john gustafson


THE LIVING CHRISTMAS TREE, featuring the 135-voice College-Career Choir, directed by John Gustafson, Minister of Music, sings the old and new songs of Christmas. The giant 50-foot tree upon which the choir stands has 1,500 pounds of juniper boughs with hundreds of lights and ornaments. A picturesque snow scene completes the winter wonderland.


First Baptist Church of Van Nuys, California


Dayton, Iowa
Population: 837

“In January of 1894, a New Year’s dance was being held.  Just before supper there was a commotion coming from the north end of Burnquist’s Hall.  A. Winters had got to talking loud about a HAT.  John Gustafson tried to quiet him but the talking was sign to a bunch of hoodlums from Boone to clear out the hall.  In a moment chairs were flying and women were screaming.  Gustafson tried his best to fight these hoodlums at one point he had two down until the third hit him with a chair.  After getting possession of the hall the miscreants proceeded to make a complete wreck of the hall . After they were through destroying the hall they went to supper.  The citizens of Dayton were aroused by this time and came upon the scene to help the Marshal Larson.  Marshal Larson was trying to arrest the ring leader in the restaurant.  Frank Dowd was one of the hero’s that night.  He came to aide Marshal Larson.  As things happened, at the end of the fight Marshal Larson was shot in the right hip by his own gun in the hands of Paris Winters.  Marshal Larson passed away that Wednesday at 1 o'clock in the morning.  They ended up sending the whole gang of rioters to Fort Dodge for trial. “


Algunos musicos fallecidos años atras entre los dias 11 y 17 de Sep …

11 1987- Peter Tosh

11 1997- Raymond ‘Ray Beez’ Barbieri- Agnostic Front

11 2007-Joe Zawinukl-Weather Report

11 2014- John Gustafson / Roxy Music-Ian Gillan Band-Quatermass

12 2015- Bryn Merrich-The Damned

12 2003- Johnny Cash

13 2015- Gary Richrath- REO Speedwagon

11 2016- Leonard Haze- Y & T