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I just watched the most infuriating pre screening interview for Guerilla

Wow fuck John Ridley, fuck Freida Pinto and fuck Idris Elba*. The erasure of black women is so disgusting and intentional. What the fuck does your interracial relationship have to do with HISTORY? Of ALL the black actresses in the WORLD you thought an Asian woman would represent the strong leadership and courage of a BLACK movement? Black women did nothing then? That’s the message you’re giving out.

Politically black my arse. I fucking hate that term and fuck all the Asian women including Frida for using that shit to ride the waves of actual BLACK women of AFRICAN descent. The amount of books about black British oppression I’ve been fooled into taking an interest in only to find out it’s written by an Asian woman who’s twisted the experiences of black women to fit her story as if it’s all the same. FUCK NO. Asian women in this country aren’t here for us like that…as long as they’re okay. TO THIS DAY that is a fact!

And for her to CRY as if she was attacked? And to let the media paint those people as angry activists. Oh my LIFE. If a question makes you upset do us all a favour and fuck off. You wanna speak about colonisation of India and the lives of British Indians GO FUCKING TELL IT IN YOUR OWN PROJECT ABOUT BRITISH INDIANS. your fight was not and is not ours! Ridley should have never considered this bullshittery to even let her chat such shit

there is no POC solidarity!
leave me out of this “WOC” fuckery I am a BLACK woman and I am only here for black women

Please don’t entertain this bullshit. Let it flop.

*sitting there not saying anything is just as bad


To celebrate 200 followers I decided to create a masterlist that I think will be quite helpful to a lot of peopleThis is an enormous masterlist containing more than 300 faceclaims sorted by the time period in which their movie/tv show was set in. Under the cut you will find faceclaims that range from Ancient Greek Times all the way to the 1950’s! I worked really hard on this masterlist, and I hope it benefits other people who absolutely love historical roleplaying!

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YOU GUYS. I’m on the Late Late Show with James Corden tonight with John Cryer and Freida Pinto and they were so lovely and my belt was duct taped to my dress! Check it out TONIGHT at 12:30 on CBS!

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For all my curly haired ladies. This is what you call AMAZING in a bottle!

I was unsure about going 3 days without washing my hair but I did a keratin smoothing treatment a week ago and realized it was not that bad. With that being said……..

This stuff is amazing! You’re supposed to use 7-15 sprays on your hair, you can use more or less depending on your curl and how much hair you have. I sectioned my hair to make it easier. You then blow dry and then flat iron and your hair shall be straight for 3 days! I used it at night and ONLY blow dried my hair, put my hair in a high bun and went to bed.

The next day my hair was smooth and ALL I had to do was use my flat iron in the nape, my crown, and my bangs. And I had sort of a natural wave and lots of body going on, it was absolutely FABULOUS:)

I would totally buy this again, don’t think I can go without especially in the hot summer. And will definitely be using it when school starts back up and have no time to do my hair because this really is A TON OF HELP.

And it’s only about $10 bucks. :)