how they went about portraying such a relationship without losing viewership. Curious that such a relationship between two men has yet to be seen on a show with that big of a following.

3. The patriarchal structure tells us that men cannot/should not openly display their emotions, especially with one another. deducingbbcsherlock has an interesting post about the phrase “bromance.” I suggest checking it out; basically, it points out that when two men have an “abnormally” close friendship, society tells them they have to quantify it with the phrase “bromance” to demonstrate that they feel closer than friends, but aren’t homosexual.

Still with me? Let’s get to the heart of things, shall we.

Fast forward another couple of months to when Sherlock, season 3 aired. Ohmydeargod, I had forgotten how much I loved this show. Ask my roommates; I’ve become obsessed. I rewatched every episode a dozen times, along with every film Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have been in. (As an aspiring actress, I will say I believe them to be two of the best currently working actors. Maybe I’m biased. Who cares?) When that didn’t satisfy my obsession anymore, I strayed into the world of fanfiction, which I hadn’t done since sophomore year of high school. I even started writing my own.

Here’s the thing – I kept desperately wanting to see Sherlock end up with somebody. Maybe this was a byproduct of the emotionally charged episode “The Sign of Three” where Sherlock leaves John’s wedding alone. It just didn’t seem fair to me! John got to be happy! Why couldn’t Sherlock? I kept reading fanfiction that paired Sherlock with various partners – Molly, Irene, OFCs… In my own fanfiction, I had mapped out a relationship with an original character. But something didn’t seem right.

Then I started to notice that the most common ship was John/Sherlock. I scoffed at this idea initially, having heard the show creators and cast members blatantly disregard this part of the fandom. If they say it isn’t going to happen, it isn’t going to happen. Right? The fans were trying too hard to read something into nothing.

Then I thought about how the showrunners were denying Johnlock rumors. To paraphrase the most common argument: It’s impossible these days to have two men on television be really close to one another in a platonic way without having people suspect there’s something going on between them.

THAT made me stop and think. These statements made absolutely no sense. There isn’t a show on television that has a homosexual couple as the main focus. There simply isn’t. There are PLENTY of shows that have two HETEROSEXUAL men as friends. Just to name a few:

1. Joey and Chandler on Friends

2. Merlin and Arthur on Merlin

3. Troy and Abed on Community

4. Kirk and Spock on Star Trek

5. Cory and Shawn on Boy Meets World

6. Turk and J.D. on Scrubs

7. Gus and Shawn on Psych

8. Castiel and Dean on Supernatural

9. Nick/Shmidt/Winston on New Girl

10. George and Jerry on Seinfeld

Yeah. We never see platonic friendships between two men without thinking they’re going to have sex. Ever.

Now let’s try to name shows that feature ONLY platonic friendships between men and women.

*cricket cricket cricket cricket cricket*

There aren’t any that I can think of. Hell, even CBSs take on the Sherlock Holmes stories (Elementary) changed John Watson into a woman so that they could safely create sexual tension between the characters. I’m only on the first few episodes of the show, but from what I’d seen it would be a TV miracle if those two don’t end up screwing at some point.

Anyway, back to my conversion to a die hard Johnlock shipper. I started dipping into Johnlock fanfiction. Mostly, it was out of curiosity. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. It didn’t take long for me to realize why none of the other ships worked. John and Sherlock make sense together. Their personalities compliment each other well; John seems to be the only person that Sherlock can stand to be around for any length of time. The chemistry between them, whether platonic or not, is something that’s never been seen before on TV. Fans see this, too – even the ones who don’t ship the pair. Amanda Abbington received death threats when she was cast as Mary simply because fans worried she would come between Sherlock and John’s friendship. (Let it here be noted that I do not in any way condone that kind of behavior. It’s disgusting, frankly. She’s an actress playing a character – a person completely separate from Mary – with her own life outside of the show). In the relationship that John and Sherlock have, it would be so easy to tip the balance from friends to more than friends. It’s not a huge leap. Minor characters in the series already think they’re shacking up together. We’re reminded of that (in some small way) in almost every episode.

Point is, I fell in love with the idea of Johnlock. I read some really incredible fanfiction, and one that I would like to shout out to in particular is Performance in a Leading Role by MadLori. If you search the John/Sherlock pairing on, it has the 2nd most favorites (2nd to MadLori’s other incredible fic, Alone On the Water). Performance in a Leading Role is an AU fic that features John and Sherlock as actors instead of crime-solving buddies. I’ll admit, I thought the idea was hokey when I first read the summary. I wasn’t even sure about it a few chapter in. But about halfway through, I realized the brilliance of it: MadLori, with the help of BBC’s characters, highlights the COMPLETE lack of LGTB representation in mainstream media. By the time Sherlock and John become a couple, they are forced to hide their relationship from the public to avoid gay bashing and the hit they assume coming out will have on their careers. It’s heartbreaking, unfair, and incredibly upsetting. Read it now.

