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Today was one of the most unexpected and crucial days for John Murphy’s character development in all of The 100

John Murphy- who has been beaten, outcasted and left for dead by his own people, who once only knew how to survive for himself first and foremost, who was once near suicide when he realized he had no one left, who once thought he was worthless and unlovable, who shut out the world that was always cruel to him- just admitted that he loved someone

He just did that

John Murphy has found a reason to live, a purpose to his survival, someone to share life’s pain with and make it all bearable. He found someone that he’s willing to protect at any cost- and when her life is threatened, he’ll make it known

John Murphy is screaming to the world that he’s in love with Emori, and that he’s more proud of her than he ever could be in himself.

From a selfish, murdering psychopath to a selfless man in love.

This moment was so brief and rather pushed aside next to everything else that happened tonight, but this one line was so beyond important that I refuse to let it be lost in translation. I can’t wait for the day they are truly able to say “I love you” face to face. I cannot wait

burrens for @ham-for-ham

burr is back in new york, it’s the end of the war and he was sent home for a medical reason. he has been waiting anxiously for the end to war, to be finally reunited with laurens. just reading his letter aren’t enough anymore, he’s longing for john’s warm touch.

he receives a letter and eagerly opens it, thinking its from laurens.

it’s not.

burr reads that john laurens has died heroically in the war. he just c r u m b l e s. the letter falls from his hand and sobs wrack his body. he has always been so reckless and the one time it counted for him to be safe, he’s gone and burr can’t take it

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so do u have any more headcanons specifically for john or laf?

but like
too many
so like


~ has like seven 80s chokers and wears one specific color/charm for each day of the week
~ listens to a whole lot of music, ranging from kpop to lady gaga to musicals
~ is a complete slut for cute/baby animals
~ has these big “hipster” glasses but usually wears contacts
~ beanies, beanies, BEANIES
~ can play piano, drums, flute and acoustic guitar
~ once was dared in truth or dare to start an argument about the dumbest thing he could think of with ham and then make up about something even dumber and eventually it got to a point where ham yelled, “oh, fuck you, john!” and not even thinking, john replied, “oh, i have been wanting you to for years, alex!” and it was so awkward and john was a literal freckled tomato but they didn’t stop and when they made up it’s bc ham said “joke’s on you, i got that ring from a kid’s meal!” and john just froze and looked at him all hopeful like “you bought a kid’s meal…?” and then they did the typical fake make out and everyone applauded them
~ used to love the ocean as a child, but bc of a bad experience, as in he almost drowned, he was terrified since
~ was taken out to the beach at high tide when he was seventeen by a friend and like nobody was on the beach and that friend somehow helped him through his fear and now he fucking loves the ocean and like whenever he’s staying at a place near the ocean, he just goes out on long walks on the shore in the evening and just literally stands there, staring out to the horizon
~ “notice how i charitably said ‘girl’ and not ‘person’ because, let’s face it, i’d smoke all you bitches”
~ fucking so many pets, it’s crazy (so he got like two cats, three dogs, and like six turtles.. oh and also a cockatoo)
~ did i mention he can fucking crochet
~ once had all his friends take a harry potter quiz to sort them into their houses and made them all scarves based off their results
~ “i will throw you across the room”


~ gets sick SO easily like, one second he’s fine and the the next, he’s actually dying
~ *coughs for ten seconds* “did someone in china just sneeze or something??”
~ actually got sick so badly that he actually thought it would claim his life, but then it turns out it was just the common cold
~ *drops phone* “wow, how many times do you drop your phone in a day?” “fifty-seven”
~ actually was being annoyed constantly by hercules and decided to @ him but like couldn’t decide weather to fuck off or fight him, so when the time came, he said, “why don’t you just fUCK ME, MULLIGAN” and both were blushing like crazy and hercules was so fucking confused???
~ is actually pansexual
~ smart af
~ actually cries when listening to les miserables bc “someone used to cradle them and kiss then when they cried”
~ cries a lot but feels great after letting it all out
~ can make ANYTHING work
~ was once threatened for money in high school with scissors and was actually cut after literally screaming and has a scar on his leg
~ the kind of person who drops their stuff all the time while walking in the halls at school or really anywhere
~ terrified of thunderstorms tbh
~ “how you say, the fUCK??”

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BURRENS!! but like burr is very dedicated to his studies and John's off smoking weed with Alex and eating a shit ton of taco bell, and only finishes hw at the last minute, while Burr is tight laced and he blames alex, (but also thanks him because John drops in his room ready to cuddle and sleep after an all night)

Burr has to coax John to study like with a blow job or strip tease. John has to convince Burr to lighten up and live a little with him. Inviting him to Taco Bell at 3 a.m.

  • favorite character: *is about to do something embarrassing*
  • Me: *pauses tv*
  • Me: *stares into space and cringes for 10 minutes, goes for a walk, rocks back and forward in the shower, sits on couch regrettably*
  • me: *presses play*

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