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The Man in the High Castle

I loved it.

The series is incredibly beautiful and done with an amazing attention to detail. The way it shows the alternative 60s in US that are both familiar and alien. The slow measured shots and muted colouring that make only one colour stand out - red. Like on the occupiers flags - the background to swastikas and the Imperial Rising Sun. And blood.

The slowly unfurling plot shows the truths about living under totalitarian rule. Many believe they would fight to do end and someone do but most people just keep their head down and try to survive. Live their lives. In art (literature/movies) it’s almost always shown from the perspective of a dissident. It sells to have a hero be someone fighting against the system. But that’s not the lives of most people.

People under those regimes mostly live pretty ordinary and boring lives - they do shopping, send kids to school and watch sports - while ignoring the bad things that happen. Sure you know but as long as it doesn’t affect you or your family you can stop thinking about it and convince yourself it isn’t really that bad. This becomes your new normal and you get used to it. If you keep your head down and don’t draw attention to yourself you can have a pretty good life. You just need to stop thinking about what happens to those people who said something. They deserve it anyway.

So people in the Nazi part say Seig Heil to SS officer next door and sell the remnants of their culture to please the new rulers. They ignore disappearing neighbours. Agree with whatever brand of racism government spouts as long as they are not one of the persecuted. And even then most just try to keep their heads down and hope they’ll be missed until there is no there choice. Until it’s them or their loved ones and they have to choose.

Polish history of last 200 years is one occupation after another so I have plenty of references there. During the prison torture all I could think of were scenes from Stalinist prisons (although other regimes do plenty of that too) and Nazis considered us subhuman and planned to kill us all (after they were done with the non-humans like Jews and Roma they were to finish of enslaved Slavic populations - they just run out of time here).


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practicing digital drawing = doodling portraits of the high castle squad, naturally

“The Simpsons” accidentally solves General Relativity

A surprising development in science occurred today when an equation presented as a joke on the animated series The Simpsons turned out to solve the deepest mysteries of the universe.

“The equation was just a random assortment of science looking stuff we drew quick to make a joke. We had no clue it would turn out to be the missing piece of the puzzle that integrates gravity into the other fundamental interactions,” said series creator Seth MacFarlane. The random joke however turned out to be the exact series of numbers and variables that made the universe function within the instant of the big bang.

Said physicist John N. Frink Jr., “We now understand the universe and its creation. All other mysteries are soon to fall and within a year we will know how to create other universes that we control with godlike power. Indeed, we now know that God itself is merely a force that we can control. We have supplanted our deity, rendered it insignificant, and taken our place upon its holy throne, all thanks to a Simpsons joke.”

This goes a long way to justify the continued existence of The Simpsons, which many fans believe should have been cancelled several seasons ago.


❝  A man is only ever as strong as the people around him: The community he serves and the family he is sworn to protect. Whatever strength he has he draws from them. And for them he must be prepared to give everything his life for his blood or else or else everything he has done has been for nothing. He is nothing.❞