Along with reading Johnlock fanfiction, I started reading all the theories and metas I could find here on Tumblr that promote Johnlock and point out all the subtextual evidence in the show that indicates that’s where the showrunners are headed with John and Sherlock’s relationship. I want to believe them. I really do. And not just from the perspective of a squealing fangirl who wants to see John and Sherlock get it on. I WANT JOHN AND SHERLOCK TO GET TOGETHER BECAUSE IT WOULD CHANGE THE FACE OF TELEVISION FOREVER. The world NEEDS a strong homosexual couple represented on TV. On popular TV, no less. But I fear, just like every other Johnlock fan out there, that the showrunners aren’t brave enough to make that happen. Worse, I fear that they’re laughing at people who want to see John and Sherlock together. After all, they’ve had no problem scoffing and insisting their relationship to be platonic thus far. Let’s keep hoping that’s all a hoax to throw us off our game.

That ended up being about five times as long as I wanted it to be, but I hope I’ve made my point. If you’re a Johnlock fan, too, or you think that LGTB needs more representation on television, please reblog this post. And I’ll have you know, I’m now reworking my fanfic to include eventual Johnlock. Because I’ve been denying it long enough. There you go. I’m tossing my support in for John and Sherlock. I’ve been converted. TJLC is real!

I drag my fingers along the gate
between power gaps and leafy branches 
between decayed metal and new bullets
between the dinner bell and the Council
and think of you                                                            5

I stand in the glade where you stood last
under the sun and all the empty clouds
under the gnats and the high cricket song
under the stars that see what I can’t yet
and wish to you                                                             10

I had dinner with your mom, and swear
that it wasn’t my idea to eat
that I didn’t mean to make her cry
that we almost got along for the act
of missing you                                                                15

I’m writing this letter on paper
which is too precious “for personal use”
which tears easier than I thought it would
which I hope you find with the bag and gun
I left for you                                                                    20

I know stars don’t fall and palms don’t kiss
nor words make deeds or hope ask for a crumb
but I said my nevers and slept my dream
till human voices wake us all at once
and you come home                                                      25


“Personal” by Bellamy M. Blake
September 25th, 2163

{ From Senator Blake-Griffin’s A Collection of Poems & Essays, vol. 1, submitted by daughter Tala Griffin to the Historical Library of New Polis, 2239 }

( rashaka )


I wanted to start drawing again and I thought I’d participate in this weeks art assignment. I’ve watching the art assignment videos and responses for a bit now and think it’s a really great project, so I really wanted to do this.

I chose to make a gif about my bookshelf (one of them, but this one has the most important books). 

The first row are mainly YA fiction books, some of them I have read a dozen times, a few of them I haven’t even read yet. They are extremely valuable to me as they connect me to certain parts of my life and have probably taught me more than most of my school classes. 

The second row are my books on film, art and the two diarys I’ve had so far. The books on making film have taught me many many things about the industry I want to go into, and have helped me a lot in our film club at school. There’s also a clapperboard I got from my parents a couple years ago, though I’ve never used it :) 

Third row is mainly just old magazines, one of them got for almost seven years or so. 

These are the books that are most valuable to me, either because they have a lot of memories attached to them, or because they taught me the knowledge that I hope will help me in my future.

( I thought I’d ad in a picture of the complete bookshelf at the end, in better quality so you can see all the books)

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yeah thats why john was like “uh no nvm lets not talk about you being daves mom”

yeahh I mean when they do that it makes me feel like they should act like their parents when they’re actually all the same age /and not even their actual parents/, also Jade being Jake’s “"daughter”“ but she sees him as Grandpa and he sees her as Grandma it would be such a mess lmao

