john hammel

Paul holding Beatrice and being photographed by Mike McCartney in 2008 at Stella’s fashion in Liddypool. Spot all the other billion important Beatles family members. :D

“Paul could be seen with Beatrice on his lap. He was very attentive to her even though she was originally several rows behind him with it looked like Mary and her kids. But during the dance crew routine, Beatrice ran to the front row to give dad a hug and kiss and then sat on his lap. You could see Paul introducing her to Yoko Ono who was next to Paul and quite chatty all afternoon with him. She then ran back to Mary for a bit and when the balloons came down, she picked up a heart and gave it to Paul. Paul placed the balloon on his chest by his heart and then Bea grabbed one for herself and sat on dad’s lap again.”


Paul McCartney and John Hammel (and a bodyguard or two… :D) being awesome and just riding around Lima on their bicycles. :D