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Ok So ive had a busy week and Im just getting round to seeing the Paris Haute Couture shows… I know Im bad!

First thing I googled was the Raf SimonsDior debut, which ive been waiting for with baited breath ever since John Galliano shamed himself and broke my heart over a year ago.

So This show meant a lot more to me than to some, since Galliano’s flowing, opulent, evening gowns and amazing catwalk shows took my breath away each season and filled my imagination with a fantasy in fabric!

The new era at Dior was certainly marked with a clean break from the Galliano reign. A modern femininity was present yet I could see where Simons was referencing the vision of Christian Dior’s 1940s “New Look” & “Flower Women”. The kinched waists and full skirts are a Dior trademark and I was glad to see it stick.

However (and there was always going to be a downside for me after Galliano left) I was left a little disappointed. I was gasping for more…I wanted beading and layers of tulle and embroidery and Luxe. Some of the Silhouettes were just too modern for my taste, but i guess this kept the collection true to Simons. There was a little to much black in the collection and i was not convinced about the cut of the trouser suits, voluminousness tops and maxi dresses. That Green tie die thing made me gasp in horror too…it has to be the worst item in the collection along side the coat of similar print. 

My favourite items are photographed above, and for me these are the pieces that screamed Dior. The dark tailoring which i have not included were very Chanel in style which is why I couldnt connect them to my favourite of all the haute Couture houses. The simplistic look of the collection also had a more ready to wear feel about it, but I know the chief of LVMH was nagging John Galliano to tone it down a little and bring in more suits which are better sellers than the ball gowns, and lets face it: Simons delivered. 

Over all this Simons/Dior Collection is a nice collection and I look forward to seeing it grow and evolve and to see how Dior adapts to the changes brought about my new designers and global economy issues. However I hope that a little more of that traditional Dior fantasy and oppulance will bounce back onto the catwalk, side by side with the fashion forward style of Raf Simons.

xoxo LLM

To see the full Dior 2013 haute couture show, see the video on Youtube.