March 11th, 2015
Four years ago today, you asked for me, and I asked for more time.
But that wasn’t the answer you wanted or were expecting, so you threatened to leave instead.
I panicked – how was I supposed to live without you?
You had spent the last year carving your name into my bones.
I thought for certain they would grow brittle without your “nourishment” – the compliments, promises, and words of love, all of which were nothing but a clever, meticulous disguise that sheltered me from the truth.
When you told me I was either your girlfriend or nothing at all, it rose a red flag – but it wasn’t the “he is poison” caution sign that everyone else saw flashing in my eyes beneath the glaze that I mistook for a radiant glow reflecting back at me in the mirror like the North Star.
I was so sure I was headed in the right direction.
Instead of slamming on the breaks, I switched gears and accelerated head on into your arms, because the only red flag in my foresight was the one you jammed into my spine as evidence that you were there first.
It was more than claiming your territory, though – you were infecting me with a parasite, and it crawled inside my brain, whispering to my conscience, “You are nothing without him.”
So I apologized to you for disrespecting our love and hurting your feelings.
I begged for your forgiveness and told you that space was the last thing I needed, that I didn’t know what I was thinking to even consider being anything but yours, and of course I would be your girlfriend, no questions asked.
You were pleased, so I was pleased.
You told me it would be full of life and unrelenting romance.
But a relationship needs fresh air to breathe – to keep it alive, and our relationship was never a house with open windows and doors, but rather a condensed, dark room that locked from the outside – and only you had the key.
You came and went as you would please, but I remained trapped, growing weaker and more submissive as the days went by – consequently, growing more comfortable.
After all, being stuck in the same place for so long, one cannot help but to come to think of it as home.
You convinced me there was nothing I would need outside the four walls stained with my blood from the times you grew too angry; that they would never love me the way you did, because you were the only one who knew how.
I heard them calling out my name from the other side of the door, telling me all I had to do was walk out and I could be free, but that meant walking away from you.
It was dark and I hadn’t seen that twinkle in my eye in months, but that didn’t mean it still wasn’t there.
Little did I know stepping into the light would have revealed the bruises you left out of jealousy, fear, doubt, and whatever else that was “my fault,” or so you said.
It took nearly three whole years for me to take my first steps out of my noxious abode, and even after I felt the warm sun on my face I wanted to retreat back to where I felt safe – within the confines of your abuse.
I walked and I walked and I walked, further from you, further from the malevolence that waited for me if I were to change my mind and turn around – a thought that was so tempting at times to the point that it ached.
But my body fought against my darkest longing to feel your wrath one more time.
I dropped to my knees and purged you from my system – every lie, every misconception, every illusion, every self-destructive thing I had ever done in the name of what we had, every time you blamed me for what was not my fault.
Every negative image you gave me of myself, every promise you never followed through with, every sliver of dread you forced down my throat – gone.
The parasite was gone.
I got back up and this time, I ran.
I ran until I didn’t know which direction led back to you, and finally, it happened:
I was free.
My world had become an open field of green grass and tiny flowers that tickled my skin when I sunk back into Mother Nature’s embrace – a touch so much warmer than yours ever was.
I felt myself come back to life as the ants crawled over my fingers and the gentle wind sung in my ear.
I would not go back.
I will not go back.
My skin has absorbed the beauty of my life and there is sunshine dripping from my pores –
You dressed up as sunlight and I went blind.
But there is no way I could ever mistake your deceit for the sun again, because it lives inside of me.
—  anniversary of


Bryan is a sweet, sensitive kid with an immense love for Doctor Who and will be turning 13 on the 12th of September. Recently, he has been diagnosed with Autism (Aspergers). Because of this he has difficulty socializing with others. He’s targeted and bullied on a regular basis simply for being different.

The bullying has impacted Bryan greatly. He is left with no friends and, when the subject of his birthday came up, has decided to go without a celebration because he believes that no one would come to see him on his special day.

No child should ever feel so alone and friendless. That is why I am here, reaching out to all of you. I want to do something special for Bryan. I want to give him an extraordinary birthday.


Let me start off by stating that I am not looking for money. I’m not looking for gifts to be sent. This isn’t about that. All I would like is for you to take some time out of your day and send Bryan a birthday card.

If purchasing a card isn’t possible, for whatever reason, then something homemade or a simple letter wishing him well on his birthday would be more than welcome.

Please, take the time to consider helping me. I want to be able to present Bryan with these cards and show him that people, even strangers, believed him to be special enough to have taken the time to send him something. I want him to know that despite the rough time he is going through now, there is hope and there are people who will accept him for who he is.


Any small gesture would be greatly appreciated and if you could, please, reblog this to help me spread the word and, hopefully, get more people involved I will be forever grateful.

John Barrowman [see his contribution here] and Simon Fisher-Becker [see his video here], actors in Doctor Who, have already lent a hand for my cause. Will you?

By clicking [here] you will find the P.O. box where you can send any cards.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and help me with my project!

the-fault-in-our-stories  asked:

I just saw John Green reblog something from you and freaked out. How does it feel to have a national bestselling author following you?

Sometimes I reblog things knowing that John Green is going to reblog it from me. Usually this comes in the form of John Green related content. I feel as if I have power over him, that I control John Green, if only on tumblr. Yes I want him to see this.

Sidenote: John if you do see this I really do enjoy your work and what you’ve done to innovate online video/I hope I see and meet you in person at VidCon.

Jimmy Novak Appreciation

@morningstarcas​ asked: “This is a bit late but thank you for the Balthazar Appreciation post. I didn’t see one about Jimmy Novak. Can you do him? I love him with all my heart

Don’t we all?

