john horstman

Calling on ‘Men In Black’
Photography by John Horstman / sharing enabled
Pu’er, Yunnan, China

Posted on Flickr March 27, 2014

The photographer writes:
I am going to need some help identifying this staggeringly odd insect. I have spent some fruitless hours online chasing some hunches but to no avail….

If it is Lepidopteran, then I would favour it being a Limacodid slug caterpillar (Cup Moth) but the tail is a confounder. Could it be a Lycaenid butterfly caterpillar?

Or is it a beetle larva of some variety?

Body length (excluding tail): 10mm.

White Scarab Beetle (Cyphochilus insulanus, Melolonthinae)

This is an illustration I made as a gift for my dad’s birthday, which was yesterday. 

This illustration was based off of the fantastic photos of John Horstman, a.k.a. Sinobug (on tumblr) and itchydogimages on Flickr. If you haven’t seen his insect photography you really need to go take a look right now. It’s amazing!