john green replacement

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just wanted to ask if you can expand on your comments on John Green? The obsession with him intrigues me

John Green is peak liberalism. His pushes this image of “centre with a hint of progressive”, cloaked in this reasonable rhetoric, when in the end he is the defender of a heartland of reaction.

He has come out against  Chavez, labelling him a dictator (while implying that governments like Columbia or Haiti are not dictatorships by saying that Latin America is democratic except Venezuela and Cuba). In this context, his “progressive” liberalism just makes him a stooge for imperialism.

As well as this, his video “a capitalist defence of universal healthcare” was profoundly, profoundly bad.

He is annoying on these levels because in a world that is largely devoid of left-wing voices that are talking in ways that young people find engaging, John Green has become a replacement, and he does influence a hell of a lot of young people with this corrosive liberalism, which wears away at their ability to resist.

Also he is a sexist manchild in the garb of a progressive manchild.