1. First, he was played by Misha Collins, yet looks NOTHING like Cas.

2. Jimmy was devout in his religious beliefs and unfortunately paid a heavy price for it. At least he went to Heaven and was able to be with his wife for eternity. :)

3. He said ‘yes’ to Castiel, and like Dean told Claire, doing so contributed to stopping the Apocalypse and saving the world.

4. He was a great father and husband. He sacrificed himself for Claire so she wouldn’t have to be possessed, and Amelia clearly loved him (she did spend 6 years looking for him). <3</p>

5. He was able to hear and comprehend Castiel’s real voice, which made him very special.

6. He initially agreed to allow Castiel in on the condition that the angel protect his family.

7. The reunion in Heaven with Amelia was both heart-breaking and heart-warming. ;-; I hope he’ll be able to see his daughter again (though let Claire live a long and happy life first, please).

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I wanted to upload a snapshot taken today, and say that I am thankful for every one of you who like, reblog, comment, or message me about something I’ve written.  It means a lot, and really does motivate me to write more.  I love it when I see that someone has reblogged some romantic poem I’ve written, and they’ve added a message to that special someone in their life.  Keep that shit up!  You guys are awesome.  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  -John Mark Green

johnlock tumblr au

hey so i saw you reblog flowerlock’s post about if sherlock had a blog and you commented that you’d love to see it as a fanfiction. this is quick and probably awful but i put together a little something because the post was so accurate. i hope you enjoy it (it’s just a bit of mild fluff) and tell me what you think! 


John entered the sitting room of 221B, rubbing a towel through his still wet hair. Sherlock was sitting at the desk – for once – John’s laptop open in front of him.

John began to ask why Sherlock was using his laptop when the detective’s lay just a few feet away, but he didn’t bother. He’d grown all too used to Sherlock ‘burrowing’ his things.

Instead he leaned over Sherlock’s shoulder, gently tangling his fingers through Sherlock’s hair, and murmured, “What’re you doing?”

Sherlock didn’t look up, “I’m starting a blog.”

“You have a blog.”

“Yes and according to you no one reads it.”

“So why start a new one?”

“New platform, new people, new… thing.” He waved absentmindedly and returned to his work.

“Wait,” John leaned closer suddenly recognising the blue wallpaper. “Is that, tumblr?”


“And your blog’s name is whatamisupposedtowritehere?” John raised an eyebrow.

Sherlock shrugged.

“Original.” John left Sherlock and headed for the kitchen to make himself a cup of tea.

“I found yours.” Sherlock called to him.

“Found my what?”

“Your blog.”

“On tumblr?”

“Yes.” Sherlock turned in his seat to look at John. “Cartwheeling pigs, really?”

“They’re cute.” John tried to shrug nonchalantly but he could feel the blood rising in his cheeks.

“Fine, fine. At least yours is better than Mrs Hudson’s. She’s either spying on the neighbours or asking us to ‘keep it down’.”

“Well you are a screamer.”

“Me? Never.”

John hastily changed the topic before it became another competition. “Mrs Hudson has a nice theme though.”


“Yeah, like the backdrop of your blog.”

“It’s blue.”

“That’s your dash.”

“What’s a dash?”

John sighed. He pulled up and chair and sat next to Sherlock, still sipping his tea. They spent the rest of the morning playing around on the site mostly with John trying to organise Sherlock’s blog and Sherlock trying to sending rude anons to Greg and Mycroft but John not letting him.


That night, John was propped up in bed, laptop open, trying to bully himself into writing a new post for his main blog. When he found he was too tired to do so, he gave up and opened tumblr instead.

He scanned absentmindedly past several posts, commented on others, reblog-ed a few and answered some nice messages Molly had left in his inbox the other day.

Without much else to do, John found himself looking up Sherlock’s blog.

Though he’d spent much of that morning trying to personalise Sherlock’s blog, everything was still set to default: default icon, default theme, default title… John scrolled past and suddenly realised that all the posts he was looking were his own reblogged animal ones. The only difference was that Sherlock had left smug little comments beneath each one.  

A picture of a kitten playing with a turtle: John, did you know that in Victorian times turtle was a delicacy?

An elephant trying to balance a beach ball on its head: Oh look, John, it’s Anderson at a party. Someone call Zookeeper Lestrade.

A dog with it’s face covered in cake it had obviously been eating: Who let Mycroft out? 

A funny picture of a puppy caught mid-yawn: John, that’s what you look like when I come inside you.

John blushed at this last one but chuckled all the same. Most of the posts had these snippets under them. None were tagged but John didn’t think Sherlock knew or cared about tagging.

He refreshed the page and noticed some new posts, Sherlock’s posts.

John, get down here.

John, where are you it’s urgent.

John, I need you in the living room now.

I know you’re reading these. Get down here now!


bring the lube.

John smirked and did as he was told.