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“Maybe there’s something you’re afraid to say, or someone you’re afraid to love, or somewhere you’re afraid to go. It’s gonna hurt. It’s gonna hurt because it matters.”

-John Green, Will Grayson, Will Grayson

found some actual decent YA lit!  it’s called The Rest of Us Just Live Here and I’ll say more about it when I’m not busy, but it’s good and different!  the only real weird thing about it is that the author does that John Green thing where the teenage main characters sometimes seem a little too poetic/philosophical.

when “everything” isn’t enough

Post 5x20, Captain Swan, Emma and Snow, Snowing ♥

“But I believe in true love, you know? I don’t believe that everybody gets to keep their eyes or not get sick or whatever, but everybody should have true love, and it should last at least as long as your life does.”

John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

It’s the first thing she notices as they make their way into the loft.

The heaviness, the feeling of failure strangling them all, but most of all Emma, and the sorrow which makes her throat tight.

No words are exchanged as her family walks into their home, and Snow White feels the bitterness of tears burning her eyes.

He’s gone.

They all seem so dumb, sorrow driving them mute and she knows their mind are still in the Underworld, she knows they can all still smell the poisonous smoke and Killian’s scent.

David brings her back to reality as he presses a kiss on her forehead, and she hears his plea, his please Snow do not cry, not now, the benefits of sharing a heart…

The thought makes her sick, and she quickly covers her face to hide the tears in the corner of her deep green eyes.

“I’m sorry, I need a minute.”

The words escort her to the bathroom, where bandit Snow, so brave Snow, flees.

“You didn’t find him ?” Grumpy’s word resonate in her head as she lays in the cold room, knees pressed together, the guilt devastating her face.

“Worst.” she hears herself mutter. “I lost him.”

She muffles a sob with a towel, back pressed to the door.

She’s perfectly aware that everyone knows that she’s crying her eyes out in the bathroom, that Snow White isn’t strong, Snow White has lost a member of her family.

Snow White knows her daughter will never heal from this, and Snow White has no fucking idea how to deal with it.

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anonymous asked:

My mom told me the tfios movie is too inappropriate. I mean they have cancer and only have limited time, that's why they have sex. Help?

This is a difficult situation because your mom thinks she’s doing what’s best for you, but I’ll do my best to help. The Fault in Our Stars is so much more than its sole sex scene (there’s more sex than that in one episode of any given tv drama). Censoring the entirety of TFiOS because of one sex scene is, in my opinion, a great injustice. In fact, the censorship of sex hasn’t been proven to reduce sexual activity among teens. However, it has been proven to lead to a lack of information (as is evident by the fact that the many of the states with the highest rates abstinence only sex education also happen to be the states with the highest teen pregnancy rates). 

Regardless of all of this, TFiOS is not about sex. I once said that TFiOS has about as much to do with sex as a tree has to do with a hat, and I stand by that statement. The sex wasn’t just haphazardly thrown into the story in some ploy to convince teenagers to have sex. It serves the purpose of showing that people who have disabilities are capable of and do things that people who do not have disabilities can do. One of the many things I have learnd about John Green: he does not include something in a story without having a purpose behind it. Everything is meaningful. 

Now, let’s think about TFiOS as a whole. It is a story about love, although not a typical love story. This story shows that teenagers can feel love that is just as valid as someone 5 or 15 or 30 years older than them. As stated in the story, it wasn’t puppy love. It was real. It was meaningful. And it also teaches that love is important, love is worth fighting for, love is keeping the promise anyway.

It’s a story about life. I’m sure it could be argued that most all stories are stories about life, but this one is different. It teaches us that short lives can be full lives, short lives can be and are important lives. 

It’s a story bout heroism, but again, not in the typical sense. TFiOS teaches us that heroism can be the journey from strength to weakness which allows us to recognize heroes we never would’ve before. 

As much as I hate to say it, this is a story about death. TFiOS teaches us the impact of death, the emotions, the heartache, the anger. But it also teaches us that a person’s death is not the most important thing about them. It’s not the thing they should be remembered for. And while death marks a dynamic change in relationship, it does not mark the end of a relationship. Hazel loves Gus present tense. Her love for him didn’t die when he did. 

By shielding you from the story because of one (meaningful and important) sex scene, you are also being shielded from all of these extremely important messages. And I would say that missing out on such important messages is much more damaging than watching a few minutes of sex. 

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a lot of the social justice circles on tumblr are unimpressed (to say the least) with people like john green and tyler oakley. does having personal/professional ties with them complicate your feelings on these subjects?

Sort of because they’re both really nice people, but I don’t think the problematic things they do should be excused. I think the way those things are talked about on here get out of hand though. Like yes, John has publicly said stuff that’s not okay and he *should* be called out, but there’s a difference between calling someone out and calling them “worthless scum” and “absolute trash” because at least in John’s case he makes an effort to address his mistakes and apologize for them. It’s usually pretty clear that he gives the mistakes he’s made a lot of thought and is genuinely sorry for them. (And it was also pretty clear at Vidcon that those mistakes give him quite a bit of anxiety and had a big effect on his mental health.) I dunno, I think John Green is a good person and does a lot of good things and that doesn’t excuse the bad, but a lot of the shit he gets on here isn’t productive at all and crosses lines. I have nothing to say about Tyler Oakley though because I don’t know a lot about the stuff he’s done (although it seems worse?) and he doesn’t ever address it or apologize.

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Hi there. I see you making fun of me all over your blog because it's showing up in my tag. Just wanted to let you know, I never said people couldn't dislike him. That's your opinion and that's fine. All I was trying to do was spread awareness of the good things he's done. I included the vlogbrothers part because that's where is all started. And yes, authors write books, but not all writers are NYT bestselling authors or award winning authors.

i didn’t tag you in it but okay

“that’s where it all started.” his book career did not start there.

just because john green does all these “amazing” things doesn’t include him from not being an asshole. his fucking story has them making out in an anne frank museum for fuck’s sake. ~~edgy~~

“And yes, authors write books, but not all writers are NYT bestselling authors or award winning authors." 


if I see a post on MY dash calling John Green a pedophile or sexual abuser, I will unfollow you. I report you.

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I lived with my abuser. I have seen him interact with other people and children as if the world that existed in my house wasn’t utterly on fire. You will not belittle my experience with that traumatizing shit with your fuck ass trivializing.

It is one thing to criticize a person and their work. It is one thing to question their motives. No one is above reproach for their actions. I told my cousins that if any adult made them uncomfortable or hurt them in any way, then they should report it immediately because I didn’t. I stand by it. If John Green says or does things that make you uncomfortable, say that. Don’t be a piece of shit and call him libelous names. Don’t drag his name through the mud without backing it up. If his work and his words make you uncomfortable, say exactly that without speculating about what he could be. because no one knows my abuser is what he is. No one suspects anything, so no one is lobbing accusations over their shoulders, hoping he’ll cop to some shit.

If someone makes you uncomfortable, say that they make you uncomfortable. Not some “he reminds me of one of the dads who volunteers to watch the kids at the pool” bullshit, hoping a fan or former fan will jump up and say “yeah, one time he slipped his hand under my skirt”.

I’m so fucking done with tumblr. This shit is so fucking toxic and y'all make me sick.