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Hey! Firstly, I enjoy your blog immensely. 🌷🐝 Now, this very simple thought that crossed my mind today (as it probably has crossed yours😊)... why does Sherlock ever need to guess John's middle name, when John had... you know, mentioned it before?

Hi Lovely!! Thanks for the kind words!!

The events of Sherlock trying to find out John’s middle name takes place before John blurts it out in ASiB. I imagine it occurred during the time jumps at the beginning of ASiB after the events in TGG made him realize he loved John and while he wanted to deny the feelings he couldn’t help himself with obsessing over everything John. And there is a clue in the “middle name” sequence that shows it started before ASiB at least:

Sherlock is trying to sneakily put his cigarettes into a slipper during a flashback scene in TSo3 while asking John what the “H” stands for…

…and then by THoB, John has confiscated the cigarettes (which I thought this was a REALLY adorable little touch they added, proving that John isn’t as oblivious as Sherlock thinks he is).

So it stands to reason that, since John blurts out his middle name in ASiB and Sherlock didn’t know it until he acquired John’s birth certificate (and his over exaggeration of “years” was just that; like when someone says “OMG it took years for X to show up!!”), Sherlock had been obsessively trying to figure it out for many many months prior to the Irene Incident.

My headcanon is that he started after TBB following John’s kidnapping; for some inexplicable reason, Sherlock felt the need to find out this ONE thing, because what if John got kidnapped again… or worse, dead? Sherlock might need to ensure it’s HIS John that is found. Or Sherlock wants to be one of the few special people who know John’s middle name; he knows how protective John is of it, so to deny Sherlock something is to only make him more determined and curious. Either way, Sherlock has a new addiction and doesn’t realize it until TAB: John.

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Here's my prompt: There are no fireplaces in the bunker and Oliver makes an off-hand comment to John while training about not having a place to hang his stocking which Felicity overhears via the intercom.

okay so I know that I said I was starting this countdown tomorrow but I was actually able to split one of my prompts into 2 days and start earlier :) (tomorrow will be the previously promised neighbors au, I wanted to get this one up before tomorrow night’s episode) thank you so much for sending in this prompt, enjoy!

“Well it’s not like there’s anywhere down here for me to hang my stocking.”

Felicity paused what she was working on as her ears perked up to the conversation echoing through the bunker that she had been previously tuning out.

“And maybe if I just ignore the holidays, nothing terrible will happen to anyone this year.”

The sound of the escrima sticks hitting each other punctuated his words and she frowned.

“Man you love Christmas though.”

“Because it always brought with it good memories of celebrating with my family before everything changed, and some almost normalcy to my life. But I also love not getting kicked off of a mountain or having to rescue my friends from a psychopath or holding my fia—holding Felicity while she bleeds out in the middle of the street.”

She stiffened in her chair, almost afraid she suddenly wouldn’t be able to feel her toes as memories flashed through her mind. The past two Decembers certainly hadn’t exactly been the merriest and—she looked down at her empty ring finger— and even the good parts had been tarnished, but that was no reason to avoid celebrating the holidays this year.

Because Oliver deserved at least an attempt at a Christmas without anything traumatic happening.

Because she needed to pretend that everything was normal and fine and that her heart wasn’t hurting as she thought about how much had changed since last year.

While everyone was trickling out for the night, she tugged Curtis and Rory aside.

“I need you guys to help me with something.”

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Lets talk about Mary

Mary Morstan. The only one of John’s girlfriends that he likes. The sass queen. The one we’re all now in love with (and some of us hated her before the episode even aired). She is fabulous in every sense of the word. But can we please talk about how the whole john-in-the-fire thing revolved around her?

So when Sherlock was deducing things about Mary. The word ‘Liar’, 'Clever’, 'Disillusioned’ and 'Linguist’ (someone who speaks many languages) comes up multiple times.

You do have to be clever to be a good liar. But why would Mary lie? I don’t think she’s evil, however she may be hiding something from her past. I think something she wants to forget.

So when John got kidnapped. It was Mary who received the text. Not Sherlock.

Mary got all the distressing texts.

At the end of the episode you see a male sitting in a chair. This guy is the new antagonist.

Lars Mikkelsen as Charles Augustus Magnussen.

Who was the guy at the end.

He was watching Mary and Sherlock pull John from the fire. You then hear Mary scream John’s name in panic and distress. He replays this until the credits roll. Just Mary screaming John.

I don’t think it was about getting to Sherlock, it was about getting to Mary through John. But if you want to get through John, you have to get through Sherlock. It must be someone she is trying to forget about, someone she’s put behind her and doesn’t talk about, even to John.

Jealous ex or old friend maybe even her Father? Sherlock did deduce 'disillusioned’, which means disappointed in someone or something that one discovers to be less good than one had believed.

Mary will play a big role this season.