john gallagher junior


Still Sixteen- Old Spring’s Pike

I apologize in advance for the shoddy video quality, but these guys are so underground (again, with the hipster credit) that I can’t seem to find a studio recording of this song.

Like most kids involved in musical theatre, I loved Spring Awakening, and the mop-top John Gallagher, Jr was the centric object of my affection. This was his band (or a band he was in… I’m not sure which, but I’m told it’s a very important distinction). Unfortunately, John is no longer with the band, as they’ve all moved on to bigger and better (debatable!) things, but this is still well worth the listen.

(If you’re and audio snob and can’t get past the idea of crappy sound, watch it for the performance; it looks like they put on one heck of a show!)


The Goodbye Song Joe Iconis (sung by John Gallagher Jr.)